Sat. 19 December, 7-11pm

CHRISTMAS CAROL BALL (Dickensian theme)

All Saints Church Hall, Ainslie

Start with band at 7:00pm- with 8 piece choir Ensemble Fantasmata singing on 3 carols after every break, and band joining in on their 3rd carol, and playing every other carol. Dancers dancing to every carol save the first in each of the choirs brackets.

 First Noel

O Tannenbaum

Where is Santa (all dancing and singing)- [and after the simple version for all would like to display challenging version if we have 8 to practice it on Wednesday first]

Von Himmel Hoch

 1st break 7:50- 8:00 for light refreshment then:

O Sacrum Convivium (just choir for listening)

In Dulci Jubilo (choir for dancing)

Tomorrow shall be my dancing day* (with dancing and our band joining choir, then just our band continues with the following for dancing)

Carol of the Bells 

Past Three O’Clock

Masters in this Hall

2nd break 9:05-9:15 for savory supper then:

The Three Kings (just choir for listening)

Ding Dong Merrily (with dancing)

I saw three ships (with dancing and our band joining choir, then just our band continues with the following for dancing)

Silent Night

Hail Happy Morn [one of my favourites, but only if we have 14 on a Wed. to practice it first!]

Rudolph the red-nosed

3rd break 10:10-10-20 for sweet supper then:

Wassail (just choir for listening

Carol of the Birds (with dancers)

Jingle Bells* (with band & dancers)

Twelve days of Christmas (all dancing and singing)

We wish you a Merry Christmas

21 November 2015


All Saints Church Hall, Ainslie


Angelosa (new I)


Fedeltà (II)

Furioso (II)


Fedelta d’Amore (new III)

Barriera- Santucci’s (II)


The Broome (IV)- guest led by Melissa V.


Barbarini’s Tamborine (V)– guest led by Melissa V.


Prince George’s Birthday (VI)


Scotch Reel for 5 (VII)- guest led by Madeleine J.


Triolet Waltze (VIII)-guest led by Simon D.


La Russe Quadrille (IX)-Guest led by Simon D.

Kuntz Zweifache (new IX)


La Parisienne (X)

Le Polo (X)


Red-Rocks Bourrée (LD-Sping 1)- guest led by Madeleine J.  

Savvy Wench (LD-Town 6)

Bordonian National Polka (1) & (2) (Odd Delights)

Sunday 25 October


in grounds of the historic Waterworks museum, Goulburn, N.S.W. 

EDHDA musicians and dancers were presenting displays and participatory dancing from mid-morning to mid-afternoon. 

*6 cpl contra medley to Winter 10

*8 cpl gallop medley to Court 15

*Waltz medley to Village 10

*Mazurka set to Town 4

*Polka medley to Village 3

Highland Reel Mrs McLeods

Cotillion-waltz–Queen of the Ball

Coitillion with Scarves

* Prince Imperial  (IX)

*Quadrille des Dames (IX)

La Galopade (2) 

Cinderella - Le Prisonier 

Galopade (1)

Sir Roger (2) 

Carillion de Dunkerque 

Highland Laddie (3) 

Spanish Waltz (2)

National Waltz 

La Triolet 431

Wind-up Galop

Saturday 17 October, 7-11pm


All Saints Church Hall, Ainslie, A.C.T.

Free Waltz

The Black Dance / Galopede (1) (VI)

Caledonian Quadrille (VII)

Carillion de Dunkerque (VII)

National Waltz (VII)

Fancy Quadrille– ‘The Socialable’ to Summer 15 and ‘The Cheat’ to Country 16

La Triolet (VIII)

Prince Imperial Quadrille (IX)

Redowa (3) (IX)

Singing Quadrille (X)

Display of mazurka set to Town 4- Barabarous Elegance (Court 2) /Ad Absudam Sur Place (Vill. 15) / Russian Tour (Town 4) / Vulgarian Salut. (Vill. 2)

Display of a polka medley to Village 3 - Loose Cannon Galop (Winter 7) / Grapevine Polka (Village 3) / Hot Cross Polka (Country 1) / Pyrotechnic Polka (Autumn 1)

Plus lots of free dance games for as many as will to waltzes, polkas and gallops, some without props other using flowers, fans, chairs, hats, gloves and scarves.

All with a mid-evening long-table Mad-Hatter's supper

Earthly Delights Upcoming Public Dance Poster

Saturday 3 October, 7-11:30pm

175th Anniversary 1840s BALL celebrating Hamilton Hume's 175th year at Cooma Cottage and launching the Old Hume Highway 31 Project.

Yass Memorial Hall, N.S.W.

