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Saturday 20 December 2014 7-11pm

All Saint’s Church Hall, Ainslie


Personent Hodie (CCDB) 

Branlel'officiel (HD Volume II) 

Deck theHalls (CCDB) 

Gaudete (CCDB) 

God Rest ye merry, Gentlemen (CCDB) 

Good King Wenceslaus (CCDB) 

Brando detta Alta Regina (HD Volume III) 

Here we come a carolling (CCDB) 

The Holly and the Ivy (CCDB) 

It Came

 upon a Midnight Clear(2) (CCDB) 

Jingle Bells (CCDB) 

Jesus Born in Bethny (CCDB) 


Entre pour un Berger et une Bergere (HD Volume V) 

Singing Quadrille (HD Volume X). 

Little Drummer Boy(CCDB) 

Rejoice and be merry (CCDB) 

Rise up Shepherd (CCDB) 

Santa Clause is coming to Town(CCDB) 

Twelve days of Christmas (CCDB)

Friday 28 November 2014

Canberra Girls Grammar School ‘Medieval Day’


Angels from the Realms of glory (Christmas Carol Dance Book)

Branle l'officiel (Historic Dance, Volume II)

Here we come a carolling (Christmas Carol Dance Book)

Pastime in good company (forthcoming Odd Delights)

Personent Hodie (Christmas Carol Dance Book)

Twelve days of Christmas (Christmas Carol Dance Book).

New Bopeep (Historic Dance, Volume IV)

Chiara Stella (Historic Dance, Volume II)

Sunday 7 November 2014

Goulbourn Historic Waterworks Steampunk and Victoriana Faire

Medley of Varsoviennas from Lost Dances Volume 2:  La Va ouvert (Country 6) , La Va melangée (Court 9) and La Va croissée (Town 11)

Sydney Exhibition Quadrille (Historic Dance, Volume II)

God Rest ye merry, Gentlemen (Christmas Carol Dance Book).

Angles from the realms of Glory (Christmas Carol Dance Book).

Quadrille Girdaudet (Historic Dance, Volume X- forthcoming Feb 2015 ed.)

Cotillion dance games with scarfs (Historic Dance, Volume VIII)

Cotillion with hat & gloves (Historic Dance, Volume VIII)

Quadrille des dames (Historic Dance, Volume IX- forthcoming Feb 2015 ed.)

Deck the Halls (Christmas Carol Dance Book).

Cinderella Cotillion (Historic Dance, Volume VIII)

Twelve days of Christmas (Christmas Carol Dance Book).

Tuesday 7 December 2014

Burgmann Anglican School ‘Medieval Day’

Personent Hodie (Christmas Carol Dance Book)

Branle l'officiel (Historic Dance, Volume II)

Twelve days of Christmas (Christmas Carol Dance Book).

New Bopeep (Historic Dance, Volume IV)

Chiara Stella (Historic Dance, Volume II)

Goddesses  (Historic Dance, Volume III)

Black Nag  (Historic Dance, Volume IV)

Deck the Halls (Christmas Carol Dance Book).

Here we come a carolling (Christmas Carol Dance Book)

15 November, 7-11pm. 
All Saints Church Hall, Ainslie.

Cotillion mixers
Strawberries and Cream (1) (Volume IV). 
Parson’s Farewell (Volume IV)
Belle Assemblé (New for Volume VI) 
Mazurka Quadrille (New for Volume VIII)
Highland Laddie (Swedish)

Mazurka medley to Village 5 
Conjuring L’amour (Country 12)
Quadrille Francais – to the Sydney Exhibition (Volume X). 
Cinderella Cotillion—Figure 3 (Volume VIII) 
Varieties Parisienne—Figure 3 (Volume IX)
Cotillion dance games (Clare and Madelaine James)

Five Steps to Heaven(forthcoming in John’s Odd Delights)
Quadrille des Dames (in new Volume IX)

