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Earthly Delights Historic Dance Summer School
8-12 January 2018
9.00am - 12.30pm
All ages, all levels, no special dress or experience required. 
Teacher: John Gardiner-Garden    Inquiries: (02) 62811098
A wonderful horizon-expanding dance experience for any young person! 
Dances from the Medieval, Renaissance, Cavalier, Baroque, Napoleonic,Victorian and modern eras
500 years in 5 mornings!

 Here’s the list of dance’s enjoyed. All dances were danced by all participants - except for a couple of more challenging dances (marked with *) when the most novice dancer was invited to rest. In refreshment breaks original sources for all dances were shown and discussed, and some inspiring videos viewed. A lot of fun was had!


20 historical dances from the late 15th century to the late 19th century:


Gelosia, 4 cpls longways, Italy, late 15th century

La Danse de Cleves, bassedanse, France, late 15th century,

Dolci Amoroso Foco, 4 cpls longways, Italy (Caroso 1581)

Squilina, trio, Italian (Caroso 1581)

Brando detta Alta Regina, 4 cpls, Italy (Negri, 1600)

Glory of the West- 2 cpls, England (Playford, 1651)

The Spring, longways duple minor, England (Bray, 1699)

*Bourrée d’Achille, couple ballet, France (Pécour, 1700)

Hamstead Heath, 4 cpls longways, England (Young, 1718-)

Nouveau Pistolet, 2 cpl cotillon, France (Durlach ms, c.1720)

Le Tourbillon, longways triple minor, Belgium (Willsim, 1755)

Daniel Cowper, longways, England, 2 versions from late 18th through and early-19th century

Triumph, longways triple minor, England, 3 versions from late 18th t to mid-19th century

Money Musk, longways triple minor, England & America, 3 versions from late 18th to mid-19th century

La Parisenne, cpls (medley of waltz, polka-mazurka, schottische, polka and *galop), France, c.1900.


A polka medley made up of dance from John’s Lost dances of Earthly Delights to tune set of Autumn 10:


Fast Forward (Country 7) x 2

Peek-a-boo Polka (Town 15) x 2

The Courtship Polka (Autumn 13) x2

Wrong foot Polka (Autumn 10) x 2


A bourrée medley made up of dance from John’s Lost dances Earthly Delights bourrée medley to tune set of Country 13:


Quarter Short Square (Winter 3) x 4

Burley Griffin Bourrée (Country 13) x2


This bourrée medley was caught on video- see attachment.