December 2009, St. John’s Church Hall 


Angels from the Realms of Glory

Away in the Manger

Cherry Tree Carol

Drive the Cold Winter Away

Hail o Happy Morn

Hark the Herald Angels sing

Jesus Born in Beth’ny

Jingle Bells

The Old Year Away is Fled

Once in Royal David City,

On Christmas Night

Personent Hodie

Quem Pastores Laudevere

Rejoice and Be Merry

Remember O Thou Man

Silent Night

Tomorrow Shall be my Dancing Day

Twelve Days of Christmas

We wish you a Merry Christmas

Medley: Rise up Shepherd and Follow/Rudolph the Red-nosed Rheindeer/Santa Clause is Coming to Town

Medley: Angelus Ad Virginem/ Good King Wenceslas

Medley: Joy to the World/ Masters in this Hall/ God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen/Deck the Halls

To choir ‘The Variables’:

The Angel Gabriel

Coventry Carol


The First Nowell

In Dulci Jubilo


21 November 2009


St.John’s Church Hall, Reid 

Pavan-Galliard to Country 9

Contentezza d’Amore

Branle des Lavandiers/ des Pois/ Hermits

Caccia d’Amore


Fine Companion


Lord Carnarvan’s Jig/Nonesuch/Dargeson


Mr Eaglesfield’s New Hornpipe

Mr Lane’s Minuet

Minuet à deux

Mr Holt’s Minuet and Jigg


Allemande de Village


Shrewsbury Lasses

Figured Galopade

Free Waltz

Free Mazurka

Free Polka

Sydney Exhibition Quadrille

Free Varsovienna

Free Redowa

Free Schottisch

7 November 2009


Parliament House 


Rostiboli Gioioso

Voltatsi in ca Rosina

Petit Rinense

Ballo del Fiore


Branle des Lavandiers/des Pois/Hermites/l’Officiel

Branle de la Haye




Pavan-Galliard (Cloved Orange/Albert Hall Pavan)-La Volta medley.

Alta Mendozza


Black Almain

Nido d’Amore

Black Nag


Gathering Peascods

Red House Whirligig.

Lord Carnarvan’s Jig/Nonesuch/DargesonNovember 2009

15 August 2009

Mostly English Country

St. John’s Church Hall

Forza d’Amore

Lo Spagnoletto

Anna Maria

Gathering Peascods

Hobbs Wedding

Mage on a Cree

Red House

Step Stately


The Recruiting Officer

St. Margaret’s Hill

Anglaise a the Ambassador’s (2)

Anglaise de la Reine (2)

La Folie ou le Goût du Siècle

Lasses of Portsmouth

Linnen Hall

Rakes of Rochester

Mr Turner’s Acadamy Cotillion

Cross Gartered

Saturday 20 June 2009

Age of Indulgence Chocolate Ball

St.John’s Church Hall

Bourrée d’Achille

Le Pistole

The Prussian Camp

Menuet à Quatre

La Chasse d’Amour

Fair Quaker of Deal

Yellow Stockings

Minuet à deux

La Coquette

The Changing

Minuet de la Reine

Barbarini’s Tambourine

The Pursuit

Wednesday Night

Anglaise de la Reine

Le Cotillon des Fetes de Thalie

La Comete

Lady Mary’s Courant

La Gavotte du Roy à quatre

TouchstoneLa chasse

Saturday 16 May 2009

Queen Victoria Ball

St.John’s Church Hall

Free Waltz: include reverse, balances, Ganglovienne and *Double Glide Waltz- Town 2 - John playing

Haste to the Wedding

Cotillion mixer without props *Surprise Star, *The Surprise, The Serpent / The Circles / The Winding Alley / The Arbor

Polka Russe 1,2 or3/ *Kreuz Polka, / Esmeralda 1,2 / Galopade / *Ostendaise- to either underlined set.

Fast Forward Polka Medley

Le Polo

Cotillion: mazurka mixer

The Chase

The Triplet

Free Mazurka or Barbarous Elegance medley 

Highland Reel

Money Musk (2)

Cotillion mixer with props- Basket, ring & flower /The Fan -Kangarooo / Blind Man’s Bluff –

Coulon’s Quadrille Francais

Hull’s Victory

Norwegian Country Dance

Near Miss Galop set

Free Southern Highland Schottische

Schottische: plain, military, double, highland

London Polka Quadrille

Cotillion: *Les Quatre Couples, Le Loup

Rings and Swings

Sir Roger de Coverley (4)

Free Redowa

Saturday 18 April

Jane Austen Festival Ball


Chasse d’Amour


Comical Fellow


Emma’s Song

Fete Champetre


Jeu des Quatres Coins

Mr Beveridge’s Maggot

Mutual Love

My Lord Byron’s Maggot

Quadrille Francais

Scotch Reel

Shrewsbury Lasses

*Sir Roger – Town 16




Tythe Pig

Wakefield Hunt

Sunday 19 April

Jane Austen Festival

The Chase

Battle of Leipzig ???

