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The Garden

Our home and our home studio where we run some of our dance and sewing workshops and where John does his dance research are in a garden setting.  The organisation  Open Gardens Canberra invited us to open our garden in their Spring 2019 program and we had an great weekend with 790 lovely visitors touring our garden while a dozen costumed EDHDA regulars enjoyed and brought new comers in on 5 centuries of historical dance in our studio. As so often happens with our events we were too busy to to take photos, but here below are a few snaps taken at other times. 

POSTSCRIPT: In early 2021 we left our Yarralumla home and garden of 23 years and started to establish a new home and garden on 5 acres of land 54 minutes away on the Douro Estate near Yass. The new home includes lots of room for dancing, library, costumes, hat workshop, etc, and the acreage will give us another fun 20 year project. Photos of our progress can be seen on Instagram.