Historical Dances

Under Historical Dances we plan to list all the dance topics and dances considered in depth in my soon to be released new series of books, but in the meantime, there is the contents of the old series.

John's new 33-book 10,000 page Dancing through the Ages is now complete!  Please allow us April for us to redo these web-pages and finalise release copy with publisher, then visit these pages in May to find out all about the books and how to order them. 

In the meantime email us your details and we'll add you to the list of people to notify when the ordering information is ready.

We'll be offering a big special to the first wave of purchasers, so looking forward very much to introducing the work to you very soon! 

N.B. The 10 Volume Historic Dance book series that features in the adjoined subpages is no-longer available. We will be removing all those pages and replacing theme with new ones on the greatly improved and expanded new series when we update the website in April.