Elegance and Simplicity

Good Girl

Haste to the Wedding

Hull’s Victory

Lancer’s Quadrille

Money Musk

Young Widow

9th, 10th&11th April

2009 National Folk Festival

Friday 11:30-12:30 Piazza — Cotillion dance games in 1860s dress

Cotillion multi-formation mixer

(Village 10)- The Meeting / The Exchange / The Pursuit / The Serpent / The Circles / The Winding Alley / The Arbor

Cotillion with scarves

(Waltz Town 2) - The Lassoo / The Snake

(Polka Spring 16) The Handkerchief Chase / The Scarfs / Satyrs and Nymphs

Cotillon with 8 chairs facing out

(Waltzes- Country 8) - The Gentleman Kneels / The Free Chairs /Musical Chairs

Cotillion with 4 chairs facing in

(Waltzes – Village 8) - The 4 Chairs (The ‘Whirligig’) / The Figure 8

(Polka- Court 15) The Seated Ladies / The Four Corners

Cotillion column mixer

(Waltz Autumn 9) - Basket, ring & flower /

(Polka Country 1) The Fan -Kangarooo / Blind Man’s Bluff

Cotillion without mixing

(Waltz Autumn 16) - The Reunion / The Snail / The Labyrinth / The Bridge / The Double Serpent / The Zig-Zag / The Chain without end / The Arch

In reserve: Cotillion with hat and gloves (Waltz-Winter 8, Polka-Autumn 10)

Saturday 4:40-5:20 — Mazurka in 1880s dress

‘Glide-first’ Opposite foot MAZURKA

Boots and Blades / Blackforest Mazurka (Village 5) /

Askance Romance (Town 13) x 2

Russian Gypsy Queen (SHEET) x 2

(short) Conjuring L’amour (Cntry 12) (P) x 2

Cotillion-mazurka mixer (Court 2) 

The excursion / The X of the Gentlemen and his Lady / The Basket / The Interlacing of Arms / The Changing Triangle / The Change of the Moulinet / The laced circle, ‘releasing prisoners’ and chasing down next partner.

Opposite foot MAZURKA

Regatta Room Grapple (Country 15) x 2

The Washing Machine (Court 14 ) x 2

Footloose Gypsy (Court 12) x 2

The Cavalier’s Mazurka (Winter 14) x 1


La Va ouvert (Country 6 – once on each tune) x 1

La Va melangée (Court 9) x 1

La Va croissée (Town 11) x 1

‘Hop-first’ mixed-foot MAZURKA 

Barbarous Elegance (Court 2) (opp.f.) x 1

Ad Absurdam Sur Place (Vill 15) (P) x 1

Russian Tour (Town 4) (P) (l.f.) x 2

Lacework Mazurka (SHEET) (l.f.) x 2

Zig Zag Mazurka (SHEET) (l.f.) x 1

Cotillion-mazurka for 4 couples(Court 12) 

The Double Pastourelle / The Ladies’ Moulinet / The Double Moulinet / The Genuflexion of Four / The Right and Left / The Right and Left / Les chaines à quatre/ The Lady to the left

Sunday 5:30-6:00 — Lost Dances in Bordonian National costume

Opposite foot POLKA

Loose Cannon Galop (Winter 7) x 2

Grapevine Polka (Village 3) x 2

Hot Cross Polka (Country 1) x 2

Pyrotechnic Polka (Autumn 1) x 2

3 couple ROUND

Past Present and Future (Winter 4) x 3

North. Stars South. Skies (Town 16) x 3

4 couple LONG

The Maze (Country 11) x 2

The Tapestry (Town 3) x 2

Snowball Slalom (Court 3) x 2

Opposite foot ZWEIFACHER

Ridicule and Repartee (Court 8) just 1x ea. tune! Savvy Wench (Town 6) – just 1x ea. tune, back to first!

