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Each dance below is referenced to which dance book it is sourced from.


Everyone was invited to wear Regency costume and bring a picnic meal to share. Aylwen took her period games basket (thanks Lawrie for helping get it there!) and John, Ian and Sarah took their musical instruments so we could dance the "Twelve Days of Christmas". Lennox Gardens Nara Peace Park, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

Christmas Carol Ball, St.John’s Church Hall, 14 December 2013

Angel Gabriel from Heaven came,

God Rest ye Merry gentlemen

Hail o Happy Morn,

Hark the Herald,

Il est né

There and Back Again (parts 1&2) Lost Dances Vol 2, Court 1

The Empire Quadrille Historic Dance Volume IX.

Personent Hodie

Infant Holy

Merry Christmas

Rise up Shepherd, into Santa Clause

Rudoph the Red Nosed

O Come All ye,

O Tannenbaum

Little Drummer Boy

Quem Pastores

Rocking Carol

Silent Night

Christmas Carol Dance Book by John Gardiner-Garden is available as an instant download or as a spiral bound book for music stands.

24 NOVEMBER - We went as a group in costume to see the movie 'Austenland'. 

MAD HATTER’S BALL, 7:30-11:30, 16 November, St.John’s Church Hall, Reid.

Free Waltz OR Hands off medley (Village 10)

DISPLAY: The Maze (Country 11) x 2 / The Tapestry (Town 3) x 2 / Snowball Slalom (Court 3) x 2—John on hurdy-gurdy

Pop Goes the Weasel

Baby Polka

Children’s Quadrille—5 FIGURES

5th figure as the Can-Can 

Baltic Crossing (Village 13) x 4 / The Dashing Dragoon (Court 15) x 4

Free Schottische OR medley of Southern Highland Schott. (Cntry 4) x2/ Showdown Schott. (Town 10) x2/Switch, Swish and 

Swing (Court 13) x2/Reprise of Southern Highland Schott. x 1

The Music Box (Court 7)

Berlin Polka (X)

DISPLAY: Quarter Short Square (Winter 3) x 2 / Burley Griffin Bourrée (Country 13) x2

Free Mazurka OR medley of Regatta Room Grapple (Country 15) x 2/ Washing Machine (Court 14) x 2/Footloose Gypsy (Court 

Free Five Step Waltz (1) VIII (2) & (3) (IX)

12) x 2/The Cavalier’s Mazurka (Winter 14) x 1

Skating / Pas de Patineur

Lobster Quadrille (Odd Delights)

DISPLAY: Opposite foot ZWEIFACHER Savvy Wench (Town 6)

Empire Quadrille (IX) —6 FIGURES

Free Polka or medley of Wind-up Galop

Canberra Centennial Car Rally,

Sunday 20 October, 12:00 noon to 2:30pm,

Lawns in front of Old Parliament House.

Free music 

Medley of La Va ouvert (Country 6)/ La Va melangée (Court 9) / La Va croissée (Town 11) all to Country 6 

Lancers (5) / Pirates of Penzance Lancers (X) 

Meldey of Barabarous Elegance (Court 2) / Ad bsudam Sur Place (Vill. 15) / Russian Tour (Town 4)

Free music 

Medley of The Alexandrina Waltz (Town 9) / Hands off Waltz (Village 10) / Even Handed Ländler (Village 12) / I Wonder as I Wander (CCDB) 

Quadrille de Jean Gilles (X) 

Medley of Loose Cannon Galop (Winter 7) / Grapevine Polka (Village 3) / Hot Cross Polka (Country 1) / Pyrotechnic Polka (Autumn 1) all to Village 3 

Free music 

Past, Present and Future (Winter 4) 

Near Miss Galop (Autum 8) to Court 15 

Holly Berry (X) 

Cake Walk (X)

More pictures to come. In the meantime, some pictures that have been shared on our Facebook pages.

We encouraged members of the public to join in the dancing with us.

We encouraged members of the public to join in the dancing with us.

After a long hot day John and Aylwen finally get their picture taken in front of a lone vintage car.

After a long hot day John and Aylwen finally get their picture taken in front of a lone vintage car.

Some of the members of the EDHDA pausing in a break from dancing.

Two boys playing Battledore & Shuttecock from Aylwen's period games collection that she takes to historic events.

