Enjoy a world of music, dance and costume, of art, culture and history, of fun, food and friendship at Earthly Delights classes, workshops balls and festivals. For more information contact us by phone (02 62811098) or 
For most classes and workshops it is necessary to book in advance. For the 3rd Saturday of the month balls it is possible to pay $25 cash at the door, but discounts are available for pre-purchase (either online below or in class).

To receive monthly emails with upcoming event notices please subscribe to our email list at http://groups.google.com/group/dance-news. Feel free to share any of these posters or details with friends...we love to have new folk dancing with us and if you know any musicians who might like to join our ensemble, put them in touch with us.

For sewing, needlework and millinery classes & research links with Aylwen go to https://www.facebook.com/AylwenGarden/ 
Earlybird Tickets are on sale NOW at janeaustenfestival.com.au/tickets 
for Jane Austen Festival Australia, 12-15 April 2018, ALBERT HALL CANBERRA

Upcoming Classes

Monday 24 July for 8 weeks 7-9pm Dance from Shakespeare to Dickens
Lake Ginninderra College, Lake Nite Learning program (www.lakenitelearning.com.au)
 (with early bird discount). Now taking term 3 bookings (click on above dance name).

Thursday 27 July for 8 weeks 7-9pm Historical Dance for Men and Women
Erindale Leisure Centre, Community Education Program (www.erindalecep.com.au)
$155 (with early bird discount before end of June). 
To book for Term 3 go to: https://goo.gl/forms/gtpf1wci5HWHN6f82

Saturday 29 July for 10 week 3:00-5:30pm Dancing Through the Ages course
ANU Sports Centre, Sport’s Lifestyle program (www.anu-sport.com.au) $100-$160.
Booking for 2nd semester should open end of June).

Advanced Evening Class 

Wednesdays 7:00-9:30pm. An extension and performance class for those who've been attending classes and ball, and are ready for more learning, polishing and displaying, while continuing regular class and ball attendance. Discuss with John. Venue in Yarralumla. 10 week subscription $120.

Upcoming third Saturday of the Month Balls

7-11pm at Canberra Baptist Church Hall, Currie St., Kingston.
Costumes welcome but any dress fine. $25 at door.
Discounts at http://www.earthlydelights.com.au/upcoming.

17 June—The Time-Capsule Ball—from the dawn of dance to Edwardian times!

Friends and family all welcome aboard our time-machine—eat dinner early so you can be at the hall to all board by 7pm, and please bring a pot-luck supper contribution. Great dances led for all!

We’ll land first in Northern Italy c.1450 playing hard-to-get in a dance called ‘Ingrata’ (the ungracious one) and capturing each other with a dance called ‘Prigionera’ (‘The prisoner’) - two fun dances by Domenico da Piacenza who left us the worlds earliest surviving dance manual. We’ll then have an uncalled ‘Castelana’, a beautiful bassadanza (‘low dance’) from a c.1500 Giorgio (Guglielmo Ebreo) manuscript. Off to France for two circle branles, Charlotte & Aridan, from Arbeau’s 1589 Orchesography. Back to Italy for some two-on-one jousting (and they use the Italian word for joust in the instructions) with Fabritio Caroso’s Squilina cascarda, published 1581, and then an called ballet illustrating all the most popular rhythms of the c.1600 Italian ballroom with Caroso’s Forza d’Amore (‘All power to lover’). Over to England for what ‘Parson’s Farewell’ from John Playford’s 1651 ‘English Dancing Master’—followed by the French dance that we now know inspired it, Antoine Emerauld’s c. 1610 Bourrée in six parts—it will feel like a proto-Congo minuet, one of the hits of our recent JAFA! Travelling another 50 years on let’s enjoy a longways English country dance to one of that repertoires most beautiful, the c. 1700 ‘The Punch bowl’. Jumping forward to c.1800 let’s sample the Irish influence on English country dance with ‘Drops of Brandy’ and a French square set cotillion that went to the tune from which the Downfall of Paris may have been derived, ‘Carrillon National’.  Come the 1820s the newly fashionable quadrille was being crossed with the still beloved country dance to give rise to ‘Quadrille Country Dances’. To familiar quadrille tunes let’s dance longways versions of ‘Le Pantalon’, ‘La Poule’ and ‘Les Lanciers’ courtesy of the Lowe brothers manual from Scotland. To the 1850s and the fabulous ‘Prince Imperial’ quadrille devised by Parisian dancing masters but lasting longer in Australia than in France, and a free uncalled Esmeralda / Coquette polka—a simple polka sequence that was again invented in Paris but lived on till the end of the century in Australia and is simply to catch onto. With Sally back we’ll take the opportunity to enjoy another full-piano score quadrille, Francois Paul c.1880 ‘Le Polo’, a dance with a very modern feel which spread quickly from France to Scotland, America and Australia and is in the 9th edition of Mrs Read’s Sydney c.1884 Ball Room Guide. We’ll use some great music written for it in America. We’ll finish with Lost Bordonian dances, discovered only in the late 1900s, ‘Birthday Treat’ a waltz for 4 couples, ‘The Giant’s Backbone’, a longways set for 8 couples and ‘Courtly Acrostic, a matrix dance for 18 couples! 

The Time-Traveller’s 5 ball series
with a historical-era feature for the first 2/3rds of each evening then Lost Dances after supper!
Prepay for 4 balls and get 5th for free!  Dress to the period if you can! (or casual’s fine)

15 July—Renaissance era (1400-1600)

19 August—Cavalier-era (1600-1700)

16 September—Georgian era (1700-1800)

21 October—Romantic era (1800-1850)

18 November—late-Victorian era (1850-1900)

16 DecemberThe Christmas Carol Ball. Sing while you dance!

Jane Austen Festival Australia

Earlybird Tickets are on sale NOW at janeaustenfestival.com.au/tickets 
for Jane Austen Festival Australia, 12-15 April 2018, ALBERT HALL CANBERRA