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15 December 2007
Christmas Carol Ball
St. John’s
Angels from the Realms of Glory – led by William
The Angel Gabriel from Heaven Came
Gower Wassail – led by Eddie
Hark the Herald Angels Sing
The Holly and the Ivy
I saw Three Ships
It came upon a Midnight Clear (double time)– led by Lawrie
Jingle Bells
Medley of: Angelus Ad Virginem / Good King Wenceslas
Medley of: Jesus Born in Bethny / Sun and Moon Allemande / Three Baskets 
Choir Cantorion - listening carols then dancing to:
Sans Day Carol
While Shepherds Watch
In Dulci Jubilo
On Christmas Night
Past three o'clock
The Rocking Carol
Tomorrow Shall be my Dancing Day
Twelve Days of Christmas
Contra Medley: Joy to the World x 3 / Masters in this Hall x 3 / God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen x 3/ Deck the Halls x 3
Schottische medley: Short Easy Sotiisi / Rise Up Shepherd and Follow / Rudolph the Red-Nosed Rheindeer / Santa Clause is Coming to Town 
Choir Cantorion - listening carols then dancing to:
Quem Pastores Laudevere
Carol of the Bells
Veinticinco di Diciembre
We Three Kings – led by Josh
Von Himmel, o Englein kommt
Where is Santa
Free Waltz - We Wish you a Merry Christmas

17 November 2007
Mad Hatter’s Ball
St. John’s Church Hall 
Free Varsovienna 
Cotillion with circles 
The Palindrome 
The Russia – plus free Mazurka
Beau between Belles
The Maze/ The Tapestry / Snowball Slalom 
Alcuin’s Contra 
Mazurka cotillion for 4 couples and for as many as will 
Free Schottische – Southern Highland, Showdown, Switch, Swish and Swing etc 
Cotillion with hat and gloves 
The Lancers Quadrille
Free Bordonian National Polka 1&2 
Making the Bed 
Mazurka medley: Barbarous Elegance/Ad Absurdam /Russian Tour/ Vulgarian Salutations
The Lobster Quadrille 
Cotillion in column with choices – waltz to polka
Can-can show 
Free Five Step Waltz 
Cotillion with scarf blindfolds 
Varietes Parisienne 
Ridicule and Repartee Zweifacher 
Sir Roger de Coverley 
Cotillion with cards – waltz to polka

20 October 2007
Pride and Prejudice Ball 
St. John’s Church Hall
Free waltz e.g. Hands off medley
The Comical Fellow
Wakefield Hunt
A Trip to Highgate
Emma’s Song.
Mutual Love
The Happy Captive
Tythe Pig (Duple)
Mr Wilson’s French Waltzing (1)
The Fete Champetre
Mr Isaac’s Maggot (Duple)
Shrewsbury Lasses
Le Jardin Enchante
Pleasures of the Town
Mr Beveridge’s Maggot (Duple)
Supper and photos
Les Quadrilles
The Duke of Kent’s Waltz 
Dutch Dollars
The Young Widow
Les Jolis Garcons (Cotillion)
La Boulangere

29 Sept - 1 Oct 2007
Baroque Weekend with
Dorothee Wortelboer
Live music socials and ball
Aurietti’s Dutch Skipper
Barbarini's Tambourine 
Bonny Grey-Ey’d Morn 
Bourrée d’Achille 
Braye’s Magott
Cold and Raw.
Contradanza XXXVIII
Deil Take the Wars
Excusez moy 
Hunt the Squirrel
Jamaica/La Bonne Amitie
King of Poland 
La Baroque
La Chase D’Amour (cotillion)
La Coquette 
La Fuiarde
La Gavotte du Roy à quatre 
Le Cotillon des Fêtes de Thalie
Le Jeu des quatre coins 
Le Palais d’amour
Le Pistolet
Le Rigaudon d’Angleterre 
Le Tourbillon (from a Dutch source)
Les Noces de Paysan 
Les Plaisir de la Jeunesse 
Love’s Triumph 
Mad Robin 
Minuet à deux 
Minuet à quatre 
Mr Caverley’s Minuet 
Mr Holt’s Minuet-Jigg 
Picking of Sticks
Princess Amillia (Dutch and English source)
Scotch Measure
The Changing
The Collier’s Daughter
The Fair Quaker of Deal 
The Hole in the Wall 
The Juice of Barley 
The Lover’s Luck 
The Maid in the Moon 
Trip to Paris 
Well Hall 
Yellow Stockings 
Zephirs and Flora