Aylwen with John Potter in his World War I uniform.

Time Travellers Ball

Saturday 19 October,  7:30-11:30pm,  

St.John’s Church Hall, Reid. 

Gelosia HG (I)

Graziosa P (I)

La Vita di Cholino HG (I)

Alta Mendoza P (III)

The Cushion Dance (1) HG / P (IV)

Emperor of the Moon

Bohaimiene HG (V)

La Coquette / Coquette (1) P (V)

Minuet à deux.

The Toast (V)

Der Prager-Student / The Student of Prague F (VI)

Princess of Wales’s Waltz Fife (VI)

La Napoleon (VII)

Medley of The Alexandrina Waltz (Town 9) / Hands off Waltz (Village 10) / Even Handed Ländler (Village 12) / I Wonder as I Wander (CCDB) all to Village 10

Cotillion-mazurka (VIII)

Medley of Loose Cannon Galop (Winter 7) / Grapevine Polka (Village 3) / Hot Cross Polka (Country 1) / Pyrotechnic Polka (Autumn 1) all to Village 3

Meldey of Barabarous Elegance (Court 2) / Ad Absudam Sur Place (Vill. 15) / Russian Tour (Town 4) (Sh) Vulgarian Salut. (Vill. 2) all to Town 4 

Near Miss Galop (Autum 8) and Daring Damsel (Village 11) all to Court 15

Medley of La Va ouvert (Country 6)/ La Va melangée (Court 9) / La Va croissée (Town 11) all to Country 6

Past, Present & Future (Winter 4)

Lancers (5) / Pirates of Penzance Lancers (X)

Quadrille de Jean Gilles (X)

Cake Walk (X)

Saturday 14 October, St Johns Church Spring Fair

Mon 16 Sept. 4:30-6:00pm,

Regency dance workshop as part of Jane Austen Festival, Bath

The ball-room at the Forum on St James Parade, Bath

Comical Fellow (VI)

The Baulk (VI)

Lancer’s (1) (VII)

Waltz medley displayed

Princess of Wales’ Waltz (VI)

Cushion Dance (1)/(2) (IV/VII)

Chase (VI)

Sunday 15 Sept. 8:30pm-10:30pm

Regency soirée

Sir Walter Elliot's House, 95 Sydney Place, Bath

Tythe Pig (IV)

Comical Fellow (VI)

Shrewsbury Lasses (VI)

Trip to Highgate (VII)

Italian Monfrina (VII)

Waltz medley displayed

Union Waltz (VII)

La Napoleon (VII)

Reel of 3 (VII)

La Boulangere (VII)

Wednesday 11 Sept. 2:30-5:30pm

Manor House Dance Party: dances that lasted from Tudor to Victorian times

Barrington Court, Ilminster, Somerset TA19 ONQ

Gelosia (I)

Ballo del Fiore (II)

Caccia d’Amore (II)

Chiara Stella (II)

Cushion Dance (1) (IV)

Paul’s Steeple (IV)

The Baulk (2) (VI)

Hunt the Squirrel (?)

The Black Dance (VI)

Menuet de la Cour (displayed) (VI)

La Perigodine (VII)

Triumph (VII)

Sir Roger de Coverley (VII)

Sunday 8 Sept. 2:30-5:30pm

Jane Austen Dance Party: late Georgian & Regency-era dance

Guildhall, Broadway, High St, Winchester 2023 9GH

Anglaise de la Reine (VI)

The Baulk (VI)

Comical Fellow (VI)

La Jesuite

Menuet de la Cour (displayed) (VI)

Downfall of Paris (VII)

Der Prager Student (VI)

Princess of Wales Waltz (VI)

Lancer’s (1) (VII)

Reel of 5 (VII)

Mazurka Cotillion (VIII)

Wed. 4 Sept. 7:00-10:00pm

 Time Traveller Dance Party featuring dances from lesser known manuscripts

Old Finsbury Town Hall, Rosebery Ave., London EC1R4RP

Graziosa (I)

La Vita di Cholino (I)

Caccia d’Amore (II)

Contrapasso (2) (II)

Chirping of the Nightingale (1) (III)

Lansdowne no.4 (III)

Mundesse (IV)

Past, Present and Future (Lost Dances)

Prince George’s Birthday (V)

The Toast (V)

Les Jolie Garcons (VI)


On Saturday 20 July we had our Playford Ball from 7:30pm to 11:30pm at the beautiful ALL SAINTS Church Hall AINSLIE (corner of Cowper and Bonney) NOT St.John’s Church Hall, Reid (which was be under renovation on that date). 