Palindrome (Summer 13) 
Juggling Partners (Summer 15)
Cotillion with hat and gloves (Simon Davies)
Cake walk finale (Clare and Kate James)

18 October 2014
All Saints Hall, Ainslie, 

Ostendaise Valsée (new X)
Francho cuore gentile (new I)
Gioliva (new I)
Branle de Potou (II) 
Laura Suave (III) 
Hedge Lane (new IV) 
The New Bath (new IV) 
La Bacchante (new V) 
Childgrove (V) 
La Fricasée & Carabo (new VI) 

Les Quatre Berceaux (new VI) 
Missing your neighbours (new – to Country 16) 
Quadrille-Nine-Pins (to Spring 2) 
Burley Griffin Bourrée (LD Country 13) 
Quadrille Giraudet (new X) 
La Parisienne (new X) 
Purple Tulip (LD Autumn 15) 

Time Traveller’s dance party
7-11pm Sat. 20 September, All Saints Church Hall, Ainslie
(This is not strictly the order dances were danced)
Historic Dances:
Chastellana (I)
Lauro (I)
Marchesana (forthcoming I)
Barriera (II)
Contrapasso (2) (II)
Gavotte (1) (II)
Trihory (II)
Bore, Sweet William (IV)
Emperor of the Moon (IV)
La Bergère (V)
Bourrée d’Achille (V)
Entré de deux Bacchantes (forthcoming V)
New Rigadaun (V)
Allemande Suisse (forthcoming VI)
Leather Lake House (forthcoming VI)
Monaco (forthcoming VI)
Sir Roger de Caverley (VII)
Polka (1) / Polka Nationale (VIII)
Cotillion with scarves (X)
Cotillion with choices (X)
Lost Dances:
Handfasting Hambo & Honeymoon Hambo (to Country 10)
Hands off Waltz medley (to tune Village 10)
Windup Galop (Odd Delights)

St.Vitis Music and Dance Weekend
Sat. 13 September, Lake Tuggeranong Sea Scouts Hall.
John’s workshop ‘An Arc of Fine Dances’ (also done at ball)
3 bassa danza:
Chastellana (I)
Lauro (I)
Marchesana (forthcoming I)
2 Chigi ms dances:
Barriera (II)
Contrapasso (2) (II)
2 Arbeau dances:
Gavotte (1) (II)
Trihory (II)

Time Traveller’s dance party
7-11pm Sat. 16 August, All Saints Church Hall, Ainslie. 

La Figlia Guglielmino for 4 (new I) 
Marchesana (new I) 
Branle- opening (II) 
Gathering Peascods (IV) 
Half Hannikin (IV) 
Epping Forest (IV) 
Kettle Drum (IV) 
Mr Young’s Delight (new IV) 
Siege of Limerick (new IV) 
Pecour’s Allemande (V) 
The Marlborough (V) 
Well Hall (V) 
Pecour’s La Bachante (couples) (new V) 
La Gasconne (new V) 
Madamoiselle Dupingle / Sabina (new V) 
The Triplet (IX) 
Lotsi’s Spell (Spring 11) 
Clap Waltz (Spring 14) 
Daring Damsel (to Court 15) 
Free Varsovienna variants

Game of Thrones Night
Saturday 9 August 
The Durham Castle Arms, Green Square, Kingston 

Earthly Delights Game of Thrones Night
Rostiboli (I) – displayed 
Farandole (Provence folk dance) - Simon David 
Branle- opening (II) - John Zhang 
Branle de Chevaux (II) - John Zhang 
Gathering Peascods (IV) - Claire James
Chiara Stella - displayed 
Pavan – displayed 
Le Pistolet (V) – displayed then led for participants by Simon David 
New Bo peep – Claire James
The Baulk (2) (VI) - Madeleine James 
Les Bouffons – displayed 
Jenny Plucked Pears – displayed
Half Hannikin (IV) – displayed then led for participants by Madeleine James
Branle- opening (II) - John Zhang 
Branle de Chevaux (II) - John Zhang 
Gathering Peascods (IV) - Claire James
Chiara Stella – displayed
Farandole - Simon David 

Introducing the ANU Creative Arts Learning Community to historical dance 
Wed 23 July 2014, 7:30-9:00pm 
Bruce Hall, Australian National University, Canberra. 

