Dance Events

At the top of the first of the attached sub-ages we offer details of upcoming events for which we'd love your company.
Further down through the sub-pages we offer a record of dance programs, photos and posters relevant to some of the hundreds of public engagements which the band and/or dancers have filled. Though John's dance teaching and early bands go back to 1988, and Earthly Delights as a band goes back to 1995, and Aylwen's organising of big public events goes back to 1998, our records of the first 7 years of Earthly Delights music/dance and costume are mostly in hard copy and digitising them is still on the 'to do' list. We have, however, been about to throw together year-by-year records from 2003 to now. It's worth a look to get a feel for the incredible diversity of shows we've put together and glimpses of all the people and posters involved. We've not including any material from the hundreds of private shows- we'll have to let those events, like chalk pavement drawings, linger only in our personal memories.
To find out about regular dance classes and otherways to be involved besides coming to events, please go to The Dance Academy page.