Deanna Smith
Whiteman AFB, MO, USA

I've been sewing historical clothing since I was little. The outfits started out as more "historically themed" than accurate but I've continued to seek improvement over the years through research and learning from others! Now, I've sewn correct clothing for myself, my family, and for others! Find any excuse to dress in historical clothes and you will find me there! I also greatly enjoy English Country dance or, really, ANY dancing! In that matter, I am very much like Lydia in Jane Austen's P&P!

The garments I have scheduled to complete are: 
  • Updating some of my own dresses
  • New underpinnings for myself, my daughter, and my husband
  • Evening suit for my husband. 
  • Maybe something for my three boys? 
  • and then whatever else I find lying around that needs done!
I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's outfits!!!