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3-eras-in-one-day dance preview
 at Canberra Baptist Church Hall, Currie St. Kingston
$30 for Jane Austen Festival Ticket Holders  $90 for non-festival attendees
For novices and experienced dancers alike to enjoy building skills and exploring steps, figures and repertoire ahead of the festival proper at the Albert Hall (see below). While sewers use some rooms in this lovely venue for pre- Festival costuming workshops, John will teach dancing in the main hall. He’ll cater for all levels and devote 9:15-10:30 to the Georgian era, 11:00-12:30 to the Napoleonic era, 1:30-3:00 to the late-Regency/early Victorian-era and 3:30-5:00 to revision, extension & possible display review (a role for all!).

3 days of workshops & 3 evening balls 
at the ALBERT HALL, Canberra.
3 days & nights of Georgian, Regency & early Victorian dancing heaven! 
Festival 3-day and 1-day tickets at www.janeaustenfestival.com.au 

Every JAFA we follow inspirations on different ways we might not only explore more deeply the culture of Jane Austen’s England but also set it in a broader context. This year’s dance program, in addition to offering dozens of dances drawn from period English sources, will feature on Friday Georgian-era dances from France, Austria, Spain and the Caribbean, on Saturday Napoleonic-era dances from Italy, Germany, France and Scotland (the latter including one danced at a pioneer’s party in New South Wales), and on Sunday early-Victorian-era dances popular across Europe, some to tune suite’s with Australian connections. Then, as now, the world was interconnected. Most of the dances have multiple geographic origins—an Austrian impression of an English dance; an English record of a French version of a Polish dance; German impressions of Scottish dance reimported to England; and a dance invented in France, published in Scotland, set to a suite specially written in England for a Waverley ball. Many dances are also of mixed social origin—a French folk dance, La Batteuse, that became a favourite of the London regency aristocracy; an African slave’s impression of a Caribbean plantation-owner’s version of a European ballroom standard that French and American dancing masters had re-enter the European ballroom as the Congo minuet. We will also enjoy, just as they did in Jane Austen’s day, participatory dancing to music by famous composers as Bach, Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert.

Friday 21 April — Georgian Era Dancing 

featuring dances for the 18th century into which Austen was born.

GEORGIAN DANCE SCHOOL (dances for the evening ball)

9:00-10:30 The Georgian-era longways country dance  (Jamaica, Comical Fellow, Marset’s no.1, Pistolet, La Coquette).

11:00-12:30    The Cotillion that in Austen’s youth spread from France to England (La Boheimienne, Jeu des quatres coins, Marset’s no.2, Pontlevoy)

1:30-3:00  Austen meets Mozart—the English country dance craze in Germany, Austria & beyond (Blessmann’s no.1&2, Link’s no.2&4, Wachet Auf).

3:45-5:15  Improvised dances—including the arm-interlacing allemande, Perigordine and thrilling Congo minuet.


7:00 - 7:30      Arrival, uncalled minuets à deux and à quatre, and welcome

Jamaica /Bonne Amité to signature tune called by JGG
Le Pistolet to signature tune called by SH
      Display of La Bourgogne, La Bacchante (ballet & contredanse)
La Matelotte to signature tune called by SH
La Coquette to signature tune called by SD
La Bohaimiene to André Campra’s ‘Trip to Paris’ tune called by JGG/SH

8:30 - 9:00      Refreshment Break & Impro Theatre (ImproACT)

      Display of Les Contrefaiseurs, St.Martin’s Lane and Les Manches Vertes
Link’s English dance no.2 to Mozart’s contredanse no. 5 called by JGG
Link’s English dance no. 4 to Mozart’s contredanse no. 4 called by JGG
      Display of Gavotte du Roy, Le Cotillon and Le Cotillion de Surenne
Marset’s contradanza no. 2 to signature tune called by JGG
Marset’s contradanza no.1 / The Baulk to Spanish & English tunes called by JGG
      Uncalled dance to section of Bach’s ‘Wachet auf’ (Sleepers awake) cantata.
Blessmann’s English dance no. 1 to tune by Weis called by JGG

10:00 - 10:30   Supper Break

      Display of Pecour’s L’Allemande then free allemande
Le Jeu des Quatre Coins to signature tune called by JGG
      Uncalled Pontlevoy to signature tune
Comical Fellow to signature tune called by DW
      Uncalled Congo Minuet to ‘De’il among the Tailors’ (‘The Devil’s Dream’)
Perigordine to tune in Jane Austen’s music book led by JGG & MV

11:30  End of evening.

Saturday 22 April — Regency Era Dancing 

featuring dances from the period of Jane Austen’s novels

REGENCY DANCE SCHOOL (dances for the evening ball)

8:30-10:00     The Austen-era country dance—longways dances for the evening
ball (Magri’s no.8&29, Petersen’s no.5, Wernigeröder 19, Juliana).

11:00-12:30    Square & big sets—including the Prince of Wales’ Cotillion, Regency London favourite La Batteuse, and Battle of Waterloo.

1:30-3:00       Scottish-inspired dances—in England and in contemporary
Germany language manuals (Highland Reel, Lowe’s Reel of 6, Country Bumpkin, Länger’s Ecossaise no.1).

3:30 -5:00      The waltz and mazurka—two couples dances that were to invade ballrooms everywhere (Waltz and Mazurka variants, Wechsel-Waltzer, Mazurka Cotillion, Peterson’s no.9, Keraus).


