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Victorian era dance school, costume retreat and house party 
Yarrangobilly Caves House, Kosciusko National Park, NSW
Monday 14th - Wednesday 16 April 2014

Repertoire across the 3 days included the following:

Contradanza (1) (to compare with Sackett’s Harbor)

Hull’s Victory
Blasis’ New Set of Quadrilles
Cotillion-mazurka for any number
Cotillion-mazurka for more W \
Cotillion-mazurka for 4 couples 
Galopade (2)
The Waverley Quadrilles / Quadrille Français (2b) 

La Czarine
The Empire Quadrille
The Five Step Waltz (2)
The Gitana Waltz
La Koska (1) / La Koska (2) / La Coska
Mrs Henderson’s Double Quadrille
Pop Goes the Weasel (1) & (2) 
Prince Imperial Quadrille
Quadrille Russe
Sackett’s Harbor 

The Berlin Polka / La Berline / Alsatian Polka / Polka Militaire 7
The Cake Walk 23
Coquette (3a&b) / Glide Polka 39 / Coquette (4a&b) 
Cotillions with blindfolds 
Cotillions with choice 
Cotillions with circles and columns 
Cotillions with hat and gloves 
Cotillions with mixing
Cotillions with scarves (1) & (2) 
Pas des Patineurs
Le Quadrille de Jean Gilles
The Russia
Singing Quadrille / Quadrille Français (6)
Cavalier’s Mazurka (Winter 14)

Burley Griffin Bourrée (Country 13)

Lacework Mazurka
Russian Gypsy Queen
Wind-up Galop
Zig-zag Mazurka

University House, Australian National University, Canberra.

Friday 11 April
9.00-10.30: Country Dances & Ballroom Etiquette
11.00-12.30: French Square Dances
1.30-3.00: Country dances crossed with Quadrilles
3.30-5.00: Couples dances of the late 18th century
8.30-9:00 Variety Night dance display

Saturday 12 April
9.00-10.30: Capital Dancing
11.00-12.30: Mixers, Reels and Show Off Dances
1.30-3.00: Set Dances
3.30-5.00: Couples Waltz and Polonaise
6.30-11.00 Jane Austen Festival Ball

Sunday 13 April
10.00-12.15: Regency Dance Manuals
2.00-6.30: Jane Austen Cotillion Ball

Repertoire across the above three days included the following (many danced twice across):

Historic Dance Volume IV
Mr Beveridge’s Maggot

Historic Dance Volume V
Aimable Vainqueur (in Friday display)
Minuet à deux 

Historic Dance Volume VI
Country dances:
The Baulk
Bevis Mount
Black Dance
Comical Fellow
Ruffs and Rees
Scotch Lilt
Trip to Highgate
Adonis 5
Les Belles Filles de Norwich (for 12)
La Folie ou le Goût du Siècle
La Jesuite, or, the Jesuit
Le Jeu des quatres coins
Les Jolis Garçons
La Méditation des Chinois (for 16)
Le Palais de l’amour
Les Plaisirs de la Jeunesse
La Pouvoir de la Beauté
La Strasbourgeoise (1) (in Friday display)
Der Prager-Student / The Student of Prague
Waltz (on a fan)
Minuet de la Cour 

Country dances:
Downfall of Paris
Highland Laddie 
Joan’s Plackett (2a&b)
Juliana (3)
Italian Monfrina (1)
Russian Dance (1)
Early Quadrilles:
La Josephine
La Napoléon
La Poule (1)
The Lancer’s Quadrille (1) / Strathy Lancers
The Moscovians
Country dance-Quadrille Hybrids:
The Attempt (an Ecossaise)
L’Été (a contredanse)
Highland Laddie (3) (a Mescolanze)
Highland Laddie & Mr Chivers’ Fancy
Isabella (2) (a Spanish dance)
Juliana (3) 
Mr Chivers’ Fancy (3) (a Swedish dance)
Pantalon (2) (a Swedish dance)
La Poule (3) (a Mescolanze dance)
Sicilian Dances (1) & (2)
Waltzes (and Polonaise into waltz):
L’Augustin Waltz (1) 
Lady Caroline Lee’s Waltz 
National Waltz and Highland Laddie
Spanish Dance (1a&b) / The Guaracha
Polonaise (3) / La Grande Polonaise
Tyrolese Waltz and Isabella
Waltz (1) / French Waltzing
La Boulangère (1)
Scotch Reel of 5
Scotch Reel of 6
Sir Roger de Coverley
Historic Dance Volume VIII:
The Triolet
Triolet Waltzer
Odd Delights (to be published in May 2014)
Emma’s Song (in Friday display)
Other sources:
An Dro
Svatovsko Stajeris