(Approximate order- with guest soprano, speakers, dinner & desert in between)

Ball tickets and information at  http://www.nationaltrust.org.au/nsw/Humes175thAnniversaryBall


Free Waltz

Polonaise (2) (VI)

Carillion de Dunkerque (VII)


Display of a waltz medley to Village 10 - The Alexandrina Waltz (Town 9) / Hands off Waltz (Village 10) / Even Handed Ländler (Village 12) / I Wonder as I Wander (CCDB) x2


Cotillion mixer to Queen of the Ball

Galopade (1)/ Black Dance  (VI)


Display of 6 cpl Contra medley to Winter 10- Alcuin’s Contra (Village 16) / Catapult Contra (Country 14)/  Contra Quintain (Town 8) x 2


National Waltz (VII)

La Triolet (VIII)


Display of mazurka set to Town 4- Barabarous Elegance (Court 2) /Ad Absudam Sur Place (Vill. 15) / Russian Tour (Town 4) / Vulgarian Salut. (Vill. 2)


Quadrille Francais (2)- The Paine set (VII)

Cotillion-mazurka for any number – Hart set (VIII)


Spanish Waltz (2) - both tunes (VIII)

Sicilian Circle


Display of 8 cpl gallop set to Court 15 - Near Miss Galop (Autumn 8) / Baltic Crossing (Village 13) / Daring Damsel (Village 11) / The Dashing Dragoon (Court 15)


Swedish Dance (1) as a waltz to Village 8 (VIII)

Highland Laddie (3) – as a mescolanze (VII)


Display of a polka medley to Village 3 - Loose Cannon Galop (Winter 7) / Grapevine Polka (Village 3) / Hot Cross Polka (Country 1) / Pyrotechnic Polka (Autumn 1)


Sir Roger de Coverley (2) short version (VII)

Auld Lang Syne

Saturday 19 September, 7-11pm


All Saints Church Hall, Ainslie


From Historic Dance Volume IV:

Bellamira (1)  (DM)

The Irish Trot (DM)

Mr Eaglesfield New Hornpipe(DM)

The New Bath (in DM & Lorin ms)

Nobody’s Jig  (DM)

Parson upon Dorothy (2)  (DM)

Sage Leaf (DM)


From Historic Dance Volume V:

Apley House  (DM)

La Bourgogne (consisting of Courant, Bourrée, Saraband & Passepied by Pécour)

Cheshire Rounds (DM)

The Collier’s Daughter (DM and other ms)

La Coquette ((Feuillet’s Recueil de Contredanse)

Cotillon des Fete de Thalie (Dezais’ Recueil de Contredanse)

The Great Turk (John Essex)

Madamoiselle Dupingle (DM)

Mr Holt’s Minuet & Jig (in Pemberton’s For the further Improvement of dancing)

La Pantomime (Feuillet’s Recueil de Contredanse)


From Historic Dance Volume IX

Cinderella Cotillion figure 3 Le Prisonier


And new:

Bartlett House (by Thomas Bray in DM) – Simon to call

Last of Twenty (minuet by Thomas Bray- in DM)

Trip to the Jubilee (DM & John Essex)

Sunday 13 September 10am-12noon


as part of St.Vitis Dance & Music Weekend. 

Sunday 30 August, 3-5pm


Belconnen Arts Centre, A.C.T.

EDHDA will join other dance groups in celebrating the Belconnen Arts Centre's 6th birthday. Our performance is entitled 'Then and now we are 6' and the following performance description may be included in the event's printed program (along with a description of the performers not here given):New EDHDA members will join more experienced ones to display 6 dances (3 renaissance, 3 modern) for 6 dancers or couples to tunes in 6/8 or 6/4, and will give audience members the opportunity to join in on some dances from the Baroque period in between – again to music in 6.

First we are 6 individuals, gender not important, weaving our way through the ancient English hey ‘Dargason’ to its tune in 6/8. The dance and music is from John Playford’s English Dancing Master, London, 1651.

Then we are 6 men and 6 women trying to find our perfect match using French galliard variations in in 6/4 - look out for the happy ending! The choreography is John Gardiner-Garden’s ‘Galliard dating’, from his Odd Delights, Canberra, 2015, and the tune is ‘La Volta’ from Michael Praetorius’ Terpsichore, Wolfenbüttel, 1612.

Then we are 6 couples enjoying the Italian cascarda ‘Chiara Stella’ (‘Bright Star’) to its tune in 6/8. The dance and music are from Fabritio Caroso’s  ll Ballarino, Venice, 1581.

Then we are 6 couples enjoying 3 overlapping modern contra dances – look out for the moments when all 3 are being enjoyed simultaneously inside the one set! The dances are John Gardiner-Garden’s ‘Alcuin’s Contra’, ‘Contra Quintain’ and ‘Catapult Contra’ from his Lost Dances of Earthly Delights, Vol. 2, Favourites for Four Settings, Canberra, 2005, set to his tunes ‘Red Sky Warning’, ‘Drops from Nowhere’, ‘The Foreshadowed Storm’ and ‘The Blue between the Clouds’, Lost Dances of Earthly Delights Vol.1 Pleasures for Four Seasons, Canberra, 2005.

Then we will invite a dozen audience members to take the hand of one of our dancers and enjoy the rare experience of being led on the elegant ‘Mr Holt’s Minuet and Jig’ in 6/4 and 6/8. The dance and music are from Edmund Pemberton’s For the Further Improvement of Dancing, London, 1711.