Anello (I) Simon David 
Branle de Chevaux (II) John Zhang 
Yellow Stockings (V) Melissa Vear 
Mr Holt’s Minuet and Jig (V) - displayed 
The Baulk (2) (VI) Madeline James
Trip to Highgate (VI) Claire James

Time Travellers Dance Party 
Sat. 19 July 2014, 7pm-11pm 
All Saints Church Hall, Ainslie 

Source in Historic Dance or Lost Dances books in brackets and name of guest caller follows dance title. 

Lady Carolines Lee's Waltz (VII) Claire James
Trip to Highgate (VI) Claire James 
Branle de Chevaux (II) John Zhang
The Lover's Luck(IV) John Zhang 
Le Jeu des Quatres Coins (VI) John Zhang 
Softly Good Tummas (V) Josh Vear
Red Rocks Bourree (Spring 9) Josh Vear
Le Tourbillion (VI) Josh Vear
The Baulk (2) (VI) Madeline James
Yellow Stockings (V) Melissa Vear 
The Battering Ram (Autumn 7) Melissa Vear
Comical Fellow (VI) Melissa Vear 
Mr Lane's Magot (IV) Melissa Vear
Bodice and Doublet (Summer 14) Simon David
Le Pistolet (V) Simon David 
Mr Beveridges Maggot (IV) Simon David
Anello (I) Simon David 
Mr Holt’s Minuet and Jig (V) untaught 

Dances taught by John (or displayed with Aylwen) during our 2014 European tour


Tuesday 17 June 2014, Augsburg, Germany

Costumed evening hosted by Augsburger Geschlechtertanz with John contributing dances described in Johannes Cochläus letter of 1517, the Nürnberg ms

Amaroso (I)

Lioncello Vecchio (I)

Rostiboli Gioioso (I)


Thursday 19 June 2014, Potsdam, Germany

Workshop on Menuet à deux variations as part of Potsdamer Rokoko’s ‘Dance Days’

Minuet à deux (1) (V)

Irish Lamentation (V)

Menuet à quatre (V)

Mr Holt’s Minuet and Jig (V)

(Gardel’s) Menuet de la Cour (1) – display (VI)

Minuet (2) (VI)


Saturday 21 June 2014, Potsdam, Germany

Teaching dances to be included in the Midsummer Ball

Mr. Young’s Delight (soon to be included in V)

La Bacchante  (soon to be included in V)

Hearts Ease (III)

Mr. Beveridge’s Maggot (IV)

La Gasconne (soon to be included in V)
La Matelotte (V)
Excusez moi (V)

Hole in the Wall (IV)

La Bergère (soon to be included in V)

Siege of Limerick (soon to be included in V)

Upon a Summer’s Day

Les Galleries d'Amour (V)


Wednesday 25 June 2014, Wedel (near Hamburg), Germany

Workshop on the Allemande, hosted by the dance group Rossina

Strasbouregois (2) / Allemande (5)- (VII)

Allemande de Devin Village (VI)

Strasbourgeois (VI)

Moll Peatley (2) (V)

(Pécour’s) L’Allemande (2) in V- displayed 
Zwelf Monet (I) - displayed


Friday 27 June 2014, Potsdam, Germany

Workshop on the Potpourri Cotillion hosted by Potsdamer-Rokoko

La Voltaire et la Franklin (VI) 
Les Quadrilles (VI) 

N.B. We also enjoyed dances not here listed presented by others at events in Germany and Italy- including on a Napoleonic theme on Elba, Tuscany and a 15th century theme in Assisi, Umbria.