7:00 - 7:30      Arrival display of Menuet de la Cour & Minuet Waltz
                     and Welcome

Grand March to Schubert’s ‘Marche Miltaire’ led by JGG
Prince of Wales’ Cotillion to signature tune called by JGG
      Uncalled Chiver’s Juliana to signature tune
Magri’s contradanza no.8 to signature tune called by JGG
Magri’s contradanza no.29 to signature tune called by JGG
Highland Reel to Mrs McCleod’s Reel called by DW

8:30 - 9:00      Refreshment Break & Impro Theatre (ImproMafia)

      Uncalled mazurka cotillion to Hart’s mazurka suite, led by JGG
Petersen’s English Dance no.9 to Beethoven’s contredance no.6 called by JGG
Petersen’s English Dance no.5 to Wernigeröder no.1 called by SH
Länger’s Wechsel Waltzer to Helmke’s Triolet Waltz DAABBCC called by JGG
      Uncalled Lowes’ Reel of Six to the ‘Highland Laddie’ led by JGG
La Batteuse to signature tune called by JGG
La Galopade / Black Dance called by JGG

10:00 - 10:30   Supper Break

Free waltz to JGG’s ‘Whirl of Memories’ set (LD Court 16)
Wernigeröder English Dance no. 19 called by JGG
Keraus called by JGG
      Uncalled Country Bumpkin for Nine to ‘De’il among the Tailors’ led by JGG
Länger’s Écossaise no.1 to Beethoven’s 6 Ecossaises called by JGG
The Battle of Waterloo to Beethoven’s contredanse no.4 called by JGG

11:30  End of evening

Sunday 23 April — Romantic-era Dance 

featuring dances from the decades immediately following Austen’s death

ROMANTIC-ERA DANCE SCHOOL (dances for the evening ball)

9:15-10:30     New hybrid dances—some popular dances of 1820s-40s, (the Swedish, Contre-& Kreuz Ecossaise, Conversation, La Triolet & Tempête)

11:00-12:30    New couples dances—basic polka & galop, Spanish Waltz, Fan & Scarf cotillion, Wind-up Galop

2:00-3:30       The Quadrille—including Mundy’s 1st set, a Sixdrille from Scotland and French galopade quadrille.


6:00 - 6:30      Start to gather for... 6:30 - 7:00  Darcy’s Cold Buffet

Free waltz or display of JGG’s Hands off medley to Lost Dance Village 10
Grand March to d’Albert’s Sydney Exhibition Quadrille led by JGG
Quadrille Francaise to Mundy’s 1st set called by DW
Spanish Waltz called by JGG
Swedish Dance to La Poule called by JGG
The Fan dance to JGG’s ‘The Fleeting Glance’ set led by JGG
The Scarf cotillion to d’Albert’s ‘The Queen of Ball’ led by JGG

8:00 - 8:15      Refreshment Break

      Display JGG’s Barbarous Elegance mazurka medley to Town 4
Länger’s Contre-Ecossaise to Lauchery’s Ecossaise for 1823 LD called by JGG
DW’s How does your Garden Grow to Beethoven’s 6 Ecossaise called by DW
Helmke’s Triolet Waltz to JGG’s ‘Highest Tower’ set LD Country 8 called by DW
Länger’s The Conversation to one of Beethoven’s 6 Deutsche called by JGG
Galopade Quadrille to Offenbach’s Infernal Galop called by JGG

9:15 - 9:30      Dessert Break

Free polka or display of JGG’s Grapevine Polka medley to LD Village 3
Länger’s Kreuz-Ecossaise to Russian Dance/Fairy Dance called by JGG
The Sixdrilles to Merriott’s ‘Waverley Quadrille’ set called by JGG
Länger’s La Tempête to signature tune called by JGG
      Uncalled reprise of Wachet Auf to Bach’s tune
      Uncalled reprise of Congo Minuet to ‘De’il among the Tailors’
Free galop or display JGG’s Wind-up Galop to Charles Godfrey’s tune

10:30   End of Ball and Festival Farewell

All-level Evening & Afternoon Classes

Monday 1 May for 8 weeks 7-9pm Dance from Shakespeare to Dickens
Lake Ginninderra College, Lake Nite Learning program (www.lakenitelearning.com.au) $155 

Thursday 5 May for 8 weeks 7-9pm Historical Dance for Men and Women
Erindale Leisure Centre, Community Education Program (www.erindalecep.com.au) $180 

Saturday 3 June for 5 weeks 3:00-5:30pm Historical Dance Winter School
Home studio in Yarralumla. Address provided to those enrolling, $50-60.

Saturday 29 July for 10 week 3:00-5:30pm Dancing Through the Ages course
ANU Sports Centre, Sport’s Lifestyle program (www.anu-sport.com.au) $100-$160

Advanced Evening Class 

Wednesdays 7:00-9:30pm. Start when ready, and if ready can be straight after JAFA.
Home studio in Yarralumla. 10 week subscription $120.

Third Saturday of the Month Balls

7-11pm at Canberra Baptist Church Hall, Currie St., Kingston.
Costumes welcome but any dress fine. $25 at door.
Discounts at http://www.earthlydelights.com.au/upcoming.

20 May—A Bordonian Ball with a fun sampling of the Lost ‘Bordonian’ Dances.

17 June—The Time-Capsule Ball—from the dawn of dance to Edwardian times!

The Time-Traveller’s 5 ball series
with a historical-era feature for the first 2/3rds of each evening then Lost Dances after supper!
Prepay for 4 balls and get 5th for free!  Dress to the period if you can! (or casual’s fine)

15 July—Renaissance era (1400-1600)

19 August—Cavalier-era (1600-1700)

16 September—Georgian era (1700-1800)

21 October—Romantic era (1800-1850)

18 November—late-Victorian era (1850-1900)

16 DecemberThe Christmas Carol Ball. Sing while you dance!

Jane Austen Festival Australia

Earlybird Tickets are on sale NOW at janeaustenfestival.com.au/tickets 
for Jane Austen Festival Australia, 21-23 April 2017, ALBERT HALL CANBERRA