2nd Semester 2024

On Saturday 27 July, 2:30-5:15pm, we recommence 'Dancing through the Ages'  in the big beautiful Studio 1 at ANU Sports building, with a 10-week course that will run through to 12 October (skipping 7&14 Sept). 

Enjoy an exciting program to illustrate dance from the late 15th to late 19th century (from Renaissance to Victorian eras) together with some fun modern inventions in historic styles. 

Will cater for both beginners and experienced dances while enjoying great music, dance, history and friendship! 

To book your place please go to the ANU short course booking page https://portal.anu-sport.com.au/Course/Enrol/1/2/5/73 

Spring Garden Dance Party

On Sunday 13 October all members of the 'Dancing through the Ages' course that will have just ended the day before, together with participants in past DTTA classes and EDHDA events, are invited to a free live-music dress-up indoor-outdoor dance party at John & Aylwen's 'New Hope' property (45 minutes outside Canberra).  Any period historical costume will be welcom as we will enjoy dances from the late 1400s to late 1800s (and some more recent inventions in styles from that period). Last year's inaugural Spring Garden Dance Party was a great success and went from 10am till 7:30pm, and we may again plan choice activities from morning till night but the core hours for dancing to the band in our 'little ballroom' will be, as last year, 2:00-6:00pm, with a byo pot-luck afternoon tea in the middle. Please save the date and send us your expression of interest so we can keep you posted on the plan.

Looking forward to continuing our dance adventures together

John (Dr John Gardiner-Garden, director of Earthly Delights Dance Academy and principle dance instructor). 0409 817623.

To receive monthly emails with upcoming event notices please subscribe to our email list at https://groups.google.com/d/forum/dance-news. Feel free to share any of these posters or details with friends...we love to have new folk dancing with us and if you know any musicians who might like to join our ensemble, put them in touch with us.