Saturday & Sunday 22 -23rd September 2007
Renaissance weekend with Dorothee Wortelboer
live music socials and ball
St. Edmunds 7:30-11:00
Ballo del Fiore in 2
Black Almain
Black Nag
Bobbing Jo 
Branle Double/ Single/Gai/Bourgoigne/Cassandre/Pinagay/Charlotte
Branle l’Officiel
Branles– des lavandiers, des pois, des hermites, des sabots, des Chevaux
Chiara Stella
Cloved Orange/Albert Hall
Fine Companion/Hide Park/Kettle Drum/Lord of Carnarvan’s Jig/Nonesuch/Dargeson
Friar and the Nun
Gathering Peascods
Gracca Amarosa
Il Canario
Jenny Plucked Pears
La Caccia d’Amore
La Catena d’Amore
La Volta
Les Bouffons
Madam Cecilia Alman
Merry Merry Milkmaids
Petit Rinensis
Picking of Sticks
Rostiboli Gioioso
Spagnoletta Nuova/Spagnoletta
The Slip
Torneo Amoroso
Upon a Summers Day 

16 September 2007 11:30-12:30 and 1:00 to 2:00pm
Loose Cannon Galop/Grapevine Polka (Village 3)/Hot Cross Polka/Pyrotechnic Polka 
Boots and Blades/Blackforest Mazurka (Village 5)/Askance Romance/ Conjuring L’amour
Past Present and Future (Winter 4* - ea 1x)/ Northern Stars Southern Skies (Town 16* - ea. 1x) 
Alexandrina Waltz/Hands-off Waltz (Village 10)/Even handed Ländler/I Wonder as I Wander 
Battering Ram/Giant’s Backbone/Round with Corner (Court 10)
La Va ouvert (Country 6*- ea. 1x then reprise)/La Va melangée /La Va croissée/Reprise
Turning the Table (Winter 5)/Tangled Web 
Southern Highland Schott. (Country 4)/Showdown / Switch, Swish and Swing /Reprise
Scarf Cotillion (Country 8* ea x 1 then tail)
Fast Forward/Peek-a-boo Polka/The Courtship/Wrong Foot Polka (Autumn 10)
Regatta Room Grapple (Country 15)/Washing Machine/Footloose Gypsy/Cavalier’s Mazurka 
Near Miss Galop/Baltic Crossing /Daring Damsel / Dashing Dragoon (Court 15) 
Zweifacher (Town 6* - ea x 1 then reprise)

15 September 2007 7:30-11:30pm
Pirates Ball
Free Waltz – e.g Hands off medley 
Jamaica/La Bonne Amitie
Merry Merry Milkmaids 
The Juice of Barley
Minuet à deux (1700-)
Excusez moy 
Deil Take the Wars
Walk the Plank - Will calling
La Gavotte du Roy à quatre 
Mr Holt’s Minuet and Jigg for Four 
Free Minuet à quatre 
Le Pistolet
La Materlote
Les Mariniers 
Mr Caverley’s Minuet for Five 
Battering Ram
SUPPER - Bourree d’Achille 
Auretti’s Dutch Skipper 
La Chase D’Amour
Le Jeu des quatre coins 
Les Plaisir de la Jeunesse
Le Palais d’amour
Rough Seas
Free Free Allemande

18 August 2007
Moulin Rouge Ball
St.John’s Church Hall
Southern Highland Schottische 
Cotillion non-mixer – waltz 
Baby Polka
Polka Mazurka variants – eg. short polka mazurka, long polka mazurka, La Koska, Giraudete, Gitana Waltz, La Russe, or La Czarine 
Chase the Squirrel – the Cuckoo 
Ganglovienne Waltz 
Les Varietes Parisienne 
Cotillion with 8 Chairs
Elias Howe’s Coquette
Jason & Ally – display to short version of ‘Roxane’
Bordonian National Polka
Cotillion mixer 
Free Mazurka or Boots and Blade Mazurka set 
Free heel & toe polka variants
Two to Twirl 
Zulma l’Orientale (or Polka Russe, Bohemian Polka) 
Russian Mazurka Quadrille 
Daring Damsel 
Cotillion blindman’s bluff 
Free Mazurka or Regatta Room Grapple set 
Free polka - L’Exentrique, Ostendaise, Stephanoise, Esmeralda 1 or Loose Canon Galop
Cotillion with Scarfs 
8 couple Galop medley 
Lady’s choice - Quadrille Français 
*Cotillion with 4 Chairs 
Free 2 step waltz

