Isobel Page
Sydney, NSW

I have been sewing clothes since I was 8 and reading Jane Austen since I was 10. I have done a small amount of historical clothing and have been planning on sewing a Regency outfit for several years. This could be the motivation I need! I teach pattern-drafting and sewing in Sydney and sew to order. I’m English but have been here for almost 20 years. I will sign up to the part time challenge because I know I haven’t enough time to do the full time one. I may struggle with time as it is, especially when I start getting work for school formals, but I shall do my best to keep up.

I have a silk sari that I will use and I would like to make a spencer to go with it. The attached plate will show the general idea, although the colours will be different (the spencer will have to be rust or green to match the sari) and the bonnet will have to be very simple as I haven’t made one before.

I’m afraid I have no photo to send. Photos aren’t something that interest me so I never take any nor have them taken of me. If I wait until I get round to organising one, I would probably miss the deadline.