English Country dancing is always a favourite, and on this evening we enjoyed lots of weird and wonderful c.1650 English country dances that are not usually called but which we’ve figured out from early editions of The Dancing Master and contemporary manuscript to be great ones. 

Boon Companion

The Chirping of the Nightingale

A Health to Betty

Jog On

Moll Peatley

Lansdowne no.4

St John / Dull Sir John

Ten Pound Lass

Aye me, or the Simphony

The Begger Boy

Ballo fatto da sei Cavalieri, Il Pastor Leggiadro, Alta Mendozza.


The Bore, or Sweet William

Catching of Quails

The Health

The Jovial Beggars


Prince Ruperts March

Putney Ferry

The Mill-field 

Renaissance Ball 

Sat. 15 June 2013, 7:30-11:30pm, St. John’s Church Hall 




Bassa de Castille 




Voltati in ca Rosina 

Branle d’Ecosse) / Triory de Bretagne 

Villanico (2) 


Canario (I) 

Leggiadria d’Amore 


Fulgente Stella 

Contrapasso (2) 

Ballo del Fiore (1) 

Donna Leggiadra 

New Bopeep


Bundanoon Dance Festival

Saturday 8 June 2013, Bundanoon Hall

Workshop 3:45-5:15 with reprise of * at 7:30pm evening ball.

Galop-Polka variants such as Esmeralda/Melbourne Polka/La Coquette and Wind-up Galop*

First figure of Mazurka Quadrille (1)

Mazurka-Polka Redowa variants to Waratah Polka Mazurka

Le Polo Quadrille* 

Time Traveller’s Ball

18 May 2013, 7:30-11:30, St. John’s Church Hall

(roughly as recalled)

Pre 1550 

La Tantaine 


Vita di Colino 


Contrapasso (2) 

Fulgente Stella 


Donna Leggiarda 

Boon Companion 

Chirping of the Nightingale (1) 

A Health to Betty 




Catching of Quails 


Apley House 

The Toast 


Le Pistolet 


Der Prager Student 

Meditation Chinoise 

Shrewsbury Lasses 

The Baulk 


Princess of Wales’ Waltz 

Italian Monfrina 

Scotch Reel for 3 

Mazurka-cotillon figure 


Le Polo

Waratah Polka Mazurka

Esmeralda/Melbourne Polka/La Coquette, free variant or Wind-up Galop

Holly Berry

19th Century Dance & Costume Retreat, 22-25 APRIL 2013 

We held a 3-day 19th Century Dance & Costume Retreat in a heritage Caves House in the Koziusko National Park from 22-25 April 2013. There were dance workshops, sewing/relaxing sessions in mornings; bush walking, free time and lawn games in afternoon; cave tours; evening dances in the on-site ballroom. 

(Please note: There are just 5 places left for our 19th Century Costume & Dance Retreat at Yarrangobilly Caves House in April 2014.)

19th century dance and costume retreat at Yarrangobilly Caves House from 22 to 25 April. 

The participatory dances enjoyed across these three days included (bracketed number refers to Historic Dance Volume): 

Chase (2), (3), (4) (VIII) 

Cotillion-mazurka for any number the Meeting, Exchange, Pursuit etc (VIII) 

Cotilllion-mazurka for more women (VIII) 

Cotillion-mazurka for 3 couples—including the graces, the ‘X’, Changing triangles etc (VIII) 

Cotillion with chairs (X) 

Cotillion with choices—e.g. fans, basket, ring and flower (X) 

Cotillion with scarves (VIII)—e.g. the Wolf (X) 

Cotillion with surprises- e.g. the Serpent, Surprise Mill (X) 

Cotillions with hat&glove (X) 

Empire Quadrille (IX) 

Galopade (2) (VIII) 

Ganglovienne (X) 

Hull’s Victory (VIII) 

Le Carillion de Dunkeque, (IX) 

Mazurka Cotillion (IX) 

