Lorna McKenzie

Town and state
Hazelbrook, NSW

Short paragraph about yourself
I'm The Tailor's Apprentice and Offbeat Ceremonies. I teach vintage & historical sewing, marry people, 'think global, act local', home cook, grow veggies, am a chorister, dance English Country dances, bushwalk, bike ride and enjoy life!

Short description of your proposed outfit
I plan to make new underpinings and lots of accessories, draws, stays, petticoats, chemissettes, cap, bonnet, reticule, fan, gloves, etc to go with my gowns and make another another ball gown.

Update 3 May 2012
As I need to make J-L a new Regency man's outfit for the JAF in Bath, I will be working on this between May and August.

I will be making:
  • Shirts x 2
  • Waistcoat x1
  • M-Notch jacket x 2
  • Trowers x 2
  • Cravat x 4