Susan Winters 
Woombye, Queensland

I have never read the Jane Austen Books, but I am a fan of the clothes and seen movies on TV. I am raising five children, with three still at school. I run my own business with my husband, and now have a huge desire to sew clothes for us all. ( I dont know where it come from though!) I have never been to a festival before, and although my husband is not a 'fan' yet, he is intrigued in anything I run by him, and he will look 'hot' ('fantastic') in the clothes. That really is a must see!! He He! ( I have my own Mr Darcy).

Ever since I was a child, I have had a need to dress in this era, and now is the time. Yay. I am currently learning to sew, and really want to get the chance to wear all the beautiful clothes of the era. I have a need to construct them myself, that is extremely important to me, but I am frightened at the same time, because it does not come easy constructing garments. I am yet to find my choices, but I will pick a pattern, and have to stick to it like glue to get it made. Im sure it will all be simple as I will have to allow for mistakes and remakes ( eg males jacket). Maybe once I have made everything, I will be more experienced to even make my own designs. As I find what Im looking for, then I will email it through to you.

I am wanting to make:
- the main under garment
- a stay
- a day dress
- an evening dress
- a spencer
- a bonnet
- a purse/handbag ( I know this sounds so crude!)
(probably lots more that I dont know exists yet)

HOWEVER, my poor unsuspecting husband will need to be attired also.
- So a day outfit for him
- Pants, shirt jacket, tie, hat
- an evening outfit also
- Pants, shirt jacket, tie, hat ( and anything else).

Wow, thats an awful lot. Well Ill see how I go and I could always hire his (the shame of it!! Ill NEVER LET THAT HAPPEN) LOL

21 MAY 2012

Here is my shift. I made it from
I made B the raglan sleeve chemise.
I just folded up the sleeve to make the casing for the sleeve. I sewed two button holes on each sleeve to keep the holes safe from fraying. For the neck I made some bias and sewed it around. Had to play with that one, and it is not altogether pretty, but I made it work and it is functional and I am happy enough with the casing.

I made my own ties for the arms, but cheated and bought satin ribbon from Big W for the neck, this also would reduce the amount of bulk. I wished I made the chemise A line, and because I did not, it was a little tight for walking. So I had to put splits in each side otherwise it would have been no good to wear. My shift is very comfortable. When I make my day dress, it will have long sleeves, that is why I made this with longer sleeves. It must have been cold the night I decided to make everything so long! If this doesn't work then I have a nightie to get me into the regency mood. I love it cause I made it. :)

I soo would not make this again, and although, with my skill level I should stick to patterns, I can't help cutting up some squares and sewing them up! I now think curves would be much easier! I could have at least have added some gussets under the arms. However I know I will try other ideas and will soon have a stay from Mantua Maker to make. In the mean time I am playing around with making toiles for my dresses and practicing sewing them, and wont make the final measurements till I have my stay made and another chemise or two. Everything is done at such a slow rate, Im glad I have a year.


Update 1 May, 2012
In the lead up to the first of May, I have been mind boggled at all the different designs for Regency dresses. The options
are only limited to my imagination, which really is rather 'non existant' but I couldn't help but get excited.

I have on hand Butterick 4890 and Simplicity 4055 just in case, but I just couldn't bring myself to start with these. I am a beginner
sewer and have been known to 'cry' in my sewing room. But I am compelled to attempt the dress below. I think the more i handle my gown,
from the drawing and fitting right at the start, the more I will understand it. (yeah right)

The first two items i am going to make is: a day dress and an evening dress. I have found these pattern pictures off the internet and
have decided to 'have a go' because I really like the back with sleeves that attach further at the back.