Original Dances

On the appended pages I , John Gardiner-Garden, plan to include brief instructions for the 200 plus dances which I've composed over the years. The instructions will be minus the music, extra notes and context which is offered my published versions but may still serve as useful pointers to useful dances. Though I've crafted these dances are dozens of different forms and in them have played with hundreds of different choreographic ideas, I've opted for grouping them alphabetically on just 9 sub-pages. To get the best presentations of these dances and to support the art/craft of dance writing, please consider purchasing the book which I've said contains the dance, namely Lost Dances of Earthly Delights, Volume 1: Pleasures for Four Seasons, and Volume 2: Favourites for Four Settings,The Christmas Carol Dance Book or my Odd Delights.

I can also let interested people that over the last 20 years dances I’ve led every one of my dances in public situations dozens of times (some hundreds of times) so I know they all work well and will bring a smile to all involved, and I’m happy to offer everyone blanket permission to do any of my dances whenever they like without special permission needing to be sought. It would be lovely, however, to hear from you if you want any clarification of any instruction, any teaching tip, or want to tell us how your dancing of the dance went.

I might also note that between 2003 and 2008 I put dozens of my dance compositions together into tight medleys which my dance troupe The Bordonian Heritage Dances displayed to very good effect at hundreds of shows over those year—sometimes in dedicated Bordonian dance displays, sometimes interleafed with historical material which is now included in my Historic Dance volumes. Since 2008 the emphasis of my Earthly Delights Historic Dance Academy Dancers has been on the historical material but we still get requests for those Lost Dance medleys and still exercise many of them at appropriate times (many indeed, illustrating historical dance forms in a flashy way)—so here are those medley’s.