1st Semester 2024

On Saturday 24 February, 2:30-5:15pm, we recommence 'Dancing through the Ages'  in the big beautiful Studio 1 at ANU Sports building, with a 10-week course that will run through to 11 May (skipping Sat. 30 March and 6 April). 

Enjoy an exciting program to illustrate dance from the 15th to 19th century (from Renaissance to the Edwardian times) together with lots of fun Lost Dances. 

Will cater for both beginners and experienced dances while enjoying great music, dance, history and friendship! 

To book your place please go to the ANU short course booking page https://portal.anu-sport.com.au/Course/Enrol/1/2/5

Looking forward to continuing our dance adventures together! John

On Sunday 25 February we hope to start the inaugural term of 'Dancing through the Ages in Yass'. The venue is the lovely large dance room (our 'little ballroom') at our home, 'New Hope', set in 4 acres of garden at 6 Glover Drive, Yass. The 10-week course will shadow the ANU course in dates, times, nature and cost

'Dancing through the Ages in Yass' will run Sundays 2:45-5:15pm from 25 February through to 12 May (skipping Sat. 31 March and 7 April), will welcome people of all ages, all abilities and all (and no) experience, will cater for everyone’s needs across 2½ hours, and will offer dances from the Renaissance, Baroque, Jane Austen & Victorian eras and beyond. 

The fee will be the same as for the ANU course but where at the ANU the minimum number of enrolees was 24 (max of 48), here in Yass we’d make it 8 (max of 16). 

To book your place please go now to https://square.link/u/dMWLBdr0

Looking forward to making new friends and starting together this new chapter in our dance adventures! John

If you have questions about either the ANU or Yass 'Dancing through the Ages' course please phone me on 0409 817623.

Looking forward to meeting you!

John (Dr John Gardiner-Garden, director of Earthly Delights Dance Academy and principle dance instructor). 

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