10 November 2010 7:30-11:30

Time Traveller’s Ball

St.John’s Church Hall, Reid

Lioncello Nuovo (for 3)

Le Petit Rouen

The Old Measures 

Lightly Love 

The Milking Payle / Merry Merry Milkmaids 



Glory of the West 

Hockley in the hole 

Jack Pudding

Mr Lane’s Trumpet Minuet 

Shepheards Holyday 

The Great Turk

The Toast

Always Drunk and Never Sober

Les Quatre Saisons

The Fairy Dance

The Russian Dance 

Menuet de la cour (1880s Paris version) 

The Pirates of Penzance Lancers

16 October 2010 7:30-11:30

Pride and Prejudice Ball

St.John’s Church Hall, Reid

The Bishop 

The Comical Fellow 

The Duke of Kent's Waltz 

Mr Beveridge's Maggot 

Shrewsbury Lasses 

Tythe Pig 

The Young Widow 

Downfall of Paris 

La Pouvoir de la Beauté 

Le Prince de Galles 

La Mignonette 

Les Quatre Nymphes (2) 

Le Quadrille 

La Strasbourgoise (2)

French Waltzing 

The Triolet 

The Scotch Reel

 21 August 2010 7:30-11:30

Roast and Boiled Renaissance Ball

St.John’s Church Hall, Reid

15th century French and Italian 


Amaroso for 3



Belriguardo for 2


Lioncello Nuovo for 3



From Arbeau 1589 

Branle du Chandelier

Branles double/simple/gai and de Bourgogne

Branle de Malte

From Caroso 


From Pattricke/Lovelace ms and/or Playford 

A Mayden Fayre

An Old man is a Bed full of Bones

Bobbing Joe

Cuckolds all a row

Graies Inne Maske

Kemp’s Jig

Ladys Piller

Rose is White Rose is Red

17 July 2010 7:30-11:30

Age of Indulgence Chocolate Ball

St.John’s Church Hall, Reid

La Chaîne

La Chasse


The Collier’s Daughter 

La Coquette

Fair and Softly 

Hamstead Heath 

Knives and Forkes 

Menuet de la cour 

Menuet de la Reine

Minuet (2) 

Moll Peatley, the New way 

My Lady Winwood’s Maggot 

Poor Robbin’s Maggot 

The Recruiting Officer 

Le Soleildieu 

La Strasbourgeoise (1) 

Strawberries and Cream (1) 

Yellow Stockings

19 June 2010

Steampunk 1880s Ball

Cotillion dance game to the Queen of the Ball Waltz

Polka Russe, Kreuz Polka and dance game with 4 chairs

Opposites Attract- Spring 12

Gates of Terspichorea- Spring 6

Sydney Exhibition Quadrille

Free Mazurka (or waltz) to Town 4 

Cinderella Waltz Contra- Village 8

Pirates of Penzance Lancers

Walking the Plank – guest call by William Steed

Wind-up Galop / Bordonian National Polka 1&2

Sun and Moon Allemende- Country 16

Newport and a waltz Cotillion with diminishing chairs

The Empire Quadrille

Indoor Games- Spring 16 


Saturday 12 June 3:45-5:15pm

Bundanooon Bush Dancing Weekend

- with grand piano – dances from 19th century Australian sources

Cotillion dance games to Queen of the Ball Waltz 

The Quadrille Francais/First Set toThe Sydney Exhibition Quadrillededicated to the Ladies of New South Wales, 1879.

Polka variants (such as the Kreuz, Esmeralda etc) to the Redowa Polka(by Jullien, published in Sydney in late 1840s) and the Kreuz Polka (by S.Milbourne and published in Adelaide in, c. 1890s)

The Lancers as in E.J.Wivell, The Ballroom Companion and Pupil Self-help, Adelaide, 1860 and in Roberts’Manual of Fashionable Dancing, Melbourne, 1875 to Charles d’Albert’s 1881 The Pirates of Penzance Lancers 

Polka Mazurka (as described in Australian and overseas sources to Roeckel’s The Australian Polka Mazurka published in Sydney in 1860s plus a short display of related variants to Town 4 mazurka medley.

Les Varietés Parisiennes as described in Roberts’ Manual of Fashionable Dancing, Melbourne, 1875 to the tune set recorded in many overseas sources.

More cotillion dance games to Queen of the Ball Waltz

In evening, lead Cotillion dance games and Sydney Exhibition Quadrille.

Sunday 13 June, 9:30-11:00

Lost Dances of Earthly Delights 

Opposites Attract - Spring 12

Gates of Terspichorea- Spring 6

Carousel Waltz- Summer 8

Running the Gauntlet- Autumn 4

The Southern Highland Schottische - Country 4

Varsovienna variant ‘La Va ouvert’ Country 6

Indoor Games -Spring 16

Cinderella Waltz Contra - Village 8

In evening, led Indoor Games and Cinderella Waltz Contra

15 May 2010

Young Victoria Ball

St.John’s Church hall

Free 5 Step Waltz

Sicilian Circle 

Figured Galopade 

Mazurka Waltz / Polka Mazurka / Polka Redowa and then medley of Barbarous Elegance/Ad Absurdam/Russian Tour/Conjuring L’Armour 


L’Albert Quadrille

Triolet Waltz

Free Polka & medley of Loose-Cannon Galop/Grapevine Polka/HotCross Polka/Pyrotechnic polka 

Spanish Waltz 

The Serious Family Polka 

‘Queen of the Ball’ 2 step waltz for the ‘Lumps dance’.

