Enjoy a world of music, dance and costume, of art, culture and history, of fun, food and friendship at Earthly Delights classes, workshops balls and festivals. For more information contact us by phone (02 62811098) or 
For most classes and workshops it is necessary to book in advance. For the 3rd Saturday of the month balls it is possible to pay $25 cash at the door, but discounts are available for pre-purchase (either online below or in class).

To receive monthly emails with upcoming event notices please subscribe to our email list at http://groups.google.com/group/dance-news. Feel free to share any of these posters or details with friends...we love to have new folk dancing with us and if you know any musicians who might like to join our ensemble, put them in touch with us.

For sewing, needlework and millinery classes & research links with Aylwen go to https://www.facebook.com/AylwenGarden/ 
Earlybird Tickets are on sale NOW at janeaustenfestival.com/tickets 
for the 4-day Jane Austen Festival Australia, 12-15 April 2018, ALBERT HALL, CANBERRA

Upcoming third Saturday of the Month Balls
7-11pm at Canberra Baptist Church Hall, Currie St., Kingston.
Costumes welcome but any dress fine. $25 at door.
Discounts at http://www.earthlydelights.com.au/upcoming.

The Time-Traveller’s ball series
with a historical-era feature for the first 2/3rds of each evening then Lost Dances after supper! 
Dress to the period if you can! (or casual’s fine)

18 November—late-Victorian era 'Mad Hatters Ball'
Allan's Reference Guide to the Ballroom, 1890: 'What place is so proper as the ball-room to see the fashions and manners of the times ... to see grace without riot, air and dignity without haughtiness, and freedom without levity'.

Spring-into-Summer Dance Classes

Saturday-afternoons (3-5:30pm) at our home studio in Yarralumla.
4 ‘Spring-into-Summer’ sessions spaced fortnightly on 28 Oct, 11 Nov, 25 Nov. and 9 Dec., giving us 2 classes before each ball.
Cost just $60, $50 student – with $5 discount if pre-paying at this Saturday’s ball.

16 DecemberThe Christmas Carol Ball. 
Sing while you dance!

Millinery Summer School, Canberra, Australia, January 2018



Earlybird Tickets are on sale NOW at janeaustenfestival.com.au/tickets 
for Jane Austen Festival Australia, 12-15 April 2018, ALBERT HALL CANBERRA

Saturdays from late February 2018 for 10 weeks 3:00-5:30pm 
Dancing Through the Ages course
ANU Sports Centre, Sport’s Lifestyle program (www.anu-sport.com.au) $100-$160. 

Wednesday Night Dance Group 10 Weeks @ $120
(by invitation to attendees from past EDHDA dance classes)