Pastance in Concert 
6 June 2014 - 7:30pm
All Saint’s Church, Cowper St., Ainslie, Canberra

In association with the inaugural Festival of Early Dance, Pastance Celtic/Early Music Ensemble will present a family-friendly concert spanning five centuries of music and incorporating audience participation. 

Sydney based ensemble Pastance was formed by Alex and Megan Cronin (who grew up in Canberra) in 1991. They bring together a passion for traditional folk music and a love of the music of early music from Europe. They have played at some of Australia's largest folk festivals, including The National Folk Festival, Woodford and Port Fairy. In recent years Pastance have performed to enthusiastic acclaim at the Tyalgum and Camden Haven Music Festivals and regularly perform at Arcadia Music Recitals and at the Gunning music series.

At the core of Pastance is multi-instrumentalist Alexander Cronin, who plays a 90 string Baroque triple-harp, lute, medieval gittern and occasionally bagpipes. He is joined by vocalists Megan Cronin and Myfanwy Dibben who also play recorders, shawm and percussion. Together they present an astounding variety of musical styles, from troubadour love songs and medieval estampies, through Tudor and Renaissance lute music, virtuosic duets by Monteverdi to luscious arrangements of traditional Celtic folk music.

Pastance have recorded four CDs. Their first,” falling through time”, received a prestigious Sunny Award and their most recent, “Sit down beside me” was CD of the week on ABC classic FM. Over the past 15 Years Pastance has been dedicated to music education, performing for Musica Viva in Schools, the Queensland Arts Council, and the Victorian Arts Council.

2014 Festival of Early Dance: Friday 6 June 
- Monday 9 June  
Join us for a winter-warming 2014 Festival of Early Dance
All Saint’s Church & Hall, Cowper St., Ainslie, Canberra

~ Queen's Birthday June Long Weekend ~
All live music ~ Expert dance teaching 
Top guests ~ Free day long refreshments ~ Costume workshops

Warm yourselves over the coming June long-weekend with 3 days and nights of music, dance, fun and friendship at Canberra’s inaugural Festival of Early Dance. Time trip from the princely courts of 1450 northern Italy to the public dances of 1750 Paris, with lots of diversions through Spain, Germany and England along the way—300 years of the most splendid, varied, fun dance you could wish for. Everyone is welcome—you don’t need any prior historic dance experience as all will be taught or led and you don’t need a costume—though if you have one, do sport it! 

The weekend starts in the historic All Saint’s Church with a Friday evening concert (punctuated by participatory dance) by award winning Sydney ensemble Pastance, making a very welcome return to Canberra (see separate press release). It continues in the Church Hall on Saturday, Sunday and Monday with a dozen different dance workshops presented by the director of the Earthly Delights Historic Dance academy, Dr John Gardiner-Garden, assisted by academy dancers and wonderful musicians. Enjoy learning pavans, galliards, branles, ballets, country dances, mixers, minuets, cotillions and more—all you’ll need is comfortable shoes and a readiness to join in! There will also be, supported by interstate guests, a Saturday afternoon talk on Elizabethan fashion, a Sunday morning viewing of rare 16th, 17th and 18th century dance books (from Venice to Versailles), an afternoon John Dowland music concert and a Monday afternoon Thomas Simpson music concert—concerts featuring lute, theorbo, viol, recorder, and voice. So, though you could dance the whole weekend, there are also sessions of the weekend you can enjoy just sitting comfortably.

Don’t miss the two big evening events—Saturday early renaissance style ‘Romeo and Juliette Ball’ (mask optional!) and Sunday’s late renaissance style ‘Revel’ (potluck supper contributions welcome!). Dress up for these however you like —costumes admired but not required. 

Punctuating the above workshops, concerts and events will be some prepared dance displays—so watch out for a fiery sword dance, a high-kicking competition dance, a partner–throwing dance and some beautiful ballets from half-a-millenium ago!

Bid farewell to newly-made friends at an early baroque-style social from 4pm onwards on Monday.