21 July 2007
Shakespeare Ball 
 St.John's Church Hall
Farandole – Country 16
Stomping Around Spring 2
Black Almain
English Medley: 
Fine Companion / Hide Park / Kettle Drum
Lord of Carnarvan's Jig / Nonesuch / Dargeson
Epping Forrest
Friar and the Nun / Bobbing Jo
French style Medley:
Cloved Orange Pavan Galliard / Albert Hall Pavan / La Volta
Les Bouffons
Branles – des lavandiers, des pois, des hermites, des sabots
Branle de la Montarde
Branle Medley: Double / Single / Gai / Bourgoigne
Cassandre / Pinagay / Charlotte
Branle l'Officiel
Branle du Chandelier
Il Canario
Chiara Stella
La Caccia d'Amore
Torneo Amoroso
Rostiboli Gioioso
Ballo del Fiore in 2
Italian medley:
Spagnoletta Nuova / Spagnoletta
Spagnoletta – Inns of Court
Jenny Plucked Pears 
The Chess Dance 
Black Nag
The Slip
Petit Rinensis

20 June 2007 7:30-11:30pm
Marie Antoinette Ball
St. John’s
Free Allemande – Guillaume, c. 1760
Vienna 1706
Le Pistolet - Feuillet, 1706 
Cotillion- La Chase D’Amour c. 1770
Les noces de paysan Ernst August Jayme, 1717 
La Venitienne - Ernst August Jayme, 1717 
Cotillion - Le Jolis Garçons c. 1770
MINUET medley - My Lady’s / My Lord’s / Whirl of Memories Minuet Waltz 
Minuet a quatre 1709?
La Baroque - Willims 1755 
Auretti’s Dutch Skipper - Willims 1755 
Cotillion - La Strassbourgeois c. 1764 
Le Tourbillion - Willims 1755 
The Changing – Lange 1762
Cotillion - Allemande du Devin de Village – c. 1764
Les Quadrilles
Feltenstein No.5 J.J. v. Feldenstein, 1772
Feltenstein No. 6 J.J. v. Feldenstein, 1772
Cotillion - Le Plaisir de la Jeunesse c. 1770
The School for Scandal - Thompson 1778
Auretti’s Dutch Skipper - Thompson 1776
Cotillion - Le Palais d’Amour c. 1770
Free Allemande – Guillaume, c. 1760

19 May 2007 7:30-11:30pm
Phantom of the Opera Masquerade
St.John’s Church Hall
Conjuring L’amour 
Hunt the Squirrel 
Carlokowski/ Gitana Waltz 
Ganglovienne Waltz 
Esmeralda or Coquette (2) 
Even Handed Landler 
Cotillion in follow the leader lines 
Chess Dance 
Bordonian National Polka tune set 
Baby Polka 
Secret Liaison Waltz 
La Koska / Giraudete 
Bohemian Polka / Zulma l’Orientale 
Potluck Welcome/Riverbank Ramble/Taking Turns 
Riverbank Ramble 
Cotillion blindman’s bluff – polka 
Display by Andreas, Jason, Ally and Jane
Free Mazurka 
The Russia 
La Czarine 
Quadrille Français 
Near Miss/Baltic Crossing/Daring Damsel/Dashing Dragoon 
Near Miss Galop 
Mazurka Cotillion

21 April 2007 7:30-11:30pm
Three Musketeers Ball
St. John’s 
Free La Volta or waltz.
Mimed Branles – des lavandiers, des pois, des hermits, des sabots
Branle des Chevaux
Torneo Amoroso
Branle de la Haye
Spagnoletta for 2 then 3
Cloved Orange
Il Villanicco in a circle 
La Battaglia
Lord Carnarvan’s Jig/ Nonesuch / Dargeson
Branle de la Montarde
Epping Forrest 
Chiara Stella 
Black Almain
Grimstock (in G)
Fine Companion / Hyde Park / Kettle Drum
Merry Milk Maids
Once I lov’d a Maiden Fair
Les Bouffons
Black Nag
Near Miss Galop
Potluck Welcome / Riverbank Ramble / Taking Turns
The Slip