Then we will invite as many more as will to join us for the friendly mixer ‘La Coquette’ in 6/8. The dance and music are from Raoul Feuillet’s Recüeil de contredances, Paris, 1706.

Normally the troupe would dress to match the period of the dances they are showing but today they will be in the national costume of the Bordonians, to whom John attributed the ‘Lost dances’ (costume designed by Aylwen).

Sat. 15 August, 7-11pm


All Saints Church Hall, Ainslie. A.C.T.

With guest calling from Melissa & Josh Vear, Simon David, Madeleine James and Lawrie Brown.

 Dances in order found in the Lost Dances collection (not order danced):

Dizzy Mixer (Spring 3)

 Lotsi's Spell (Spring 11)

The Clap Waltz (Spring 14)

Longway Home  (Summer 1)

The Palindrome  (Summer 13)

Bodice and Doublet  (Summer 14)

Juggling Partners  (Summer 15)

Near Miss Gallop  (Autumn 8)

Running the Gauntlet (Autumn 4)

Cinderella's Waltz Contra (Village 8)

Short Easy SchottIsi (Village 1)

Alcuin's Contra (Village 16)

His Majesty's Maggot (Country 5)

La Va Overt (Country 6 to Court 9)

The Burley Griffin Bourrée (Country 10)

The Showdown Schottische (Town 10)

The Alexandrina Waltz (Town 9)

The Great Roundabout (Town 12)

My Lady's Minuet (Town 14)

There and Back Again (Court 1)

Medley of: Dargason (HD IV) / Galliard Dating (Odd Delights), Ciara Stella (HD II) / Alcuin's Contra (Vill 16) / Catapult Contra       (Country 14) / Contra Quintain (Town 8)

Fri 24 - Sun 26 July (full weekend)


International Folk Culture Center, Our Lady of the Lake University, San Antonio, Texas, USA 

From Historic Dance Volume III (1600-1650) 

Chirping of the Nightingale 

From Historic Dance Volume IV (1650-1700) 

The Cushion Dance (also in Volume VII) 

Paul’s Steeple 

Hamstead Heath 

From Historic Dance Volume V (1700-1750) 

The Toast (HD V) 

From Historic Dance Volume VI (1750-1800) 

Galopede / Black Dance 

Menuet de la Cour (1) - displayed 


From Historic Dance Volume VII (1800-1825) 

The Attempt 

La Boulangere 

Butter’d Pease 

The Czar 

Downfall of Paris 

The Fairy Dance 

Highland Lassie- 3) (a mescolanza) 

Lancers Quadrille (Duval set and suite) 

La Josephine & La Napoléon 

Scotch Reel 

The Triumph (1) 

Tyrolese Valse – for free waltz and newly made up dance 

Union Waltz 

From Odd Delights

The Battle of Waterloo - in workshops set to Beethoven’s Wo014 #4 and on ball night to ‘Butter’d Peas’ 

Mazurian Ecossaise - set to extracts from Hart’s c.1829 Mazurka suite 

From The Christmas Carol Dance Book

O Come All Ye Faithful 

The Twelve Days of Christmas 

From The Lost Dances of Earthly Delights 

Lotsi’s Spell (Spring 11) 

Palindrone (Summer 13) 

Juggling Partners (Summer 15) 

Take Eyes (Autumn 2) 

Running the Gauntlet (Autumn 4) 

Past, Present & Future (Winter 4) 

Cinderella Waltz contra (Village 8)

Sat 18 July 2015  

1822 WEDDING DANCE - afternoon workshop and evening ball

Locust Grove historic home & estate, Louisville, Kentucky, USA  

Auretti’s Dutch Skipper (2) (HD VI)

Black Dance (HD VI)

Comical Fellow (HD VI)

The Attempt (HD VII)

La Boulangere (HD VII)

Butter’d Pease (HD VII)

Le Carillon de Dunkerque (HD VII)

The Czar (HD VII)

Duke of Kent’s Waltz (HD VII)

The Fairy Dance (HD VII)

Highland Lassie- 3) mezolanza (HD VII)

Waltz (on a fan) (HD VII)

Plus a new 1822 Swedish to tune Rufty Tufty from HD IV

Wed 15 July 2015 


Pittsburgh, USA 

Lotsi’s Spell (LD 1, Spring 11) 

Longway home (LD 1, Summer 1) 

Palindrone (LD 1, Summer 13) 

Secret Liaison Waltz (LD 1, Autumn 3) 

That Broad Road (LD1 Autumn 4) 

Past, Present & Future (LD 1, Winter 4) 

Cinderella Waltz Contra (LD 2, Village 8) 

Twelve Days of Christmas (Christmas Carol Dance Book)

Tues 14 July 2015 


Pittsburgh, USA 

Spoke and read quotes about importance of dance. For example: 

It may be possible to do without dancing entirely. Instances have been known of young people passing many, many months successively without being at any ball of any description, and no material injury accrue either to body or mind;—but when a beginning is made—when the felicities of rapid motion have once been, though slightly, felt—it must be a very heavy set that does not ask for more. (Emma, 1816) 


What a charming amusement for young people this is, Mr. Darcy!—There is nothing like dancing after all.—I consider it as one of the first refinements of polished societies (Pride & Prejudice, 1813) 


[of Mr Bingley] he was lively and unreserved, danced every dance, was angry... the ball closed so early, and talked of giving one himself…Such amiable qualities must speak for themselves (Pride & Prejudice, 1813) 

Spoke and read quotes (such as from Francis Burney’s Evalina, Volume VI Part 3) about ballroom etiquette. 

