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Like all 10 volumes in this series Historic Dance Volume V: 1700-1750 is an A4 book by Dr John Gardiner-Garden with nearly 740 pages of research, discussion and analysis, with hundreds of illustrations, musical scores, dance reconstructions, source extracts, transcriptions and translations, and with each volume divided into five parts. 

Part 1 (Dance context) explores the social, political and geographic contexts in which dance and the institution of the ball was evolving. 

Part 2 (Dance forms) examines the nature and evolution of the period’s main types of dance. 

Part 3 (Dance Technicalities) has in-depth sections on ‘Style’, ‘Etiquette’, ‘Honours’, ‘Holds’, ‘Formations’, ‘Figures’ and ‘Steps’. 

Part 5 (Dancing Masters) is devoted to developments in dance teaching, notation and publication, and offers an annotated bibliography of primary sources. 

Part 4 (Dances in Detail) offers reconstructions, music and source comparisons for the following dances of the period: 

Aimable Vainqueur / Louvre; Allemande (2) / L’Allemande; Always Drunk and Never Sober (1); Apley House; Auretti’s Dutch Skipper (1); La Bacchante (1) & (2); Barbarini’s Tambourine; La Bergère; Bob in the Bed; La Bohaimiene; Bonny Grey-Ey’d Morn; La Bourgogne; La Bourrée d’Achille; The Busie Body; Butter’d Pease (1); La Chaîne; La Chasse; Cheshire Rounds; Childgrove; The Collier’s Daughter (1), (2) & (3); La Coquette / Coquette (1); Le Cotillon des Fêtes de Thalie; Deil Take the Wars (2); Draw Cupid Draw; Easter Thursday; Entrée de deux Bacchantes; Entrée pour un Berger et une Bergere; Fair and Softly; The Fair Quaker of Deal; Les Galeries d’Amour; La Gasconne; La Gavotte du Roy à quatre; Granadiais; The Great Turk; Greensleeves and Yellow Lace; Hamstead Heath; Indian Queen; Irish Lamentation; Knives and Forkes; Lady Mary’s Courant; Love and a Bottle (3); Love’s Triumph; Madame Robin / Mad Robin (2); Madamoiselle Dupingle (1) & (2) / Sabina; Les Mariniers; The Marlborough (1) & (2); La Matelote; Le Menuet à quatre (1); Menuet à quatre (2); Menuet de la Reine (1); The Merry Conclusions; Minuet (1) / Menuet à deux (1); Moll Peatley, the New way / Moll Peatley (2); Mr Caverley’s Minuet; Mr Holt’s Minuet and Jig; Mr Priest’s Minuet; My Lady Winwood’s Maggot; My Lord Byron’s Maggot (1) & (2); L’ Nosse de Paysan; Le Nouveau Pistolet; Orleans Baffled; La Pantomime; Le Pistolet; Portsmouth (1) & (2); Prince George’s Birthday; Princess Amelia / Holborn March; Prince William; The Punch bowl; The Pursuit; Les Quatres Faces; The Queen’s Jigg; Rigadoon (2) / Rigaudon d’Angleterre; (Sir) Roger de Coverley (1); Softly Good Tummas; Le Soleildieu; St Margaret’s Hill; Strawberries and Cream (2); Subligny’s Minuet;Subligny’s Minuet; The Tatler; The Toast; A Trip to Paris; La Vieille Bourrée;Vienna (3); We’ll Wed and We’ll Bed; Wou’d you have a young Virgin (1)/(2); Yellow Stockings; Young Sir John / Happy Bride; Zephirs and Flora.

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