Mel Ezra-Logue
Truro, Cornwall, UK

About me:

Wife to Dan and mum to Will, long-time Regency re-enactors and members of the Historical Maritime Society.
We have three cats (two of whom are called Aubrey and Maturin - not that I like Patrick O'Brian much, of course)*
*the third is Valentine, aka Miss Tribulation, aka Miss Trib - after Joan Aiken's pestilential governess.

That's me at the Bath Regency Ball a year or two back. I am delighted to say that the patch on my cheek is all nature's handiwork!

I love hand sewing and can usually be found with at least one piece of small handwork in my bag at all times. I've just discovered whitework embroidery and am having a high old time creating a layette for a fictional Georgian infant for display purposes with HMS! 

For the Whitby Captain Cook event in September I'm planning to recreate this outfit for Will and I for one day of the two day event.
For the second day we're planning to create our own Gainsborough family portrait - but that may be another story....