Earlier Works

A BOX OF EARTHLY DELIGHTS, music composed by John Garden, performed by Earthly Delights.

A double CD of 90 tunes (recorded by the band Earthly Delights) in 32 sets to match 32 dances set out (along with notation for the tunes) in the book. For this unique collection, released in 1998, John Garden won a 1998 Canberra Critics Circle Music Award. Status: No longer available, but the contents of this collection has been included in the book and 4 CD set The Lost Dances of Earthly Delights, Volume 1,  and it is this much larger and more complete work, together with its companion book and 4 CD set The Lost Dances of Earthly Delights, Volume 2, that we can offer you. 


121 page book containing 180 dances and 120 tunes from the Monaro Folk Music Society's Country Dance Series (December 1987 to November 1991), compiled and presented by John Garden (who was the chief organiser of and caller of dances in that series in those years). Dances include Renaissance, English Country, French, French-Canadian, New England, Scottish, Irish and Scandinavian style set, together with couples dances such as waltzes, mazurkas, varsoviennas, walking dances, polskas, polkas, galops schottisches and tangos. The book includes both traditional and recently composed material, and notes by John Garden on the history of social dance and organising, programming, playing for and calling for social dances. Published by the Monaro Folk Music Society in 1991. ISBN:0959408428 . Status: Out of print but available for viewing at the National Library of Australia.