Newcomers Welcome Party

Saturday 15 March 2014,  7-11pm, All Saints Hall, Ainslie.


Black Dance

Potluck Welcome (Lost Dances, Village)

L’Augustin (1)

Hightland Laddie (1) (as a country dance)

Highland Laddie (3) as a Mescolane

Joan’s Plackett (2a)

Attempt (as an Ecossais)

The Moscovian Quadrilles (5 figures)

The Devil’s Mill (Lost Dances, summer)

Mr Chiver’s Fancy (as a Spanish dance)

Pantalon (2) (as a Swedish dance)

Russian Dance (1) (as a country dance)

Mr Blasis New set of Quadrilles (5 figures)

La Grande Polonaise

Tyrolese and Mr Chivers (as a medley country dance)

College Hornpipe

Baroque Valentine’s Ball

Sat. 15 February 2014,  7-11pm, All Saints Hall, Ainslie.

This dance program, in the names of its participatory dances, tells a story—punctuated by displays of Ballets published in the 17th or early 18th century.

Display: ‘Brando di Cales’

There were two young men, Young Sir John and Hobbs, and they were both happy and available:

‘Yellow Stockings’

There were two happy young women who were happy and available, Kate and Jenny:

‘Sweet Kate’

‘Jenny Plucked Pairs’

Display: ‘Celeste Giglio’

They all lived on the estate of Lord Byron, who put on a ball:

‘My Lord Byron’s Maggot’ (2)

There was much competition between the young men for the attention of the young women:

‘Lightly Love’

John and Hobbs met Jenny and Kate, and a good friendship blossomed:

‘La Bonne Amitié’

Display: ‘Bizzaria d’Amore / La Battaglia / Bianco Fiore’

The friends had inadvertently strayed into:

‘Cupid’s Garden’

Cupid spied them and took up his bow and arrow:

‘Draw Cupid draw’

Cupid fired half a dozen shots and the consequences became very complicated:

‘Maid in the Moon’

Display: ‘Contradance Nouvelle-Lorin’

Along came:

‘Valentine’s Day’

All four friends had sent anonymous letters and were hoping for:

‘Lover’s Luck’

All the letters went astray and the men started wondering if they’d be consoling themselves:

‘Love and a Bottle’

SUPPER and Display: ‘Mr Caverley’s minuet’

The men thought they’d been rejected and couldn’t stop thinking of their Valentine:

‘Maiden Fair / Once I loved a maiden fair’

The original four messages finally found their way through that great mail room that is the:

‘Galerie d’Amore’

and all witnessed:

‘Love’s Triumph’

Display: ‘Aimable Vanqueur’

Two weddings were held on successive weekend, first:

‘Young Sir John/Happy Bride’

and then:

‘Hobbs Wedding’

A wonderful time was had by all:

‘We’ll wed and we’ll bed’

Who had fallen for who, who Cupid had struck and who married who, I’ll not say, but they all lived happily ever after.

Twelfth Night Revel

Sunday 5 January 2013, 5:00-9:45pm All Saints Church Hall, Cowper/Bonney St., Ainslie.

I: 1450-1550


La Bassa de Castille/Spayñ




Lioncello vechio (for two)

Malgratiosa ~




II: 1550-1600

Allegrezza d’Amore

Allemande (1)

Bellezze d’Olimpia


Furioso (1)

Pavan Matthei

III: 1600-1650

La Caccia d’Amore (2)

The Old Measures

Graies Inne Maske (1)

The Gypsies (1)

Jack Pudding ~

IV: 1600-1650

Punk’s Delight