More Details:

~ Friday 6 June ~
7:30-9:30 Grand Opening Concert with award-winning Sydney multi-instrumentalists Pastance in the 
beautiful historic church 

~ Saturday 7 June ~ 
9:15-10:30 German & French dances of the 15&16th centuries.
10:30-10:45 Morning Tea
10:45-12:15 Italian dance from late 15th century manuscripts
12.15-1.15 Lunch break
1:15-2:45 English dance from a c.1500 manuscript 
3:00-3:30 Afternoon-tea Fashion talk for would-be Elizabethan ladies & gentlemen
3:45-5:00 Italian dance from the first printed dance manuals—view originals
7:00-11:00 Romeo & Juliet Ball - Fun dances led for everyone, potluck supper, dance displays

~ Sunday 8 June ~
11:00-12:15 Off-site in Yarralumla viewing of Dr John Gardiner-Garden’s antique 15th-18th c. dance manuals
12.15-1.15 Lunch break
1:15-2:45 Dances of Italy: from early 17th century sources
3:00-3:45 Afternoon-tea Concert: John Dowland and late Renaissance dance with lute, viols, singer & dancers
4:00-5:15 Dance of England & France from remarkable sources
7:00-10:45 A Renaissance Revel - Fun dances led for everyone, potluck supper, dance displays

~ Monday 9 June ~
9:15-10:30 The Spanish Pavan: A dance that lived 100 years.
10:30-11.00 Morning Tea
11:00-12:15 The Minuet: variations from across Europe.
12.15-1.15 Lunch break
1:15-2:45 Potpourri Cotillions—a Paris craze that caught on
3:00-3:45 Afternoon-tea Concert - Simpson and early baroque dance with spinet, recorder, theorbo & dancers
4:00-5:15 Enlightened Ending with fun dances & request.



17 May 2014,
 All Saint’s Church Hall, Cowper St., Ainslie

15th century
Amaroso (I)
Lioncello Vecchio (1)
Rostiboli Gioioso (I)

16th-17th century
Branle-Mimed suite (II)
Fedeltà (II)
Chiara Stella (II)
Cloved Orange (Pavan-Galliarde) (Lost Dance-Country 7)
Black Nag (IV)

18th century
Allemande (2) / L’Allemande (V)
Minuet (1) (V)
Minuet de la Reine (1) (V)
Moll Peatley (2) (V)
Mr Holt’s Minuet & Jig (V)
La Folie ou le Goût du Siècle (VI)
Le Quadrille (VI)
La Voltaire et la Franklein (VI)
The Wish (in key of C) (VI)

19th century
Tyrolese and Isabella (VII)
Cotillion with Blindfolds (VIII)
Barbarous Elegance /Ad Absurdam sur Place/Russia Tour/Vulgarian Salutations (from Lost Dances collections to Town 4)
Russian Gypsy Queen / Lacework Mazurka / Zig-zag Mazurka (to Lost Dances Village 5)
Fast Forward Polka/ Peek-a-boo Polka / The Courtship Polka / Wrong Foot Polka (from Lost Dances collections to Autumn 10)

31 April 2014, 
Canberra Girls Grammar School

Farandole (Provence folk dance) - not in any of my books.
An Dro (ancient Breton folk dance)- ditto
Branle de la Montarde (II)
Branle des Chevaux (Volume II)- but I lead slightly different version to in the book
Branle – mimed suite (B. de Lavendiers, B. de Pois and B.des Hermites- in Volume II)
Lioncello Vecchio (I)- displayed
Les Bouffons (II) - displayed
Sweet Kate (IV)
Black Nag (IV)
Trenchmore (III)

Monday 14th - Wednesday 16 April 2014
Yarrangobilly Caves House, Kosciusko National Park, NSW

19th Century Dance and Costume Retreat, Yarrangobilly Caves, 2014

Repertoire across the 3 days included the following:

Contradanza (1) (to compare with Sackett’s Harbor)

