Scroll down to learn of upcoming Earthly Delights classes, workshops, balls and festivals at which you can discover a fantastic world of music, dance and costume while enjoying fun, food, friendship.

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Wednesday evening class series.

We run various dance class series. Our Wednesday evening series is the easiest to join, as you can join any Wednesday that is convenient. The introductory level runs from 5:30-7:00pm in Yarralumla and a 10-week subscription ($120) can start on the date most convenient to you. 
The advance class runs from 7:30 to 9:00pm- and both beginners and advanced are encouraged to join in and overlap between 7:00 and 7:30 when we all enjoy some dances together.  
Phone us on 02 62811098 to make the arrangements and make your payment using this Paypal link PayPal.Me/edhda/120

Sat.12 & Sun. 13 October - Spring Pleasure Garden Dance Party.

Join a two-day long party as costumed members of the Earthly Delights Historic Dance Academy offer lots of live music, display & join-in dancing  in the studio of John & Aylwen’s home at 87 Schlich St., Yarralumla, as part of a rare open garden event. The non-profit organisation Open Gardens Canberra will manage entry to the garden between 10am and 4pm (visitors $8, accompanied under 18s free). 

There will be hot and cold refreshments available for a gold coin donation, lots of places to eat a picnic lunch and dancing and music from 11am-2pm (the 1st bracket each day starts at 11am, and the 2nd and 3rd perhaps at 12:15 and 1:30pm). Different dances every time.

On the Saturday we will spin the time machine and do dances from whatever period we are transported to, be it in the Renaissance, Cavalier, Baroque, Rococo or Regency era. 

On the Sunday we will revel in Victorian era quadrilles, couples dances and games with the full live band.

Come along on Saturday and then bring your ticket back for free entry on the Sunday. And after each planned bracket, add your own request ...can even be a Lost Dance!

The Saturday program might include (before extra requests):

Late 15th cent. – ‘La danse de Cleves’ (from the Burgundian court) and ‘Lauro’ or ‘Pellegrina’ (from northern Italian courts)

Early 16th cent. -  ‘Nobile’ and ‘Vita di Cholino’ (both for as many as will)

Late 16th cent. – ‘Castellana’ and ‘Pugenet Dardo’ (both very lively)

Early 17th cent. – ‘Contrapasso Nuovo’ (Italy) and ‘Picking up sticks’ (England)

Late 17th cent. – ‘Confesse’ and ‘Old Simon the King’ (both from the England’s famous Dancing master publication)

Early 18th cent. – ‘Epiphanie’ (a French dance in English style) and ‘Trumpet Minuet’ (to a tune from Handels Water music)

Late 18th cent. – t.b.a. but probably a longways Allemande and a square set Cotillion for all.

Early 19th cent. – ‘Italian Monfrina’ and ‘The Triumph’ (at last!).

The Sunday program might include (before extra requests):

3 fabulous quadrilles, ‘The Prince Imperials’, ‘Le Quadrille de Jean Gilles’ and ‘The New Lancers’
Couples dances such ‘The Tantivy’ (a galop for all), ‘the New Iolanthe’ (a crazy schottische medley for watching!), and a fun 1890s ‘Minuet-Waltz’.
There will also be dance games such as ‘The fan cotillion’ (a waltz mixer) and ‘La Parisienne’, the most fantastic medley of different fashionable dances… which we will case in a mixer form.

Join in on the display plus participatory live-music and dance show which the dressed-up EDHDA musicians and dancers will be offering early Saturday afternoon (2:20pm-3:30pm) as part of a full weekend of entertainment at the Waterworks Museum. MarsdenWeir, 2580 Goulburn, Get Directions. You are just a short drive from the late-19th century! And apart from the working machinery and entertainment, there's lots of food, costume, and lost craft/rare trades stalls.

Steampunk Victoriana Fair Goulburn Waterworks

Sat. 16 November  RENAISSANCE FEAST & BALL   and then   21 December our annual CHRISTMAS CAROL BALL
Canberra Baptist Church Hall, Currie St., Kingston, 7-11pm

Our famous third Saturday of the month balls return in November and December, first with a rare and very special Renaissance Feast & Ball with fabulous music and dance from 1400s to 1600s, then with a magical evening just a few night before Christmas (when everyone's seasonal panic will be over and we can enjoy some end of year fun and friendship.

 ANU 'Dancing through the Ages' starts end of February 2020 
 in large Studio 1 at ANU Sports Union.  10 weeks
Learning everything from galliards to galops, minuets to mazurkas, pavans to polkas, country dances to waltzing, quadrilles to.....

Bookings open  February 2020. For more information o contact John or Aylwen.
Here below is the poster for 2nd semester 2019. 

JAFA (John & Aylwen's Fun Adventure) 2020

Sat.18 & Sun.19 April—Early Australian Ball Weekend at the historic Yarralumla Woolshed in Canberra. To switch from the JAFA format for a bit but to still come together in Regency or Victorian dress, let’s enjoy a weekend of dance and music with 19th-century Australian links - real Australian colonial dance. On the Saturday we'll have a ball at one of the A.C.T.’s most wonderful heritage venues, with fabulous music by the pianist Sally Taylor and Earthly Delights friends, and dances led for all from lunch till late. If the Duchess of Richmond could hold her famous ball on the eve of the Battle of Waterloo in a stable, we can hold our famous annual mid-April ball in this beautiful heritage Woolshed. On the Sunday roll on with a pot-luck recovery costume picnic (and more dancing and period games!) at a venue to be announced. The first JAFA 12 years ago fell on Aylwen’s birthday and this event will too. Save the date!