COVID UP-DATE (Wednesday 11 November 2020)

Dear dancers,

Since recommencing classes in early September we've had a fabulous 9 weeks with 2 classes, and 2 occasions when the 2 classes got together outdoors for a combined social (once at Stage 88, once in Old Senate Rose Garden). We are sad that we've had to leave out some friends and would-be participants from the fun we've been having, but are thrilled that our new 10 week class schedule (to start next week) will be for 3 classes - each with a minimum of 8 and maximum of 10 spots. Please go quickly to choose your preferred spot, whether you are an existing participant, someone who used to be in our classes but missed out in September, or someone new to whom these classes have been recommended.

There will be early Wednesday evening (5:30 to 7:30pm - only 4 places left) and late Wednesday evening (7:30pm to 9:30pm - 
only 4 places left) and Saturday afternoon (3:00 to 5:30pm). The 10 Wednesday/Saturday dates will be Nov. 18/21, 25/28, December 2/5, 9/12, 16/19, then after a 2 week break, January 6/9, 12/16, 20/23, 27/30, and February 3/6. Same subscription fee as always.


Early wednesday evening participants can come any time they like before 5:30 (if is suits logistics, or if they want to eat, talk or start learning or dancing before official commencement at 5:30pm) and late wed. participants are welcome to stay to stay on beyond 9:30 if they like, but early class members will only be allowed to dance in the studio beyond 7:30pm and late class members only allowed to dance in the studio before 7:30 if some has left early, not made it, or is arriving late as we must not have more than 10 participants plus myself in the room at any one time. Everyone seems confident we can make this work and folks are welcome to use the seats outside the studio door at the change over period.

We are all very excited about filling 3 classes, as that is going to make for extra fun when we have our combined group socials. Once we have these classes all arranged and underway I'll consult key people about a possible plan for some videoing sessions.

We'll then make a new schedule that will include the ANU Sports Union class series that is scheduled to recommence 27 February 2021.

Warmest regards,

John Gardiner-Garden

JAFA (John & Aylwen's Fun Adventure)
NEW DATE (postponed from April 2020) Sat.17 & Sun.18 April 2021
The 19th century dance and costume Weekend 
at the historic Yarralumla Woolshed in Canberra, where there will be free parking for everyone.

Earlybird ticket to JAFA 2021 are on sale NOW... and SCROLL DOWN EVEN FURTHER beyond the poster and flyer for registration link.

Every April for more than a decade we've enjoyed a JAFA event at a wonderful Canberra venues. 
We have been able to reschedule the grand event planned for 3rd weekend of April 2020 to the 3rd weekend of April 2021!
 To offer us the perfect venue to focus in April 2021 on dance and music with 19th-century Australian links (elegant Australian colonial-era dance) while still being able to sport Regency or Victorian costume, and to make tickets 1/2 of the price of our Albert Hall events, we are setting the weekend at very special heritage venue, Canberra' Yarralumla Woolshed. If the Duchess of Richmond could hold her famous ball on the eve of the Battle of Waterloo in a stable, we can hold our famous mid-April event in this beautiful venue.  

As in years past, starting straight after a 10:15 morning tea each day, expect dance workshops to build the confidence of first-timers as well as expanding the horizons of connoisseurs.  

On Saturday the dance workshops will continue after a provided buffet lunch, then stop 4pm or soon after for all to check out stalls, rest, get dinner and finalise dress for the Grand ball that will start at 7pm, will go through to midnight and will feature a wonderfull well-researched program of music and dance with links to early Australia.   

On Sunday after the provided morning tea, dancing or board games, there will be a costume parade, bring-your-own picnic lunch and provided outdoor period games on lawns near the Woolshed... and then another full-band dance in the hall - with a theme of 19th-century dance games - perhaps the biggest marathon of such tried in Australia for 150 years.. and afternoon-tea will be provide.

We are rolling over tickets purchased for the 2020 event and offering great-value advance tickets for the 2021 event—booking button further below. Book in also if you like for the free but limited number Friday evening extra.

Here is a poster and flyer to share with family and friends:

PAST EVENTS for 2020

NATIONAL MULTICULTURAL FESTIVAL, in Civic, on Saturday 22 February 2010
'EURO VILLAGE SQUARE' performances 
at intersection of Bunda Street and Scotts Crossing  


This is the exact same place and timetable as last year, but this year we will have Sally with us on piano, a bigger sound set up and hopefully even more costumed EDHA dancers ... so do join us!
We'll be showing and leading lots of fun historical dance from Europe and won't be repeating anything - so do come to all sessions (as if its a 3 hour ball from 10am to 1pm) and then in our two breaks come and say hello to us or help us tell members of the public all about our scene and give them flyers for the dance sessions and events that are mentioned further below.

To receive monthly emails with upcoming event notices please subscribe to our email list at https://groups.google.com/d/forum/dance-news. Feel free to share any of these posters or details with friends...we love to have new folk dancing with us and if you know any musicians who might like to join our ensemble, put them in touch with us.