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Dancing Through the Ages and Monthly Dances in Canberra with Earthly Delights and John Gardiner-Garden

Enrol now for Semester 2 of Dancing Through the Ages at ANU Sport 
Beginners & newcomers welcome :D


Every semester course features wonderful live music, different dances from different periods, and offers a fun, skill & friendship building time. Its is open to everyone (ANU students and ANU Sports Union members get a discount but we always have registrations from lots of people from outside the ANU as well). We have only 50 places each semester and our 2014 Semester 1 class is now fully booked

Our Semester 2  course starts on Saturday 2 August 2014. Enrolments open on 1 July 2014. To receive an early reminder do consider joining our email list at

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Enjoy three days and nights of dance (music, costume, theatre, food and other fun) at our Jane Austen Festival Australia from 10-13 April at historic University House in Canberra-with 40 on-site beds for interstate and overseas visitors.


We’ll dance for 3 hours every morning and 3 plus hours every evening and in between all-can-enjoy cave tours, river walks, thermal-pool-swimming, games, sleeping, cooking and eating. The accommodation, food preparing areas, lounges and dance rooms are simply fantastic. On the Monday when we first arrive we’ll make a theme of dance from 1825 to 1850. On the Tuesday of dance from 1850 to 1875 and on the Wednesday from 1875 to 1900—but any 19th century dress, be it from day or evening dress from any of these periods is fine. We’ll have a big cave tour in full Victorian era costume and there’s a prize for those who manage a Victorian era bathing costume (otherwise your usual is fine!). 
(See some photos from the 2013 event.)

If you have any special need please don’t hesitate to email us to discuss. Looking forward to having you on board!

Wednesday Night Extension Classes

Learn more, have extra fun, get to work with original century old dance books, and enjoy the possibility of doing costumed public displays, by taking the extension classes on Wednesday evenings.  Class participants will need to bring smooth soled shoes and their own bottle of water (water bottles and t-shirts with academy logos are available from our accessories page).  Past Wednesday nighters have enjoyed exploring many many corners of our dance heritage, and enjoyed many wonderful performance outings, including interstate (though participation in the latter is entirely optional). The dance leadership is offered by academy's dance director Dr John Gardiner-Garden and the costume leadership, when wanting to plan for displays, by the academy's costume director Aylwen Gardiner-Garden. Those who are enrolled in both Saturday and Wednesday classes have access to free costume hire for balls and displays. 

Costume Balls.

For more than 12 years we have run a regular 'costume ball' / dance party series. The balls/parties are normally on the 3rd-Saturday-of-the month and each one has a different historic theme. For more on such events see the above poster and the pages under Dance EventsFor more details on any of the above contact us on 0409 817 623 or 62811098.

Historical Fashion Dressmaking Classes

Our facility is a private and self-contained environment in central Canberra. Some of the Workshops offered in the past have been Elizabethan, 18th century and Regency stays, Victorian corsets, Elizabethan gowns, 1780s gowns, regency gowns, victorian bustle gowns, regency tailcoats, bonnets and chemises from all eras. Contact Aylwen if you wish to book a class or have her visit your town to run a class for you. 
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