Spoke and read quotes (from my Volume VII) about ball mechanism. 

Spoke and sampled the different dances Jane Austen mentions in her writings. For example: 

The Country Dance – we sampled ‘Comical Fellow’ (HD VI) 

I consider a country-dance as an emblem of marriage. Fidelity and complaisance are the principle duties of both … (Northanger Abbey, 1817) 

The Reel – we sampled a 4 person ‘Scotch Reel’ (HD VII) 

Do you not feel a great inclination, Miss Bennet, to seize such an opportunity of dancing a reel? (Pride and Prejudice, 1813) 

The Cotillion – we sampled ‘Jeu de Quatre Coins’ (HD VI) 

Shall you be at the Cotillion ball tomorrow? (Northanger Abbey, 1797, publ. 1818). 

The Quadrille – we sampled 5th figure of ‘The Lancers (2)’ (HD VII) 

Much obliged for the quadrilles, … though of course they are very inferior to the cotillions of my own day. (Jane Austen to Fanny Knight, 20 February, 1816). 

The Minuet de la Cour – we displayed Maximillian Gardel’s Menuet de la Cour (HD VI) 

I can neither sing so well nor dance so gracefully as I once did—and I have entirely forgot the Minuet de la Cour (Love and Freindship, 1790) 

The Waltz – we sampled ‘Waltz on a Fan’ (HD VI) 

Mrs. Weston…was seated, and beginning an irresistible waltz; and Frank Churchill, coming up with most becoming gallantry to Emma, had secured her hand, and led her up to the top (Emma, 1816) 

La Boulangere – we sampled ‘La Boulangere (1)’ (HD VII) 

We dined at Goodnestone, and in the evening danced two country-dances and the Boulangeries. (Letter to sister Cassandra, 5yh September 1796) 

We discussed and/or displayed dances mentioned Jane Austen’s music books: 

Perigordine (HD VII) possibly a cross between a minuet with Ecossaise steps (Congo minuet) and cut-in-jig. 

Polonaise Russe (HD VII) possible = Chivers ‘La Grande Polonaise’? 

Savage Dance (HD VI) = Francis Werner, Ten Favourite Cotillions, 8 Country Dances and two minutes, London, 1784, second set of figures 

Also discussed Waltzes (tunes in Jane Austen’s music books) and other dance forms in Jane Austen’s day (e.g. cushion dance and hybrids).


Sun 12 July, 6:30-9:30pm. 

Evening of ENGLISH COUNTRY DANCE (early & late) with John & band 'Happy Endings'

Presented by Rochester English Country Dancers at First Baptist Church, Allens Creek Road, Rochester, N.Y., USA.

In book then alphabetic order, dances include: 

From Historic Dance Volume IV (1650-1700)

Christchurch bells (1) & (2) 

Cobbler’s Jig 

Cushion Dance 

Emperor of the Moon 

Jovial Beggars 

Lull me beyond thee 


Paul’s Steeple 

From Historic Dance  VII  (1800-1825


Buttered Peas 

Carillion de Dunkerque. 

The Czar 

Downfall of Paris 

Highland Laddie(3)-Mescolanze 

Swedish Dance 

Triumph (1) 

Union Waltz 

Sun. 12 July, Rochester, 3:00-5:00pm.


Presented by Rochester English Country Dancers at First Baptist Church, Allens Creek Road, Rochester

We talked about the different phase English Country Dance passed through the 17th, 18th and 19th century, some of the different forms it took and some of the different steps, figures and formations that became fashionable. 

We talked about the persistence of some different ideas. For example:  Persistence of corner stealing from the Renaissance (I spoke of Gelosia (HD I), Lightly Love and Chirping of the Nightingale (HD III)), to John Playford’s day (we danced) Paul’s Steeple (HD IV), to the late 18th century (we danced The Black Dance (2) (HD VI) to the time of Jane Austen and Charles Dickens (we danced The Triumph (1) ) 

Persistence of ‘contredanse à deux’ from the Renaissance (I spoke of Chiranzana (HD II)) to the time of Henry Playford (we danced Cobbler’s Jig (IV)) and into the 18th century (I spoke of Moll Peately, La Coquette & Le Pistolet (HD V)) 

I also spoke of the Persistence of the idea of chasing from the Renaissance (e.g. Caccia d’Amore (1 &2) (HD II & III) ) to the Playford period (in the evening we danced Jovial Beggars (HD IV)) 

I spoke of the various infuences and connections of country dance- including the influence of the Almain (and we danced in the evening Mundesse (HD IV) ) and of theatre (and we danced in the evening Emperor of the Moon (HD IV) 

We compared French and English sources (and danced Christchurch bells (2) from André Lorin’s 1688 manuscript (HDIV) – and in the evening we danced a version of Emperor of the Moon informed by Dezais’ 1712 Recueill de contredance. 