Hull’s Victory
Blasis’ New Set of Quadrilles
Cotillion-mazurka for any number
Cotillion-mazurka for more W \
Cotillion-mazurka for 4 couples 
Galopade (2)
The Waverley Quadrilles / Quadrille Français (2b) 

La Czarine
The Empire Quadrille
The Five Step Waltz (2)
The Gitana Waltz
La Koska (1) / La Koska (2) / La Coska
Mrs Henderson’s Double Quadrille
Pop Goes the Weasel (1) & (2) 
Prince Imperial Quadrille
Quadrille Russe
Sackett’s Harbor 

The Berlin Polka / La Berline / Alsatian Polka / Polka Militaire 7
The Cake Walk 23
Coquette (3a&b) / Glide Polka 39 / Coquette (4a&b) 
Cotillions with blindfolds 
Cotillions with choice 
Cotillions with circles and columns 
Cotillions with hat and gloves 
Cotillions with mixing
Cotillions with scarves (1) & (2) 
Pas des Patineurs
Le Quadrille de Jean Gilles
The Russia
Singing Quadrille / Quadrille Français (6)
Cavalier’s Mazurka (Winter 14)

Burley Griffin Bourrée (Country 13)

Lacework Mazurka
Russian Gypsy Queen
Wind-up Galop
Zig-zag Mazurka

University House, Australian National University, Canberra.

Friday 11 April
9.00-10.30: Country Dances & Ballroom Etiquette
11.00-12.30: French Square Dances
1.30-3.00: Country dances crossed with Quadrilles
3.30-5.00: Couples dances of the late 18th century
8.30-9:00 Variety Night dance display

Saturday 12 April
9.00-10.30: Capital Dancing
11.00-12.30: Mixers, Reels and Show Off Dances
1.30-3.00: Set Dances
3.30-5.00: Couples Waltz and Polonaise
6.30-11.00 Jane Austen Festival Ball

Sunday 13 April
10.00-12.15: Regency Dance Manuals
2.00-6.30: Jane Austen Cotillion Ball

Repertoire across the above three days included the following (many danced twice across):

Historic Dance Volume IV
Mr Beveridge’s Maggot

Historic Dance Volume V
Aimable Vainqueur (in Friday display)
Minuet à deux 

Historic Dance Volume VI
Country dances:
The Baulk
Bevis Mount
Black Dance
Comical Fellow
Ruffs and Rees
Scotch Lilt
Trip to Highgate
Adonis 5
Les Belles Filles de Norwich (for 12)
La Folie ou le Goût du Siècle
La Jesuite, or, the Jesuit
Le Jeu des quatres coins
Les Jolis Garçons
La Méditation des Chinois (for 16)
Le Palais de l’amour
Les Plaisirs de la Jeunesse
La Pouvoir de la Beauté
La Strasbourgeoise (1) (in Friday display)
Der Prager-Student / The Student of Prague
Waltz (on a fan)
Minuet de la Cour 

Country dances:
Downfall of Paris
Highland Laddie 
Joan’s Plackett (2a&b)
Juliana (3)
Italian Monfrina (1)
Russian Dance (1)
Early Quadrilles:
La Josephine
La Napoléon
La Poule (1)
The Lancer’s Quadrille (1) / Strathy Lancers
The Moscovians
Country dance-Quadrille Hybrids:
The Attempt (an Ecossaise)
L’Été (a contredanse)
Highland Laddie (3) (a Mescolanze)
Highland Laddie & Mr Chivers’ Fancy
Isabella (2) (a Spanish dance)
Juliana (3) 
Mr Chivers’ Fancy (3) (a Swedish dance)
Pantalon (2) (a Swedish dance)
La Poule (3) (a Mescolanze dance)
Sicilian Dances (1) & (2)
Waltzes (and Polonaise into waltz):
L’Augustin Waltz (1) 
Lady Caroline Lee’s Waltz 
National Waltz and Highland Laddie
Spanish Dance (1a&b) / The Guaracha
Polonaise (3) / La Grande Polonaise
Tyrolese Waltz and Isabella
Waltz (1) / French Waltzing
La Boulangère (1)
Scotch Reel of 5
Scotch Reel of 6
Sir Roger de Coverley
Historic Dance Volume VIII:
The Triolet
Triolet Waltzer
Odd Delights (to be published in May 2014)
Emma’s Song (in Friday display)
Other sources:
An Dro
Svatovsko Stajeris

Newcomers Welcome Party

Saturday 15 March 2014,  7-11pm, All Saints Hall, Ainslie.


