Courtney Huff
Spanish Fork, Utah, USA

I am a stay at home mother, a mostly self taught Costume Enthusiast, a Classically trained singer, and a licensed Cosmetologist. I love exploring life with my children, reading, sewing, soaping, Period Movies, and traveling.

For my projects, I am going to be making a chemise, a chemisette, converting a Spencer jacket into a half length Pelisse, Headwear of some sort, a Reticule, if I can decide on the style; a dress. Once those are finished, I am going to start working to make a little girl's ensemble of chemise, dress and Spencer.

My Project List:

For Myself:
Converting a Spencer jacket into a half length Pelisse
Headwear of some sort

For Little Miss:

For July, I traced off the proper size of Sense and Sensibility's Elegant Ladies Closet Drawstring Gown and then cut out my sari. I cut all the trim and the big fancy border off then found out from some really helpful ladies that I should have left the fancy bit intact and the trim on and then I wouldn't have had to hem the skirt hardly at all! Live and learn though. Next time I make a sari dress, and there will be a next time, it'll have the fancy train on it! Here is the sari as I cut it out.

This is what the fancy piece of the sari looked like. I cut the border off and ended up cutting the flowers into 5.25 inch strips to border the skirt with.

I used some of the border to widen the skirts. In this portrait of Princess Charlotte you can see a center border on her gown. Since I was going to be short for skirt width and had extra of the sari border, I figured, why not?

Here is the front view of the dress as it is right now:

Here is the back view:

Here is a side view:

The drawstring is in place at both the neckline and the waistline. I still need to add the border to the neckline, waistline, sleeves and hem. It also needs a good pressing to make the pleats pretty and a real drawstring put in instead of a piece of ribbon that was handy. So in making this gown has made me realize I need a new petticoat or I am going to go crazy wearing it. The sari fabric clings to the petticoat I have currently, plus I want it to be slightly longer. Also for July, I found a fabulous fashion plate! It isn't for my sari gown, but it's for a plaid gown!! I absolutely love plaid, and this is great. I decided I absolutely need a plaid gown and so I am going to try and get it done for August. Here is a link to the gown:

Goals For August:

Finish Sari Dress- Attach all trims, find a good ribbon for the drawstrings.
Plaid Dress- Cut out, put together, and finished.
Pelisse- Mockup done, Fashion fabric cut and put together.
Headwear- Capote- Cut out brim and attach wiring to it
Research petticoats and figure out what needs to be done for that. Since it's the last day of June, and I have posted absolutely nothing in regards to the Regency Costume Challenge, it's time to get busy! June has been the tracing and patterning month. In the interest of expediency, and since I am already familiar with the patterns and life is handing me some curveballs that I am having to work around, I am going to be using the Sense and Sensibility patterns for creating the wardrobes for myself and Little Miss. I am comfortable enough with the S&S patterns to feel like I can modify them in the ways I may need to to achieve the looks I want.

June Project List:

Trace out patterns to start working on Mockups of all outfit pieces. Since I hate tracing patterns with a passion, I have to get it all done or it will hold me up later. As such, I am almost to the point that if I don't look at another pattern for quite a while, I'll be happy. ;) So far for Little Miss, I have the 1780's Girl's Portrait Dress, Little Girl's Regency Dress, Pinafore and Pantaloons and Girl's Spencer Jacket traced. For myself, I have traced off the Regency Gown Pattern, The Elegant Lady's Closet, the Spencer Jacket Pattern, The Chemisette Patterns, and Reticule.
I *think* I have decided on a hat style. At least until I get a bit further in the process and end up realizing I desperately need a new style of hat. ;) I am going to make a Capote to go with this outfit.I think I have all the patterns traced off that I need to work with, now to start on the mockup!

Now, for what will be worked on in July:

I am going to finish narrowing down my inspiration for my gown. I know approximately what I want my gown to look like, but am lacking the fashion plates/extant garments to back it up so I have been going through as many sources as I can to find what will explain what I am making. I like the earlier Regency style, 1798-1808 ish in style. With a somewhat fuller skirt, drawstring neckline and bodice and either elbow length sleeves or longer. Also incorporating a sari with a printed border. I can see the dress in my head, but want to make sure I have documentation for it before I move forward completely.

My Pelisse will be started with the mockup phase also. I figure I can alter the pattern pieces to get what I want out of the shape.

Any suggestions, links, etc. on where to find an image that would work for the dress would be greatly appreciated.

May Project List:

Research Fabrics used during the Regency Period and try to figure out what would be appropriate and within my budget. Also ordering fabrics that are needed for my ensemble.
Search fashion plates for inspiration and documentation for my outfit ideas. Currently I am leaning towards an earlier Regency impression.
Making a mockup of a chemisette to see which style I like.
Check the fit on my short stays and see if they will still work or see if I need to make a new pair. If a new pair is needed, I am debating on another pair of the S&S short stays and the full length Mantua Maker stays.
Figure out my dress style and so I can start making mockups.

Here are my stays:

They seem to fit well enough, although there are some things I would like to tweak on them if I have time towards the end! I don't like how the strap buckles a bit and it feels like it is wideset on my shoulder. If I have a time later, that will be corrected.

I want to make my outfit to go with this Spencer. I will be pulling the Spencer apart to redo it then adding length to convert it into a half length Pelisse.

Here are my fabrics so far for the Costume Challenge. I am debating which color of sari I want to use for my gown.

I still can't decide between the Blue, Red or Green!

Cotton Voile, Lightweight Linen, and Silk Gauze. These will end up being either a Fichu or Chemisette. Please excuse the darkness of the photo. I couldn't get them to show up well.

Here is another Sari that I was thinking of using. It is actually more red than this and the vine patterns are more of an antiqued gold. I couldn't get it to show up right with my camera.

Here is the mockup of a Chemisette. I will probably try a different style during June to see if I like it better, but I really won't know until I decide on a dress style!

I still have no idea on the dress style, but I think I can settle that during June!