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Sat. 17 November
                                                             Canberra Baptist Church, Currie Street, Kingston 

RENAISSANCE TO ROCOCO, Cavalier-meets-Cinderella BALL
$22.50 online, $25 at the door.

 After twenty years (or is it now thirdy years?) of presenting near month third-Saturday-of-the-month balls with a unique mixture of fabulous dances, we would like to invite you to what may be one of the last in this series. We will definitely be hosting our Christmas Carol ball at Canberra Baptist Church 4:30-9:00pm on 15 December this year and our Jane Austen Australia Festival at least one more time at the Albert Hall on 11-14 April 2019 (already so many people planning to come from interstate for both), but may not be quite so regular with our monthly balls next year (will explain more next year!).  So please help us dance out our long-running third-Saturday-of-the-month series by joining us this Saturday at our Cavalier-meets-Cinderella ball at our home venue of Canberra Baptist Church 4:30-9:00pm. 

 A great band and set of callers will take you from the late Renaissance to the early Rococo period.

 We will feature a dozen fantastic ‘country dances’. From a pre-1650 manuscript and with lots of partner switching: ‘Bobbing Jo’ and ‘A Mayden Fayre’; from1650-60 editions of Playford’s book, featuring lots of bows, kisses, partner stealing and fun built in: ‘Cobbler’s Jig’, ‘Dargason’, ‘Maid in the Moon’, ‘Paul’s Steeple’ and ‘The Whirligig’; and from c.1700, some from both English and French books or English books using French notations: ‘Bartlett House’, ‘Emperor of the Moon’, ‘Trip to Jubilee’, ‘Hole in the Wall’, and ‘Mr Young’s Delight’- some of the best-loved dances overseas today. And if we have time, we’ll include the lightning fast ‘We’ll wed and we’ll bed’.

We have also reconstructed from its sole ‘Inns of Court’ manuscript description and plan to lead for all a fun peak-a-boo dance called ‘Argulius’.

Often, because everyone knew them, the most popular dances of the past leave the fewest descriptions so reviving them is a challenge, but we will lead all who will on our reconstructions of ‘the Old Measures’ suite that began courtly balls in England in the late 16th and early 17th century, and of the Courant, purportedly Louis XIV’s favourite dance and one every decent bridal couple in England needed to know in the late 17th century.

 We will punctuate the evening (and hopefully not each other) with a fiery display of the Renaissance sword dance ‘Les Bouffons’, the stylish Baroque ballet ‘Aimable Vainqueur’ (Loving conqueror) and our debut of the lively ‘Minuet d’Alcide’ (a must to see if you thought Baroque minuets had to be slow).

The evening will also feature some new devised dances to match the minuet and bourrée movements of two of Bach’s solo cello suites. This will be a world-first!

There’s always a Lost dance to end with and this month it will be, by special request, ‘The Druid’s Ring’ (Winter 16)- don’t forget to swing yourselves into the ground at the end!

Please do all come ready for dancing at 4:30pm (with a contribution for our 6:30 ‘tea table’) so we can fit in all the planned delights by 9pm, and if miracles happen, even fit in the late request for a ‘Meditation Chinoise’!

Sat. 15 December
Canberra Baptist Church, Currie Street, Kingston
$22.50 online, $25 at the door.


Sunday 16 December
Jane Austen's Birthday Picnic

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