Historical Dances

Under Historical Dances we plan to list all the dance topics and dances considered in depth in my soon to be released new series of books, but in the meantime, there is the contents of the old series.

The 11 books in our earlier 'Historic Dance' series (the contents of which are on the sub-pages to this page) are no longer available as we would much prefer you to wait and purchase the new corrected, revised and expanded edition that will be coming out in a new 30 book format in late 2016. In April 2016 we will we post information on how you can purchase the grand new work at a discount pre-release price and be thanked for your support in my preface. We will be looking for 30 subscribers to thank and equipped with what will amount to a library!  Please feel free to email us an interest in being notified when subscriptions are open.