Sarah Torrington
Sydney Australia.

I am married to an Austen convert, Ross and proud mum to 2 beautiful daughters Marie and Rebecca. I have always loved Jane Austen’s novels, to the extent that over the years our ducks and chickens have been  named after the characters from Pride and Prejudice. It amusing that most of the poultry’s temperament correlated with their character…Mrs Catherine de Burg and Mr Collins being particular disagreeable, Mrs Bennett being so noisy and bossy and of course Elizabeth, Jane and Charlotte, even Mr Darcy the duck are just adorable.

With a renewed interest in sewing, it is  exciting  to be able combine both interests and attend The JAFA next year in a period costume.

My proposed clothing will consist of a day dress  and an evening gown for myself and perhaps and a cloak for our youngest daughter, who will be attending the JAFA again in 2013. I will commence sewing in August this year, with each item taking 2 months to complete.