Sunday 16 December - Jane Austen's Birthday High Tea at the Hyatt

Sat. 15 DecemberDickensian Christmas Carol Ball, St Johns Church Hall, Constitution Ave, Reid. 7.30-11.30pm 

Baroque, Rococo & Roll Dance Party 

Sat. 20 October 

St. John’s Church Hall, Reid 7:30-11:30pm 

La Bourrée d’Achille 

The Queen’s Jigg 

Le Pistolet 

Menuet à deux 

La Bohaimiene 

Easter Thursday 

Menuet à quatre (2) 

Le Nouveau Pistolet 

Moll Peatley the New way 


La Bourgogne 

La Matellote 

(next 5 with guest brass quintet) 

La Chaine 

La Coquette 

Pécour’s L’Allemande 

Menuet de la Reine 

La Chasse 

Contradanza XXXVIII 

La Chasse d’Amour 

The Changing 


Aimable Vainqueur 

Les Jolie Garcons 

Les Quadrilles 

Le Tourbillon 

Les Meditation Chinois 

The Students of Prague 

Sat. 13 October – 11-11.30am and 12-12.30pm, we were part of St.John’s Annual Spring Fair at St Johns Church, Constitution Ave, Reid, Canberra.

Sat. 6 to Mon. 8 October - A long-weekend of Dance in the Age of Enlightenment 

We journeyed from the belle danse of Versailles, through the country dance as it tripped across Europe, explored the evolution of the minuet and enjoyed the cotillions craze before moving on to the no-rules Allemande that turned into the waltz. We enjoyed this rare opportunity to learn the French steps and style so central to everything our dance heritage with teacher John Gardiner-Garden.

 Saturday 6 October 2012

The early 18th century


 Sunday 7 October 2012

The early to mid 18th century


 Monday 8 October 2012

The late 18th century



Basic French steps, and a simple ballet

Feuillet’s 1706 Recueil de Contredanse:

La Chaine (V),

  La Chasse (V)

La Coquette (V),

Le Pistolet (V)

Menuet de la Reine (V)

Pecour’s La Bourrée d’Achille


English longways


Review of ballet


Stepping English 3/2 country dances

Hole in the Wall (IV),

Mr Beveridge’s Maggot(IV)

Mr Isaacs Maggot  (IV)

Easter Thursday (new)

Orleans Baffled (new)


A popular ballet


Review of a ballet


Late C.18th contredance

Landrin’s Receuil d’Anglaise c.1770s:

Anglaise de la Reine (1) (VI)

Magri, Trattato … di ballo 1779:

Contradanza 1 (VI)

Contradanza XXXVIII (VI)

Easter Tuesday (new)


Pécour’s Aimable Vainqueur (V)




Review of ballet


4 person dances and fancier steps

Le Cotillon des Fetes de Thalie  (V)

La Bohaimiene (new)

Les Quatre Faces (new)

Le Nouveau Pistolet (new)


English Longways

The Queen’s Jigg (new),


Review of a ballet


The new French cotillion craze

La Chasse d’Amour (VI)

Les Jolie Garcons (VI)


The Potpourri cotillion

Les Quadrilles (VI)



Review of a ballet


Contradanza XXXVIII (VI) cont.


Another popular ballet

Pécour’s L’Allemande (new)


Enter the waltz

The Students of Prague (new)

Marlborough (new)

 12:30-1:30 lunch


 12:30-1:30 lunch


The Princess of Wales’s Waltz (new)

 12:30-1:30 lunch



Ballet with a courant, sarabande, passepied and bourrée section

Pécour’s La Bourgogne (V)


Dances from Dezais and Jayme

Les Mariniers (V)

 Le Rigaudon d’Angleterre (V)

Granadiais (V)

L’Noss de Paysan (V)


Review of a ballet


The German dance


The Allemande  in couples dances:

Guillaume & Dubois’ variants.


The Allemande  in cotillions:

Allemande du Devin de Village (VI)


The Allemande  in country dances:


Review of a ballet


The late C.18th cotillion experiments

Les Belles Filles de Norwich (new)

Les Ombre Chinois (new)

La Meditations Chinois (new)

Les Galeries d’Amour (V)


Moll Peatley the New way (V)





La Matelotte (V)


Reviews of ballets and other dances


The Minuet

Menuet à quatre (2) (new)


Review of a ballet


Dutch source contradanse

La Baroque (VI),

The Changing (VI),

La Riswic (VI)


Review of a ballet


 The late C.18th minuet

Minuet à deux (3)

*Menuet de la Cour (VI)


The late 18th cent country dance

La Meditations Chinois (new) cont.

Menuet à deux variations from Taubert, Rameau, Tomlinson, Minguet and Ferriol

 6:00-6:30 Reviews by request

(included- off theme, Hambo variants)

Le Tourbillon (VI)

 4:30-5:00: Reviews by request

 4:30-5:00: Reviews by request

4 August 2012 - 3 November 2012

Dancing Through the Ages - Saturdays 4pm-6.30pm at the ANU Sports & Recreation Centre. No experience necessary, friendly atmosphere. Learn dances from the Renaissance and Baroque through to the time of Jane Austen, Dickens and beyond - everything from galliards to galops, pavans to polkas, minuets to mazurkas, country dances to waltzes. 500 years of romance and passion - all to wonderful live music!

Tutor Dr John Gardiner-Garden is the director of Earthly Delights Historic Dance Academy. He has danced at the Opera House, toured and taught around the world, published acclaimed books on dance, prduced 8 CDs of dance music, makes learning easy and fun, and inside the 2.5hrs caters for all levels. Pre-registrations required for this 12-week course. Email garden@earthlydelights.com.au or phone 6281-1098 in the evening for more information. 

Sat. 18 August, 7:30-11:30pm

Renaissance Dance Party, St.John’s Church Hall, Reid,


New BoPeepe

Sweet Kate



Gioioso for 3

Lioncello Nuovo

Petit Rinense


Ballo del Fiore for 3

Basic branle suite

Branle des chevaux

Les Bouffons

Chiara Stella


Caccia d’Amore

Bassa Toscana

Bellezze d’Olimpia

Catena d’Amore

La Castellana (cascade)


Branle des Chandelier



Branle de la Haye

Earthly Delights Renaissance Dance Party

Wed. 15 August 9:00am-3:00pm (with lunch feast) Renaissance Day, Local School



New BoPeepe

Sweet Kate

Basic branle suite

Branle des chevaux

Branle de la Haye


Petit Rinense



Bassa Toscana

Les Bouffons


La Castellana

Chiara Stella

Torneo Amaroso


July 2012, Hyde Park Barracks, Sydney