Hannah Rubenach
Gray, Tasmania

Having attended the Jane Austen Festival a few weeks ago, I am now inspired to make more costumes ready for next year. I like to escape into a Jane Austen-world to get away from the pressures of being a Deputy Mayor, working with people with a brain injury, as well as volunteering in the fire service and state emergency service. I like the simpler lifestyle of 200 years ago and the relaxation of making my own costumes. 

I will be making an evening gown from a pattern based on a white and gold-trimmed dress worn by Queen Luise of Prussia. She was a fashion icon of the time. At this point, I think I will stay with the colours of white and gold, but I will be making some adjustments to personalise it for myself.

July 2012
My project for this month – my unfinished crochet parasol – the main part of the cover is completed, and I am currently working on the lace edging. I must confess I started the parasol cover years ago, but had put it aside. I have only recently taken up the project again and have it so close now to being completed. The parasol frame arrived yesterday (from Vena Cava Design UK, which was all exciting!) so I will be finishing the crochet lace edging and assemble the parasol by the end of next month’s challenge.