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Like all 10 volumes in this series  Historic Dance Volume VII: 1800-1825 is an A4 book by Dr John Gardiner-Garden with nearly 740 pages of research, discussion and analysis, with hundreds of illustrations, musical scores, dance reconstructions, source extracts, transcriptions and translations, and with each volume divided into five parts. 

Part 1 (Dance context) explores the social, political and geographic contexts in which dance and the institution of the ball was evolving. 

Part 2 (Dance forms) examines the nature and evolution of the period’s main types of dance. 

Part 3 (Dance Technicalities) has in-depth sections on ‘Style’, ‘Etiquette’, ‘Honours’, ‘Holds’, ‘Formations’, ‘Figures’ and ‘Steps’. 

Part 5 (Dancing Masters) is devoted to developments in dance teaching, notation and publication, and offers an annotated bibliography of primary sources. 

Part 4 (Dances in Detail) offers reconstructions, music and source comparisons for the following dances of the period:  

The Alexander; Allemande (5) / Strassburger; The Attempt; L’Augustin Waltz (1&2); La Boulangère (1); Butter’d Pease (2); The Caledonian Quadrille; Le Carillon de Dunkerque; The Chase (1); College Hornpipe; Congo Minuet; Countess of Yarmouth’s Fancy; The Cushion Dance (2); The Czar; Downfall of Paris; The Duke of Kent’s Waltz; Dutch Dollars; Elegance and Simplicity; L’Été; The Fair Circassian; The Fairy Dance; The Good Girl; Haste to the Wedding; Highland Laddie (1)& (2, 3 & 4); Highland Laddie & Mr Chivers’ Fancy; Isabella (1); Italian Monfrina (1)& (2); Joan’s Placket (2a & b); La Josephine; Juliana (1), (2)& (3); Jumping Joan (3a&b); Lady Caroline Lee’s Waltz; The Lancer’s Quadrille (1) / Strathy Lancers; The Lancers’ Quadrille(2) / Duval Lancers; The Lancer’s Quadrille (3) / Hart Lancers; Mazurka Quadrille (1); La Monaco; Money Musk (2); Morgiana in Ireland (1a, b, c); Morgiana in Ireland (2); The Moscovians; Mr Chivers’ Fancy (1, 2, 3 and 4); Mr Turner’s Academy Cotillion; La Napoléon; National Waltz; National Waltz and Highland Laddie; Nichol’s Favourite; Pantalon (1), (2) & (3); The Perigourdine; Polonaise (3) / La Grande Polonaise; La Poule (1) & (3a&b); Quadrille Français (1); Quadrille Français (2) / Paine’s 1st Set;Russian Dance (1), (2) and (3); Russian Dance and Morgiana in Ireland;Scotch Reel (1) / Reel of 3 & Reel of 4; Scotch Reel (2) / Reel of 5; Scotch Reel (3) / Reel of 6; Sicilian Dance (1) & (2); Sir Roger de Coverley (2); Spanish Dance (1a&b) / The Guaracha; La Tempête (1 a, b, c); The Triumph (1); The Triumph (2); Tyrolese Waltz and Isabella; The Union Waltz; La Vinetta; The Volga; Waltz (1) / French Waltzing; Waltz (2) / German Waltzing; Wilson’s Quadrilles.

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