I spoke of the hybridisation of waltz and country dance and we let Duke of Kent’s Waltz (HD VII) be informed by Waltz on a Fan (HD VI) and Princess of Wales Waltz (HD VI) and in the evening we danced The Union Waltz (HD VII) 

We also spoke of the new formations: Ecossaise: (and danced a made up one to a Beethoven set and in the evening danced The Czar (HD VII)); The Swedish formation and Mescolanzes (and danced examples in the evening. 

New fancy country dance The Downfall of Paris (HD VII) 

Sat. 11 July, 6:30-9:30pm 

An evening of dances from The CHRISTMAS CAROL DANCE Book with John & band 'Happy Endings'

Presented by Rochester English Country Dancers at First Baptist Church, Allens Creek Road, Rochester, N.Y., USA

Angels from the Realms of Glory 

Angelus ad Virginem 

Carol of the Birds 

Deck the Halls 

God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen 

Good King Wenceslaus 

Hark the Herald 

Here we come a carolling 

In Dulci Jubilo 

Jesus Born in Bethny 

Joy to the World 

O Come All ye Faithful 

Rejoice and be Merry 

Twelve days of Christmas 

Sat. 11 July Rochester, 3-5pm 

Workshop with Rochester English Country Dancers Performance group 

 at First Baptist Church, Allens Creek Road, Rochester, N.Y., USA

Looked at Hole in the Wall, Mr Beveridge’s Maggot, Excuse Me and other dances that illustrate c.1700 style and footwork. 

Introduced the Duval Lancers of c.1815 (Lancers (2) in Historic Dance VII) 

Friday 3 (late evening) Sat 4 (day & evening) and Sun (day) 5 July


at the home of organisers and hosts David & Andrea Learmonth, at nearby Dance Academy William Street, Brantford, Ontario, CANADA

Only dances contributed by John (other people contributed other dances), * = captured by video at Dance Academy

From Historic Dance Volume I

Bassa di Castille*



Tesara (talked about my version)

From Historic Dance Volume II

Allegrezza d’ Amore (talked about my version)

Bassa Toscana

Bellezze d’Olympia*



Chiara Stella


Gavotte (1)


Triory de Bretagne

From Historic Dance Volume III

Alta Mendoza

Ballo del Fiore (2 – Caroso & Instruction pour dancer ms)

Brando di Cales*

Caccia (2- Christiano Lamberti letter)*

Chirping of Nightingale (1)*

The Gypsies*

Lightly Love

So ben mi cha buon tempo*

Torneo Amorosa*

From Historic Dance Volume IV

Christchurch Bells (the John Playford and Andre Lorin versions)

Cushion dance


Paul’s Steeple*

From Historic Dance Volume VI

The Black Dance / Galopade (to illustrate persistence of corner stealing)*

From Odd Delights

Galliard Dating to La Volta

From The Christmas Carol Dance Book

O Come all Ye Faithful (a matrix dance danced at café using milk cartons)

Twelve Days of Christmas (a ‘forfeit game’ dance)

Where is Santa (2) (a 4 part canon)

From Lost Dances volumes 1 & 2

Past, Present and Future (a 3 part canon- Winter 4)

The Cloved-Orange (a Pavan/Galliard- Country 9)*

Round with Corners* (a 2 part canon- Country 10)

The Burley Griffin Bourree* (a 2 part canon- Country 13)

Friday 3 July


Concession Road 5, Orono, Ontario, CANADA

From my Historic Dance Volume I



Libeau desconnus

Rostiboli Gioiso

From my Historic Dance Volume II

Branle Double / Single / Gai / de Bourgogne

Branle d’Ecosse

Contrapasso (Chigi circle mixer version)

Triory de Bretagne

From my Historic Dance Volume III

The Gypsies

From my Historic Dance Volume IV

The Cushion dance

Thursday 2 July 2013

ENGLISH COUNTRY DANCES for Toronto English County Dance

St Barnabas Anglican Church Hall, Danforth Ave., Toronto, CANADA

From Historic Dance Volume V

Moll Peatley

La Coquette

Le Pistolet

Hampstead Heath

Hunt the Squirell

La Bacchante (ballet shown)

La Bacchante (contradance taught)

Trip to Paris

La Bohaimiene

The Toast

Sunday 28 June 2015

WALTZ AFTERNOON AND WALTZ EVENING with Karen Axelrod piano and Aldo Fabrizi mandolin

Whately Dance Barn, Whately, Massachussets, USA. 

Season and place names refer to relevant Lost Dance collection. * = caught on video.