6 couple Improper

Alcuin’s (Village 16) x 2

Catapult Contra (Country 14) x 2

Contra Quintain (Town 8) x 2

Opposite foot POLKA

Wind-up Galop x 2 (play…)

Bordonian National Polka 1 x 2

Bordonian National Polka 2 x 2

8 couple Bourrée

The Labyrinth (Autumn 12) x 2

Quarter Short Square (Winter 3) x 2

Burley Griffin Bourrée (Country 13) x 2

Saturday 21 March 2009

English Country Dance

St.John’s Church Hall

Parson’s Farewell / St Martins / Argeer


Burley Griffin Bourree medley

A la mode de France / Nonesuch - Melissa

All in the Country Green

Cherrily and Merrily


Cuckolds all arrow

Cushion Dance


Fine Companion


Hide Park - Ceri

Hobb’s Wedding

Kemp’s Jig

Merry Milkmaids

Millison’s Jig

Moll Peatley

Peppers Black

Sage Leaf


Spanish Jeepie

Sweet Kate

Upon a Summer’s Day

7 February 2009

National Multicultural Festival

See photographic slideshows here

RENAISSANCE DRESS 11am - 12:30pm

Pavans and galliard medley (The Albert Hall Pavan / The Cloved Orange) 

La Catena d'Amore 

Ballo del Fiore


Chiara Stella

Alta Mendozzo


Nido d'amore


Contrapasso Nuovo

Torneo Amoroso

Spagnoletta Nuova & Spagnoletta for 2

Branle des lavandiers / B. des pois / B. des Hermit / Branle l'Officiel, 

Les Bouffins

Lord of Carnarvan's Jig / Nonesuch / Dargeson

BAROQUE DRESS 1pm - 2:25pm

Bobbing Joe

La Bourgogne

Mr Lane's Maggott - with singing

Mr Caverely's Minuet

La Chaine

Mr Holt's Minuet and Jig

Red House

La Matelote

Le Pistolet

Bourrée d'Achille

Le Rigaudon d'Angleterre

Le Jardin Enchante

Magri’s Contradanza XXXVIII

REGENCY DRESS 3pm - 4:25pm

The Alexandrina Waltz / Hands-off / Even-handed Laendler / I Wonder as I Wander

My Lord Byron's Maggot

La Fuiarde

Comical Fellow

Emma's song- with singing

Shrewsbury Lasses

La Comete

Le Tourbillion

The Touchstone

Wilson's Scotch Reel for 6

Young Widow

Sir Roger de Coverley

What Child is This / Two to Twirl/ The Little Landler /The Grand Illusion

VICTORIAN DRESS 5:20 - 6:50 pm

Loose Cannon Galop / Grapevine Polka / Hot Cross Polka / Pyrotechnic Polka

Varosvienna variants (La Va ouvert / La Va melangée / La Va croissée)

Southern Highland Schottische / Showdown Schott. / Switch, Swish and Swing

Past Present and Future / Northern Stars Southern Skies

Regatta Room Grapple / Washing Machine / Footloose Gypsy / The Cavalier's Mazurka

The Triplet Galop Quadrille

Fast Forward Polka / Peek-a-boo Polka / Courtship Polka / Wrong Foot Polka , 

The Maze / Tapestry / Snowball Slalom

Handfasting Hambo / Harmony Hambo / Honeymoon Hambo

That Broad Road / Devil's Mill / Delightful Play

Quarter Short Square / Burley Griffin Bourrée

Alcuin's contra / Catapult Contra / Contra Quintain

The Purple Tulip Tango

Mazurkas Boots and Blades / Blackforest Mazurka / Askance Romance / Russian Gypsy Queen / Conjuring L'amour

Wind-up Galop and the Bordonian National Polkas 1 and 2.

Saturday 17 January 2009

Back-From-The Beach Ball

St. John’s Church Hall, Reid


Mimed Branle… plus Branle l’Officiel


Black Nag-


Red House

Bobbing Joe


La Chaine

Mr Lane’s Maggott – with singing.

(Recruiting Officer

Poor Robin’s Maggot)



Young Widow


The Triumph

Mazurka Cotillion – Court 2


Sicilian Circle

Triplet Quadrille –Spring 16 (1st tune AABB then 2nd tune AA – all x 3 1/3 then Court 4 (ea. tune x1 & back to 1st tune x1) then Spring 16 – same arrangement as before but all just x 2 1/3.

Cotillion with choice – Country 8 (waltz) then Country 1 (polka)

Cotillion with chairs –Winter 8 (waltz) then Winter 7 (polka or galop)

FREE Waltz (Alexandrina, Hands off, Even Handed etc) Vill 10

FREE Mazurka Regatta Room/ Washing/ Footloose/Cavaliers- Country 15

Tapestry / The Maze/ Snowball Slalom medleyQuarter Short Square