Welcome to a world of music, dance and costume! 

Earthly Delights is a banner under which - through classes, workshops, events, commissions, performances and publications - an enormous range of related passions are exercised.The twin driving forces behind Earthly Delights are John and Aylwen Gardiner-Garden, who met dancing in 1989 and have shared a passion for social dance (and each other) ever since. They have 4 children and a pretty home, studio and cottage garden in a leafy lakeside suburb of Canberra, the small but beautiful capital of Australia. 

Under About Us you can find notes on John and Aylwen's artistic life, the musicians who have played with us over the years, and the dancers who've performed with us. 

Under The Dance Academy you can find out about our various dance classes and workshops, and find an invitation to join our playing ensemble and display troupe. 

Under Dance Events you can find posters and promotions for our upcoming balls, special workshops, theatre shows, displays etc and can browse through photos, posters and programs associated with hundreds of public events we've been involved with over years gone by. 
Under Books & CDs you can read about our new 10 volume magnum opus Historic Dance I, IIIIIIVVVIVIIVIII, IX and X (7,300 pages on the dance, dances and dancing masters of the 1450-1900 ballroom- including nearly 1,000 dance reconstructions), our 2 volumes of Lost Dances of Earthly Delights (128 dances, 400 tunes, 8 full band CDs!), our supplementary Odd Delights, our popular Christmas Carol Dances (instruction for 64 dances that can go to well-loved songs) and about other earlier works. 

Under Original Dances we plan one day to have on-line instructions for most of John Gardiner-Garden's 200+ dance composition (though without the full notes, music, lyrics etc which you will find in the Lost Dances, Odd Delights and Christmas Carol Dances mentioned under Books & CDs). 
Under Jane Austen Festival you can find out why our annual 'Jane Austen Festival Australia' is a must for your diary. The festival is moving to the grand historic Albert Hall in 2015 as we celebrate 200 years since the Battle of Waterloo. 

Under Historic Costume Aylwen Gardiner-Garden shares the latest news, her blog and access to costuming supplies and patterns.