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N.B. On 11 March 2015 John released A NEW IMPROVED AND EXPANDED EDITION of his Historic Dance books.

The Historic Dance volumes, Christmas Carol Dance Book and Odd Delights can be ordered individually from Lulu ($85, $30 & $25 respectively) with postage charged at cost, but if wanting to buy four or more works fill your cart here and pay just:
$59 per Historic Dance volume (each approx.700 A4 pages and weighing 2kg)
$69 for either of the Lost Dances of Earthly Delights (each an A4 book & 4CD set)
$29 for the Christmas Carol Dance Book
plus a flat $100 towards postage to any easily accessible destination anywhere in the world. 

For example:
5 Historic Dance volumes of your choice will cost $395 (5x59 + 100)
The full 10 volume Historic Dance set is just $690 (10x59 + 100)
To either of the above orders you could add the 2 Lost Dances collections and the Christmas Carol Dance Book for just $167 (2x69 + 29 + 0).
You could purchase a copy of everything to be sent (postage included) for just $857 (and remember, all these prices are AUD).
For more information click on relevant image or go to the explanatory pages under Books & CDs.
No matter what you choose we're sure you will be very happy with your purchases and as you read, dance or play your way into them we’d love you to keep in touch—so please Email Us sometime. 
Historic Dance 1450-1550
Volume I: 1450-1550
Historic Dance 1550-1600
Volume II: 1550-1600
Historic Dance 1600-1650
Volume III: 1600-1650
Historic Dance 1650-1700
Volume IV: 1650-1700
Historic Dance 1700-1750
Volume V: 1700-1750
Historic Dance 1750-1800
Volume VI: 1750-1800
Historic Dance 1800-1825
Volume VII: 1800-1825
Historic Dance 1825-1850
Volume VIII: 1825-1850
Historic Dance 1850-1875
Volume IX: 1850-1875
Historic Dance 1875-1900
Volume X: 1875-1900
Lost Dances Vol.1 & 4CDs
Volume 1 with 4 CDs
Lost Dances Vol.2 & 4CDs
Volume 2 with 4 CDs
Christmas Carol Dance Book
Christmas Carol Dance Book
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