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18 December 2004 
Christmas Carol Ball
'Wayward' hobby-horse show and Hall Village Brass Band
Free Waltz to Away in a Manger
Free Schottische to Santa Clause is Coming...
Carol of the Birds
We Three Kings
Merry Christmas
The First Noel
God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen
CANU - Choir of the ANU
The First Nowell
In Dulci Jubilo
O Tannenbaum
Christchurch Bells (1670s)
I Wonder as I Wander
Hark the Herald Angels Sing
Rejoice and Be Merry
Hall Village Brass Band
O Come, All ye Faithful
O Tannenbaum
O Little Townof Bethnlehem
Silent Night
Rudolph the Red Nose Rheindeer
CANU - Choir of the ANU
Ding Dong Merrily on High
Carol of the Bells
Jesus Born in Bethne
Little Drummer Boy
Twelve Days of Christmas
Jingle Bells
We wish you a Merry Christmas

20 November 2004 
Mad Hatter's Ball
Free Polka
Vulgarian Salutations
Bridges of Konigsberg
The Tapestry
Hat and glove dance game
Carousel Waltz
Barbarini's Tambourine (early 18th cent.)
Free Waltz (e.g. Hands Off, Even Handed)
The Collier's Daughter (1719)
Peek-a-boo Polka
Scarf dance game
The Music Box
Snowball Slalom
Catapult Contra
Giant's Backbone

16 October 2004 
Spring Frolic
Free Schottische
Three Baskets
Ariadne's Thread
Hands Off Waltz
Gelosia (mid-15th century)
The Spring (1699)
Rather Odd (Patricia Gray)
Even Handed Landler
Bad Tempered Fairy (William Steed)
Spring Garden (1651)
Hot Cross Polka
Zephrus and Flora
Free Hambo
Russian Tour
Burley Griffin Bourree
The Maze
Good King Wenceslas
Final Waltz

18 September 2004 
Pirates of the Caribbean Ball
Music by Sinfonetta
Free polka/jig
Row Well Ye Mariners (c1700)
Barroom Brawl (William Steed)
Grand March
My Lady's Minuet
Why's all the Rum Gone (Trish Gray)
Jamaica (c1700)
Music by Sinfonetta and free dancing
Damen vor Herren
Beau between Belles
Waltz and Whistle dance game
Walk the Plank (William Steed)
Guests from Finesse Fencing
Female Sailor
Regatta Room Grapple
The Cloved Orange 
The Dashing Dragoon
A Dance Game
The Catapult Contra
Free Waltz

21 August 2004 
Cinderella Masquerade
Free Polka
Conjuring L'Amour
Trip to Paris (1728)
Amaroso (15th cent. Italian)
Cinderella's Contra (led by Peter Barker)
Free Hambo
Harmony Hambo
Poussetting Palindrome
Northern Stars Southern Skies
Bodice and Doublte
Prince William 1735
Free Varsovienna
Unto Us a Child is Born
Regal Romp
Snowball Slalom
The Music Box
Alcuin's Contra
Free Waltz

17 July 2004 
Christmas in July Dance
Free Polka
Drive the Cold Winter Away
Astral Allemande
The Cutty Wren
The Whirl of Memories
In the Bleak Midwinter
Cross Gartered
Free Mazurka e.g. Redowa Romance
O Tannenbaum (led by William Steed)
His Majesty's Maggot
Solsaterpolka Polka (Swedish, led by Louise Bylund)
Slangpolska (Swedish, led by Marianne Bylund)
The Kettle Drum (1651)
Free Waltz: The Sound of Music Ländler
Harmony Hambo
Northern Stars, Southern Skies
Snowball Slalom
No Hands (William Steed)
Baltic Crossing
Jingle Bells
Free Waltz

19 June 2004 
Winter Solstice Dance
Free Jig
Gower Wasssail
Cold and Raw (c1700)
Column Polka game
Newcastle (1651)
Holly and the Ivy
Guests'Davis High Madrigan Singers'
Personent Hodie
Rejoice and Be Merry
Burley Griffin Bourree
Yellow Stockings (18th century)
Guest Singers again
The Old Year Away is Fled
The Little Landler
The Druid's Ring
Hail Happy Morn

15 May 2004 
Pride & Prejudice Dance Party
Zephrus and Flora (1701)
The Comical Fellow (1770s) )
My Lady's Minuet
Trip to Highgate (1770s)
Portsmouth (1701)
Hands-Off Waltz
Shrewsbury Lasses (1770s)
Touchstone (1770s)
Duke of Kent's Waltz (1801)
Bonny Grey-Eyed Morn (1700s)
Lasses of Portsmouth (1770s)
Free Waltz
Meillionen (1700s)
Mutual Love (1770s)
Mr Beveridge's Maggot (1695)
La Boulangere (c 1800)
Free Waltz

17 April 2004 
Playford Ball
Free Polka
Gathering Peascods (1651)
Goddesses in Am (1651) - EC-Play
Gaint's Backbone
Fine Companion (1651)
Nonesuch (1651)
Free Schottische
Upon a Summer's Day (1651)
Parson's Farewell (1651)
Aylwen Stars
Mr Isaac's Maggot (1695)
Minuet Mixer - became The Whirl of Memories
Trip to Paris in Am (1728)
The Fair Quaker of Deal (1728)
Yellow Stockings (1726)
Free Waltz

20 March 2004
Free Polka (e.g. Hot Cross Polka)
The Palindrome
Devil's Mill
Vintage Footwork
The Devil's Backbone (William Watson 1999)
Dublin Bay - 1713
The Daring Damsel
The Lord's Minuet
Free Varsovienna
The Rewind Waltz
Free Schottische (e.g. Short Easy, Brindabella or Showdown)
Equinox Cockade (Barbara Burns & Franklin Mills)
Alcuin's Contra
Free Waltz/Mazurka
Juggling Partners
*Mendocino Moon (Linda Lieberman)
Bourree Le Grand Tournant de Poterie (trad.French)
Running the Gauntlet
The Catapult Contra
Free Waltz

21 February 2004
Free Polka
Lotsi's Spell
Mutual Love
Madam Sousilia's Almain (16th cent.)
Free Waltz
Vulgarian Salutations
Contre Quintain
Free Varsovienna
My Lady's Minuet
The Secret Liaison Waltz
Past, Present & Future
Free Zweifacher
A Courtly Acrostic
Take Eyes
Free Hambo
The De'il take the Warr (18th cent.)
Trip to Pisa (Linda Lieberman)
Free SchottischeIndoor Games
Rings & Swings
Free Waltz

17 January 2004 
Mid Summer Dance
Free Polka
Fast Forward Polka
Passing Compliments
Upon A Summer's Day -1651
Waltz game
Three Baskets
Travels in Good Company
Free Hambo
Arbour and Mill March
Giddy Promenade
Free Varsovienna
The Alexandrina 
Two Figure Maze
The Daring Damsel
Free Hambo
Cinderella's Contra
The Regal Romp
Free Zweifacher
Vulgarian Salutations
Cozy Contra
Free Waltz