We are running a costume challenge for those sewing their own costumes for the next festival. 
  1. 1814 Historical Sewing Challenge - to celebrate 200 years since the publication of Mansfield Park, we are inviting you to make a garment based on 1814 fashion prints or in private or museum collections that are documented as being close to 1814 and that you would be willing to wear on Friday night of the festival. Each entry should contain documentation, a diary of construction and images of the complete project that are to be scanned and emailed to by the 31 March 2014 for putting on display at the festival. 
  2. Regency Wardrobe Challenge on Facebook - there will be no winners or losers - but instead each month the challenge is to make another item of clothing for your regency wardrobe. You can follow our updates by joining our facebook group. Deal of the Day
  • Items you can choose from to create a regency wardrobe


    • chemise
    • stays
    • stockings
    • petticoat
    • pantalettes
    • chemisette/fichu
    • day dress
    • robe or half-robe
    • evening gown
    • spencer
    • cloak
    • redingcote
    • riding outfit
    • beret
    • bonnet
    • mitts or gloves
    • fan
    • muff
    • reticule
    • shawl
    • slippers
    • parasol


    • drawers
    • breeches
    • pantaloons
    • shirt
    • waistcoat
    • tailcoat
    • overcoat
    • cravat
    • hat
    • stockings
    • banyan

For those wishing to use commercial patterns, the ones listed below have been used successfully by some and may assist:
More information about sewing Regency Garments is at Your Wardrobe Unlockd, below

Your Wardrobe Unlock'd: the costume maker's companion

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