Taught and lead:

*Alexandrina Waltz (Town 9) x2 (P) / Hands off Waltz (Village 10) x2 (p) / Even Handed Ländler (Village 12) x2 (P) / I Wonder as I Wander (Christmas Carol Dance Book) x2 (shown not taught) – opposite-foot-starting waltzes all to the playing of tune set Court 16.

What Child (Christmas Carol Dance Book) x1 P / Two to Twirl (Winter 6) x 1 / Little Landler (Country 3) x2 P / Grand Illusion (Town 2) x 2 / What Child x1 – left-foot-starting waltzes, all to the playing of tune set Autumn 3.

Secret Liaison Waltz (Autumn 3)

* Handfasting Hambo (Country10)

Cotillion-mazurka for any number: The Reunion, The Triple Pass / The Genuflection / The Interlacing of Arms (Historical Dance Volume VIII)

Cotillions with fans, including Lovenberry’s ‘Cotillion l’Eventail’ and Le Kangaroo (Historical Dance Volume X) 

Cotillions with 4 chairs: The Whirligig / The figure of 8 / The Prisoners / The 4 Corners (Historical Dance Volume X)

Cotillions with hat and gloves (Historical Dance Volume X)

Cotillions with mixing: the meeting / the Exchange / The Pursuit / The Circles / The Winding Alley / The Arbour (Historical Dance Volume X)

Cotillions with scarves (Historical Dance Volume X).


*Varsovienna medley: La Va ouvert (Country 6) / La Va melangé. (Court 9) / La Va croissée (Town 11) 

*Five step waltz sequence: Five Steps to Heaven (Odd Delights)

All Saint’s Church, Ainslie, 20 June 2015.


Repertoire enjoyed at day workshops and evening ball- not in order but by book.

2 person ballets in italics. 

Vol. II 

Alba Novella 

Allegrezza d’Amore

Bassa Toscana 

Bella Gioiosa 




Pavaniglia variations


Alta Mendozza

Ballo del Fiore (2) 

Brando di Cales 

Catena d’Amore

Chirping of the Nightingale 

Donna Leggiadra 

The Gypsies

Lightly Love

Landsdowne No.4- to Nonesuch

So Ben Mi Chi Ha buon tempo

Torneo Amoroso 

 Vol. IV. 

Cushion Dance

Emperor of the Moon 

Jovial Beggars


Paul’s Steeple 

Vol. V.

Hamstead Heath

PLUS John’s ‘Galliard Dating’ (from June 2015 Odd Delights) to La Volta.

With guest choir offering:

Come again, The lady Oriana, Alta Mendozza, 

Rest sweet nymphs, So ben mi cha buon tempo, Belle qui tien ma vie.

16 May 2015, 7:00-11:00pm


All Saints Church Hall, Ainslie.

(not danced in this order)

Bassa di Castille /Spagn  (I)

Chastellana  (I)

Gioioso for 3 (I)

Amaroso  (I)

Belfiore (I)

Graziosa (I)

Ingrata (I)

Libeau Desconnu (I)

Marchesana (I)

Northumberland  (I)

Rostiboli Gioioso  (I)

Mercantia  (I)

Sobria  (I)

Temperans (I)

Tesara   (I)

La Vita di Cholino for 3 (I)

Voltati in ca Rosina for 3 (I)

Branle d’Ecosse  (II)

Chiranzana (II)

Coranto d’Espagne (II)

Galliard Dating (new)

21 April 2015, 5:30-7:00pm


Tuggeranong Arts Centre

Tythe Pig (IV)

Yellow Stockings (V)

Mr Holt’s Minuet & Jig (V) 

La Bacchante (V)

Carillion de Dunkerque (VI)

Black Dance (VI)

Comical Fellow (VI)

Jeu des Quatre Coins (VI)

The Attempt (VII)

Ecossaise I (Beethoven)

20 April 2015, 5:30-7:00pm


Tuggeranong Arts Centre


Petit Rhinensis (I)

Branle l’Officiel (II)

Ciara Stella (II)


New Bo-Peepe (IV)

Jenny Plucked Pairs (IV)

Nonesuch (IV)

Black Nag (IV)

Monday 13 - Friday 18 April 2015


Yarrangobilly Caves House, Kosciusko National Park, N.S.W.

This is an incredibly fun Victorian era dance school crossed with a Victorian House party at Yarrangobilly Caves House in the picturesque northern Kosciusko National Park (just over 2 hours drive west of Canberra)—with splendid scenery, caves, river, thermal pools and kangaroos thrown in.  See download an information pack for 2015.

