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Aylwen Gardiner-Garden is available to visit museums, schools and heritage sites to teach hands-on textile history. All talks last for about 1 hour and she is happy to stay afterwards to chat with audience members and show antique and modern reproduction fashion items in greater detail. Below are some ideas on which Aylwen can present, however she is happy to work in with your ideas for any period between 1450 and 1900.
She often joins her husband, John Gardiner-Garden, who teaches historic dance workshops in schools.
More recently Aylwen and John have been presenting in the US, UK, France, Austria and Germany, and in Canberra at the Canberra Girls Grammar School, Telopea Park Primary School, St Clare's College, Burgmann Anglican School, the ACT Library Service.

Contact Aylwen to discuss fees and dates. 

  • Dressing a Medieval/Renaissance Lady 
  • Jane Austen's Wardrobe
  • Dressing Mr Darcy
  • Corsets & Crinolines, oh my!
  • How a Gentleman's Top Hat is made
  • Spinning wool, stinging nettle and flax
  • Weaving on a table loom
  • Tablet weaving
  • Embroidery
  • How to dye with natural plant dyes
  • Dyeing with Indigo

1/4-1/2 Day Workshops/Activities

  • Make a blackwork medieval sweet bag
  • Sew medieval board games (boys love this one!)
  • Elizabethan blackwork basics
  • Outdoor lawn games from the early 1800s
  • Learn a medieval sword dance (with Aylwen & John Gardiner-Garden)

1-2 Day Workshops/Activities
  • Make a regency bonnet 
  • Make a regency dress

  • two large tables for each presentation
  • a private room to change in (if necessary)
  • travel expenses at 50c per km to/from Yarralumla (ACT)
  • suitable accommodation, where necessary, overnight  

1780s Baroque