Wendy Luane Barber
Winston-Salem, North Carolina

My mom taught me how to sew when I was eight years old because she wouldn't buy me any doll clothes. She was very upset when I turned out to be a tomboy and refused to wear dresses she very much wanted to make me. I didn't even want to play dress up. While in university, I studied costume design and for many years dressed other people. They weren't a lot of fun, so I made dolls. I still make dolls, having had a one woman show last October and a recent exhibition at the Delta Arts Center here in town. I want to get back to sewing for myself and finally get into costume, I'm starting with a retro 1960s dress I'm making for a wedding reception. I participate in English Country Dance and would like to have garments to wear of the period for when we have special parties or dance for the public.

The outfit I'd like to make is a gown for a party but I'll start off with the under garments, chemise, and short stay. I would like to commence in June, part time. I can send more research information soon.

I finally got my mock-up of my short stay done and it’s a good thing that I did it. The panel for the cup size is too big. I think I like that. So I will use the next size down when I make the real thing. The arm hole works, it doesn’t ride up in the back, and it works well over my chemise. I am quite pleased with it. Now to be brave enough to cut it out of the good fabric. That will happen this weekend.

Here is a pic for my next project. It's a mock up for short stay. I borrowed a pattern from a friend who is smaller than I am, so I'm doing a mock up first.