Jan Miller

Sydney Australia

I have been making costumes for many years. From Christmas pageants and fancy dress parties to school plays, book parades and dance groups. I enjoy sewing and researching the methods used from different eras, then trying them out. I have a keen interest in Jane Austen, that I share with many of my sisters. I have one son for whom I have made costumes, such as the Phantom of the Opera, Austen powers and the Great Gatsby, since he started school. (He has just finished university!)

I look forward to the challenge of making a wardrobe for the regency era. I am interested in making a day dress, evening gown, pelise, undergarments, stays, hat/ bonnet chemise and chemisette. I will use these painting to embelish and inspire my wardrobe.



I am currently working on the long stays for both Kathryn and Myself. i have cut them out and sewn the first layer, fitting them as I go. My progress has been slowed by the interruption of making 20 Dance costumes for a school. As they are almost complete I can resume the stays soon. I am finding it extremely interesting reading and deciphering the instructions and trying to emulate the traditional style - with the exception of machine sewing! i hope to have them completed by the end of September - or as near to completion as possible.