Please Note: We are not able to take any orders until November 2017. 

Contact us as soon as possible to discuss the particulars of your order – size, style, fabrics, trims, costs, delivery method and expected completion date. Delivery times may vary depending on the season, fabric availability and the complexity of the garment, however simple orders can be expected to take 2-4 weeks to deliver.

Made to measure items

We prefer you to arrange for two fittings - the first at toile stage and the final just before completion to ensure the garment sits properly and that the hem is at the right length. If you are ordering from afar, we will provide you with a chart and information about which measurements we will require for a particular piece of clothing. At the customer’s request, we can complete the garment without a fitting but we do not take responsibility for the poor fit of the garment, and will only make free alterations after the garment is delivered if the fault lies with us.

Authenticity standards

How historically accurate you want your garment will affect how much you pay - and how long it will take to complete your order.
  1. Museum/Reenactor Standard
    The garment is entirely hand stitched and hand made trimmings are sourced.
  2. Reenactor Standard
    Main seams are machine sewn and then sewn down by hand so that no machine seams are visible. Hem, neck, cuffs, lining are finished by hand as well. Handmade trims are sourced when possible and attached to the garment by hand. Buttonholes are hand stitched unless specified otherwise. Natural fibres are used for all stitching.
  3. Dance/Economy Standard
    Main seams are machine sewn and inside seams are serged. Buttonholes are machine made and trim is discretely attached by machine or hand when necessary. 


We prefer to use natural fibres as appropriate for the period. We are happy to work with the fabric provided by a customer and then, although we will advise the customer on what fabric is appropriate for the chosen period, the authenticity of the fabric is at the discretion of the customer. We reserve the right to refuse to use a particular fabric if we deem it unsuitable for the project.


Once we have agreed on your commission we will provide you with a quotation. A 50% deposit of the total price is required before we can commence work, and any delay in receipt of this will delay the completion date. Once the work has been started on the garment, the deposit is not refundable.

The total price, including the post and packaging fee, is paid before the item is shipped, within 2 weeks of the notification of the completion of the order. We will keep unpaid items for a month and after that they will be advertised for sale.

We accept Paypal, cheques, money orders, bank transfers, cash and credit card payments over the phone. Any charges from the banks or payment services will be passed on to the client and added to the total of the bill.

Post and package

Post and package is not included in the overall cost of the garment, and will differ depending on the weight of the parcel and what service you prefer. We will give you an estimate before invoicing you – and if it turns out less that we had expected, we will refund the difference.


We do not accept returns on custom orders.


We are happy to give a 10% discount on multiple orders (3 items or more) if the items are commissioned within a period of 3 months.