Participants stay in the 40-bed heritage-listed accommodation, wear clothes of yesteryear, journey over successive days from the 1820s to the 1890s, and enjoy morning dance workshops in an airy room at one end of the complex and evening balls in a mock-tudor hall at the other—both with excellent wooden floors. When not dancing or sharing in scrumptious everyone-helping-out-meals in one of the several cooking and dining areas, lap up wondrous caves, thermal pools, river walks and bush tranquillity. This year participants also took in an excursion to nearby historic homesteads on the Long and Cooleman Plains. Indoor entertainment included classical guitar pieces (D), song (Belinda Patterson), story (Sarah Bull), a scavenger hunt (Claire James), Victorian House Party games and (in alphabetic order) the following dances (most done at both a morning workshop and an evening ball, many with multiple-figures): 

Mon 13 April - dances from death of Jane Austen to coronation of Queen Victoria, 

from Historic Dance Volume VII: 

Le Carillon de Dunkerque

Mazurian Anglais (Odd Delights)

Money Musk (2)


Mr Chiver’s Fancy (2) & (3)

National Waltz and Highland Laddie

The Russian Dance

The Triumph (1)

Tyrolese Waltz and Isabella

and from Historic Dance Volume VIII:

Fancy Quadrille Figure

Swedish Dance (3)

Waverley Quadrilles / Quadrille Francais (2b)

Tues 14 April - early Victorian era dances, unless otherwise stated from Historic Dance Volume VIII:

Blasis’ New Set of Quadrilles

The Cinderella Cotillion

Cotillion-mazurka (dance games in many formations to mazurka rhythm)

Five Step Waltz (1), & (2) from IX & (3) from X & ‘Five Steps to Heaven’ from Odd Delights.

The Galopade (1) & (2)

London Polka Quadrille

Mazurka Quadrille (2)

Polka (1), (2) & (3)

Russian Gypsy Queen (Odd Delights)

Wed 15 April – mid Victorian era dances, mostly from Historic Dance Volume IX:

Colon’s Double Quadrille

Cotillions (dance games with hat&gloves an surprises from Vol. X)

La Koska (2) / La Coska

The Mazurka Waltz (2)

Mrs Henderson’s Double Quadrille

Pop Goes the Weasel (2)

Quadrille des Dames

Quadrille Russe

Redowa (2) & (3)

Sackett’s Harbor


Taking Turns (from Lost Dances, Town 1)

Vals des Patineurs

The Zingarilla (1) 

Thur 16 April – late Victorian era dances, unless otherwise stated from Historic Dance Volume X.

Les Varietés Parisiennes (Volume IX)

Cotillion (dance games) with surprises, chairs, scarves and blindfolds

Ganglovienne / Ostendaise Valsée

Lancers for 16 to Pirates of Penzance Lancers

Loomis Glide Mazurka

Military Schottische / Pas de Quatre / Barn Dance

La Parisienne

Pas des Patineurs

Quadrille Giraudet

Sagantina Nancéenne

Wind-up Galop (Odd Delights)

Friday 10 - Sunday 12 April 2015


The Albert Hall, Commonwealth Ave., Yarralumla, A.C.T.

 A new very special venue, a program packed with new guests (such as the fabulous Aeolus Wind Trio and an interstate Theatre Group) and new features such as a Georgian Pleasures Variety Night, The Battle of Waterloo Ball, horse and carriage rides and a range of food stalls. 



FRIDAY 10 April in the main hall  


9.15-10.30: The Georgian era country dance—dances for the evening Pleasures.


11.00-12.30: The Cotillion—a craze that spread from France to England & beyond.


1.30-3.00: Dances in big formations—period fun in large squares for 12 and 16.


3.30-5.00: Couples dances of the late 18th Century–the minuet and allemande. 


7:00 - 7:10 Free Georgian Minuet (V) & Allemande (5) (VII) and Aylwen’s welcome 

7:10 - 7:30 Join-in dancing: Hole in the Wall (IV) & Tythe Pig (IV) 

7:30 - 7:40 Gillian Dooley: songs from Jane Austen’s music about men and marriage  

7:40 - 8:05 Join-in dancing: Jeu de Quatre Coins (VI) & Comical Fellow (VI) 

8:05 - 8:15 EDHDA: Pécour’s ‘Entrée pour un Berger et Bergère’ & ‘La Bacchante’, Gardel’s ‘Menuet de la Cour’, and Pécour’s ‘L’Allemande’ (from V & VI). 

8:15 - 8:35 Join-in dancing: La Belle Alliance Quadrille (VI) & Buttered Peas (VI) 

8:35 - 8:45 National Capital Ballet School performance. 

8:45 - 9:10 Join-in dancing: Douze (VI) to Beethoven’s Kontra no.6 & Perigordine (VI) 


9:30 - 9:40 EDHDA: Pécour’s ‘Bourrée d’Achille’ and ‘Mr Holt’s ‘Minuet & Jig’ (V). 

9:40 -10:00 Join-in dancing: Les Quatre Saisons (VI) & Der Prager-Student (VI). 

10:00 -10:10 Gillian Dooley—songs from Scotland and France about the glories & risks of battle 

10:10 -10:30 Join-in dancing: Meditation Chinoise (VI)& The Baulk (VII) –David W. 

10:30 - 10:35 Aylwen’s thanks and announcements 

10:35 -11:00 Evening Finale: Charlotte Kerr’s songs at the piano. 

