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Odd Delights

This is a collection of two dozen dances which John Gardiner-Garden composed in many different styles and formations in response to requests, challenges, needs and whim. The dance descriptions are not to be found in any of the Lost Dances or Historic Dance volumes. All entries include full dance instructions, dance summaries, extensive notes and either chorded music or directions to appropriate music. The cover illustrations are from the author's collection of antique dance prints. 

To order for AUS$25 go to, or email us about adding this work to an order of our 10 Volume Historic Dance or an order of the 2 Volume Lost Dances.

Entries included:

The Battle of Waterloo;  The Bordonian National Polka (1) & (2); Emma's Song; The Hambo Sandwich; Knot à Trois; The Lacework Mazurka; Lobster Quadrille; Parlour Games; Pastime in Good Company; Courtship in Good Company; Friendship in Good Company; All in Good Company; The Rewind Waltz; Rough Seas; Russian Gypsy Queen; Shiarazula Marazula; Tempest through a Looking Glass; The Wind-up Galop; The Zig-Zag Mazurka.