Black Dance

Potluck Welcome (Lost Dances, Village)

L’Augustin (1)

Hightland Laddie (1) (as a country dance)

Highland Laddie (3) as a Mescolane

Joan’s Plackett (2a)

Attempt (as an Ecossais)

The Moscovian Quadrilles (5 figures)

The Devil’s Mill (Lost Dances, summer)

Mr Chiver’s Fancy (as a Spanish dance)

Pantalon (2) (as a Swedish dance)

Russian Dance (1) (as a country dance)

Mr Blasis New set of Quadrilles (5 figures)

La Grande Polonaise

Tyrolese and Mr Chivers (as a medley country dance)

College Hornpipe

Baroque Valentine’s Ball

Sat. 15 February 2014,  7-11pm, All Saints Hall, Ainslie.

This dance program, in the names of its participatory dances, tells a story—punctuated by displays of Ballets published in the 17th or early 18th century.

Display: ‘Brando di Cales’

There were two young men, Young Sir John and Hobbs, and they were both happy and available:

‘Yellow Stockings’

There were two happy young women who were happy and available, Kate and Jenny:

‘Sweet Kate’

‘Jenny Plucked Pairs’

Display: ‘Celeste Giglio’

They all lived on the estate of Lord Byron, who put on a ball:

‘My Lord Byron’s Maggot’ (2)

There was much competition between the young men for the attention of the young women:

‘Lightly Love’

John and Hobbs met Jenny and Kate, and a good friendship blossomed:

‘La Bonne Amitié’

Display: ‘Bizzaria d’Amore / La Battaglia / Bianco Fiore’

The friends had inadvertently strayed into:

‘Cupid’s Garden’

Cupid spied them and took up his bow and arrow:

‘Draw Cupid draw’

Cupid fired half a dozen shots and the consequences became very complicated:

‘Maid in the Moon’

Display: ‘Contradance Nouvelle-Lorin’

Along came:

‘Valentine’s Day’

All four friends had sent anonymous letters and were hoping for:

‘Lover’s Luck’

All the letters went astray and the men started wondering if they’d be consoling themselves:

‘Love and a Bottle’

SUPPER and Display: ‘Mr Caverley’s minuet’

The men thought they’d been rejected and couldn’t stop thinking of their Valentine:

‘Maiden Fair / Once I loved a maiden fair’

The original four messages finally found their way through that great mail room that is the:

‘Galerie d’Amore’

and all witnessed:

‘Love’s Triumph’

Display: ‘Aimable Vanqueur’

Two weddings were held on successive weekend, first:

‘Young Sir John/Happy Bride’

and then:

‘Hobbs Wedding’

A wonderful time was had by all:

‘We’ll wed and we’ll bed’

Who had fallen for who, who Cupid had struck and who married who, I’ll not say, but they all lived happily ever after.

Twelfth Night Revel

Sunday 5 January 2013, 5:00-9:45pm All Saints Church Hall, Cowper/Bonney St., Ainslie.

I: 1450-1550


La Bassa de Castille/Spayñ




Lioncello vechio (for two)

Malgratiosa ~




II: 1550-1600

Allegrezza d’Amore

Allemande (1)

Bellezze d’Olimpia


Furioso (1)

Pavan Matthei

III: 1600-1650

La Caccia d’Amore (2)

The Old Measures

Graies Inne Maske (1)

The Gypsies (1)

Jack Pudding ~

IV: 1600-1650

Punk’s Delight