SATURDAY 11 April in the main hall


9:00 -10:30: Essentials for ‘capital dancing’—country dances for the evening ball 

11:00 -12:30: Dances in different formations—mixers, reels and show-off dances: 

1:30 -3:00: Latest longways crazes—Ecossaise, Spanish, Swedish & Mescolanze 

3:30 -5:00: Couples dances of the early 19th century—waltz, polonaise & mazurka. 


Opening Bach & Mozart minuets and Aylwen’s welcome 

Polonaise (VI) 

The Czar (VII) - guest caller Claire James 

Contradanza XXXVIII (VI) 

The Swedish (VIII) to Mozart rondo 

Black Dance (VI) & La Galopade (VI)


 H.E. Mr. Jean-Luc Bodson, Ambassador of Belgium 

The Lancers Quadrille – Duval version (VII) 

Free Ländlers (Beethoven and Sound of Music) 

 The National Waltz (VII) 

The Battle of Leipzig (VII) 


Triolet (VIII) 

Fairy Dance (VII) - guest caller Simon David 

Mazurka Ecossaise 

The Battle of Waterloo (Odd Delights) to Beethoven’s Kontratanz no.4. 


 Highland Laddie (VII) 

The Attempt (VII) 

The Scotch Reel for 4 and for 6 (VII) 

Sir Roger de Coverley (VII) - guest caller Melissa Vear 

SUNDAY 12 April in the main hall

DANCE SCHOOL  10:30-12noon

The Chess dance (to commemorate the Prince of Orange’s 1815 32 person square set dance)

Whirl of Memories Minuet Waltz (Court 16)

COTILLION BALL, 2:15-6:00pm  

Opening Beethoven & Hayden Minuets and Aylwen’s welcome 

Le Jeu des quatres coins (VI) 

La Pouvoir de la Beauté (VI) 

Whirl of Memories Minuet Waltz (Lost Dances, Court 16). 

La Folie ou le Goût du Siècle (VI) 

Beethoven Ecossaise – guest dance leaders 

La Jesuite (VI) 

Allemand Suisse (VI) 

La Mignonette (VI)

Beethoven’s Contradance no.1- guest leader Melissa Vear 

Chess Dance (Lost Dances, Winter 16) 

Le Palais de l’amour (VI) 

Free Lacework & Zig-zag Mazurkas (Odd Delights) 

Les Belles Filles de Norwich (VI) 

Invented dances to Beethoven’ s Contradance no.2

La Boulangere (VII) 

27 March 2015, 9:15-11:15am


Merici College


Petit Rhinensis (I)

Branle l’Officiel (II)

Ciara Stella (II)

Bellezze d’Olympia (II)

New Bo-Peepe

Black Nag (IV)

Anello (I)

Sat. 21 March, 7-11pm


All Saints Church Hall, Ainslie, Canberra


Battle of Leipzig (VII)

Palais de l'Amour (VI)

Pouvoir d'Amour (VI)

Triolet (VII)

Whirl of Memories minuet Waltz (Lost Dances Court 16)

Lancer's (2) / Duval Lancers (VII).

Les Quatre Berceaux (VI)

Perigordine (VI)

Ecossaise – Beethoven.

Bourrée d’Achille

Mr Holt’s Minuet & Jig

Free Waltz or What Child is This (CCDB) /Two to Twirl (Winter 6) / Little Ländler (Country 3) / Grand Illusion (Town 2)

Mazurka Anglaise-to Hart suite

Mazurka Ecossaise to Hart suite.

Free Mazurka or Russian Gypsy Queen / Lacework Mazurka (Odd Delights)

Fairy Dance (VII)

Downfall of Paris (VII)


Sat. 21 February, 7-11pm


All Saints Church Hall, Ainslie, Canberra

Florido Giglio (II)

Selva Amaroso  (III)

Greenwood (1) (III)

Confess (IV)

Nonesuch (IV)

La Bacchante (V)

Entrée pour un Berger et une Bergere (V)

Deil take the Wars (2) (V)

Young Sir Roger (V)

Menuet de la Cour (1) (VI)

Les Quatre Nymphes (2) (VI)

Les Quatre Saisons (VI)

La Galopade / Black dance medley (VII)

Attempt (VII)

National Waltz (VII)

La Tempete (VII)

The Russian (VII)

The Swedish (VIII)

Pasttime in Good Company

Ecossaise to a Beethoven Ecossaise.

Saturday 17 January 2015, 7-11pm


All Saints Church Hall, Ainslie, Canberra.

Partita Crudele (I)

Alba Novella (II)

Florida Giglio (II)

Furioso (II)

Branle de Malte (II)

Greenwood (1) (III)

Selva Amorosa (III)

Rose is White Rose is Red (III)

Chestnut (IV)

Confesse (IV)

Merry Milkmaids (IV)

Nonesuch (IV)

Prince Rupert (IV)

Sellingers Round (IV)

Drive the Cold Winter Away (IV)

Prince George (V)

New/Young Roger (V)

Fricasse (1) (V)

Douze (VII) 

Galopade (VII)

Many thanks to Lawrie Brown for the photos below.