The Lord of Lorne Lancers 

Chase the Lady

Highland Schottische then medley of Southern Highland Schottische/Showdown Schottisch/Switch, Swish and Swing

Carillion Dunkerque 

Mazurka Quadrille (Cellarius’ 2nd) 

Highland Reel

The Russian Quadrilles 

Sir Roger d Coverley (3)

14- 19 April 2010

Jane Austen Festival, Canberra

St.John’s Church Hall

Note from John: Over the 4 days of this Festival we enjoyed dances both from Jane Austen’s day and from movies featuring Jane Austen’s work or life. I’ve ordered the dances we enjoyed by the half-century in which the instruction source were published. Within that category I’ve grouped dances by form, and after each underlined title I have mentioned, if relevant, the screen production in which the music was heard (using abbreviations: e.g. BJ is Becoming Jane). If it has not been in a movie there’s no code. Lastly, I have mentioned the occasion during the Festival when the dance was taught or led. All the music that was played for the dances is that which was specified in period sources as appropriate for the dance, except for the music that went to our only 1830s dance, the 3 person waltz ‘La Triolet’, and the waltz medley displayed on Thursday evening—for which I used my own tunes.



Black Bess P&P Movie – Sunday afternoon.

The Cushion Dance – Thursday evening

The Hole in the Wall Emma TV& BJ – Friday session 4, Friday evening, and Saturday ball.

Jack's Maggot Emma TV, Friday session 4

The Juice of Barley Emma TV, Friday session 4 and Friday evening

Mr Beveridge's Maggot P&P TV & Emma movie, Friday session 4 and Sunday afternoon

Mr Isaac's Maggot Emma TV, Friday session 4

Tythe Pig P&P Movie, Friday session 4, Fridayevening, and tune used the tune for the Sunday

dancer’s ‘New Country Dance’ ‘Austentatious’ (or Austen 10).



A Trip to Paris - Becoming Jane- Saturday ball.



Auretti’s Dutch Skipper Emma movie- Saturday session 1.

The Comical Fellow P&P TV Thursday evening, Sunday afternoon

Shrewsbury Lasses P&P TV, Saturday session 1, Sunday afternoon

The Touchstone P&P TV, Sunday afteroon

A Trip to Highgate P&P TV Saturday session 1, Saturday ball.

The Young Widow P&P Movie, Sunday afternoon

The Black Dance - Thursday evening

The Cossack Dance – Friday session 1

The Rakes of Rochester – Sunday afternoon

Soldier’s Joy – Friday session 1, Friday evening

Plus FREE COUPLES ALLEMANDE – Friday session 3.


Adonis – Saturday session 3.

La Pouvoir de la Beauté Friday session 2, Friday evening

Le Prince de Galles Friday session 2

Les Quatre Saisons Friday session 2

La Voltaire et la Franklein Friday session 2, Friday evening

1800 –1850 (most c. 1810-1817)


Dutch Dollars P&P Movie Friday session 1

Haste to the Wedding Emma T Saturday session 1, Saturday ball

The Triumph – Saturday night in front of the church.


La Boulangère Friday session 2 (?)

La Josephine Saturday session 2, Saturday ball

La Napoléon Saturday session 2, Saturday ball

La Vinetta Saturday session 2


The Lancers’ Quadrille Saturday session 2, Saturday ball


The Slow French Waltz, Jeté Waltz, Quick Sauteuse Waltz- Friday session 3

La Triolet – (set to the tunes ‘In the Highest Room’ and ‘In the Tallest Tower’ composed by John

G-G, in his ‘Lost Dances of Earthly Delights Volume 2, Favourites for Four Settings’ book and

4CD set) Friday session 3, Friday evening, Saturday ball.

Medley of ‘knotty’ waltzes ‘Alexandrina Waltz’, ‘Hands-off Waltz’, ‘Even-handed Ländler’ and ‘I

Wonder as I Wander’ (dances and music composed by John G-G, in same book/CD collection mentioned above) – displayed on Thursday evening.


2 Thomas Wilson figure sets - Saturday session 3

20 March 2010 7:30pm

Royalty and Rebels’ ball

St.John’s Church Hall


L’Esperence de Bourbon

La Franchoise Nouvelle


Belriguardo Nuovo for 3


Alta Regina

Bella Gioiosa


Cuckolds all a Row

Fain I would

Gathering Peascods

Gaies Inn Masque

Half Hannikan 

Kemps Jig 

Lord Carnarvon

Ly Bens Distonys

My Lady Cullen

Paul’s Steeple

The Stingo, or the Oyl of Barley

Windsor Castle


20 February 2010


St. John’s Church Hall


8 Celtic Spiral

9 Red Rocks Bourréeéé

13 Dancing in the Meadow

16 Indoor Games


1 Longway Home

4 Greetings at the Crossroads

8 Carousel Waltz

12 Busy Fellows

13 Palindrome


2 Take Eyes

3 Secret Liaison Waltz

9 Full Moon Quadrille


1 Choreographer’s Fancy

8 Coachman’s Puzzle

11 Knotted Square


7 Potluck Welcome

14 Ariadne’s Thread


2 The Giant’s Backbone

5 His Majesty’s Maggot


1 There and Back Again

3 Snowball Slalom

10 Round with Corners.