31 March 2007 
Monaro Folk Society Bushdance
St. John's Church Hall, Reid
Free Varsovienna (John danced basic Australian Varso, La Va ouvert, La Va melangee and La Va croissee)
Nymphes and Satyrs 
Waltz game with words 
Progressive Barn Dance
The Lancers Quadrille
Free Polka (John danced the Heel and Toe, the Fast Forward Polka, Peek-a-boo polka, Courtship Polka and Wrong Foot Polka)
Opposites Attract
Pride of Erin
Waltz Game with lines and circles
Indoor Games
Strip the Willow
Display of contra medley Alcuin's Contra, Catapult Contra, Contra Quintain
Free Mazurka (John danced the Regatta Room Grapple, The Washing Machinge, Footloos Gypsy, Cavalier's Mazurka, Barbarous Elegance, Ad Absurdam sur Place and the Russian Tour)
Vulgarian Salutations
The Tempest 
Dance games with chairs - the whirligig, the figure 8, the seated ladies (the'prisoners') and the 4 corners.
Baltic Crossing - led by Andreas
Free Schottische (John danced the Highland Schottische, Southern Highland Schottsiche, Showdown Schottische, Switch Swish and Swing)
Dizzy Mixer
Quadrille Francais (longways First Set)
Dance game - couples dance medley
La Boulangere

17 March 2007 
Cinderella Fantasy Ball
Free Waltz 
Rostiboli c.1450 
La Catena d'Amore 1602
Childgrove 1701- 
Display of Minuet à deux c.1735 
and Gavotte a quatre 1715
La Caccia d'Amore 1581
Hearts Ease 1651 
Lull Me Beyond Thee 1651
Cotillion des Fetes de Thalie 1716
Display of Bourree d'Achille 1700 
and Mr Holt's Minuet Gigue 1711 
Hole in the Wall 1695-
Put on Thy Smock on a Monday 1651-
Minuet à Quatre
Mr Caverley's Minuet 1711
William's new dance
La Chase d'Amour c.1770
Lover's Luck 1699
Free Mazurka

17 February 2007 
Jane Austen Napoleonic Era Ball
Free French Waltzing - 1816 
Comical Fellow - 1776
Shrewsbury Lasses 1780
Display of 
Slow French, Sauteuse and Quick Sauteuse Waltz 
Wakefield Hunt 1780
Tythe Pig 1695-
Le Jeu des quatres coins- Cottilion c.1770
Free Waltz
Dusky Night 1777
Magri's Contradanza I 1779
Display of Contradanza XXXVIIII
Mr Beveridge's Maggot 1695
Cockney's Frolic c. 1780
Les Plaisir de la Jeunesse, Cotillion 1770
Free Waltz
Barley Mow 1779
Duke of Kent Waltz 1801
Display of Le Jardin Enchante, 1776
Feltenstein No.4 1772
La Boulangere

20 January 2007 
Midsummer Nights Dream Ball
Free music
Branle Double, Single, Gai, Bourgoigne 1589 
Petit Vriens c. 1450 
Anello c. 1450
Gracca Amarosa 1581
Black Almain - ealry 17th cent.
Nonesuch 1651-
Upon a Summer's Day 1651
Goddesses 1651
Branle Cassandre, Pinagay, Charlotte 1589
Ballo del Fiore for 2 -1581
Madam Cecilia - early 17th cent.
Chestnuts 1651-
The Friar and the Nun 1651- 
Uncalled Fidelta, Contentezza d'amour 
Amaroso c. 1450
Bobbing Joe Pt.1 1651
Branle de Chandelier 1581
Branle des Chevaux 1581
Spagnoletta - Inns of Court version
Conto dell Orco 1581
Rostiboli c. 1450
Gelosia c. 1450
All in the Garden Green 1651- 
Villanella 1581
Lord Carnavon's Jig 1651-
Free La Volta