Mazurka Quadrille (1) (VIII) 

Menuet de la cour Quadrille (X) 

Military Schottische (X) 

Ostendais (X) 

Pirates of Penzance Lancers (IX) 

Prince Imperials Quadrille (IX) 

Spanish Waltz (1) & (2) (VIII) 

Varieties Parisienne (IX) 

Waltz à trois temps, à deux temp, à cinq temps, and the glide waltz (VIII-X) 

Wind-up Galop 

Jane Austen Festival Australia, 18-21 APRIL 2013

The only regency dance event of its nature in the country - where you can dance early 19th century dances for three days and nights. The festival also features guest presenters from around Australia and overseas, a dinner dance & variety night, a grand Napoleonic Ball, a Jane Austen Cotilion Ball, a costumed promenade with horse and carriage rides, archery, fencing, historic cricket match and lawn games, sewing and various displays, including members of Napoleonic Reenactment Regiments. Vist our Jane Austen Festival Photo page for more photos.


3 days of workshops and balls between 19 and 21 April 2013 included: 


9:15-10:30 The Country Dance 

11:00-12:15 The Cotillion and Quadrille 

1:30-2:45 The Reel and relatives 

3:15-4:30 The Minuet 

Evening Variety night display of ‘Fancy French Dances’ 


9:15-10:30 Essentials for capital dancing 

11:00-12:15 The Finishing dances 

1:30-2:45 The Allemande and Waltz 

3:15-4:30 More Cotillions and Quadrilles 

7:30-11:30 The Grand Napoleonic Ball 


Morning ‘Picnic- with dancing’ at Pemberley (Lanyon) 

1:30-5:00 Jane Austen House party 

7:00-10:30 The Cotillion Ball 

The participatory dances enjoyed across these three days included (bracketed number refers to Historic Dance Volume): 

Allemande (3) (VII) using tune for Allemande (1) (V) 

Anglaise de la Reine (1) (VI) 

Baulk, The (VI) – 276 

Belles Filles de Norwich, Les (VI) 

Black Dance, The (VI) 

Boulangere, The (VII) 

Caledonians, The (VII) 

Changing, The (VI) 

Chasse d’Amour, La (VI) 

Cinderella Cottillion (VIII) 

Comical Fellow (VI) 

Countess of Yarmouth’s Fancy (VII) 

Cushion Dance (1) (VII) 

Downfall of Paris (VII) 

Duke of Kent's Waltz (VII) 

French Waltzing (VII) 

Haste to the Wedding (VII) 

Italian Monfrina (VII) 

Jesuite, La (VI) 

Jolie Garcons, Les (VI) – 295 

Josephine, La (VII) - 341 

Lancers' Quadrille/The Duval Lancers (VII) 

Linnen Hall (VI) 

Meditation Chinois, Les (VI) 

Menuet de la Cour (VI) 

Mignonette, La (VI) 

Minuet (VI) 

Morgiana in Ireland (2) (VII) 

Mr Turner's Academy Cotillion (VII) 

Musette, La (VI) 

Napoleon , La (VII) 

Ombres Chinois 

Perigodine, The (VII) 

Pleasures of the Town (VII) 

Polonaise (3) (VI) 

Prince de Galles, Le (VI) 

Princess of Wales Waltz (VI) 

Quadrille Francais (VII) 

Savage Dance (VI) 

Scotch Reel (3some and 5some variants) 

Scotch Reel (VII) (6-some reel) (VII) 

Sir Roger De Coverley (VII) 

Student of Prague (VI) 

Trip to Highgate (VI) 

Union Waltz, The (VII) 

Displayed dances included (bracketed number refers to Historic Dance Volume): 

Menuet de la Cour (VI). 

Bourree d’Achille, La (V) 

Bohemienne (V) 

L’Allemande, (V) 

Les Quadrilles, (VI) 

Regency Banquet for Conflux at Ridges Capital Hill on Friday 26 April 

Repertoire drawn from that enjoyed at Jane Austen Festival Australia 2013. 

"A Night at Versailles"

In conjunction with Vive la France in Canberra, Albert Hall, 6 April 2013, 7-10pm.

John and Aylwen Gardiner-Garden, 6 April, 2013. Photo taken by Steven Shaw.