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20 December 2014   -  Christmas Carol Ball

Christmas Carol Ball


Tickets are available online until 11.30pm on the Friday before an event, after that they are sold for $25 at the door.

Sunday 7 December 2014, Steampunk & Victoriana Fair

Steampunk Victoriana Fair, 7 December 2014

In mid April (starting in 2015 a few days after Easter on 10 April and finishing on Friday 17 April) the Earthly Delights Historic Dance Academy has its biggest annual concentration of dance —perhaps one of the biggest concentrations of historic dance anywhere in the world— when we present 3 days and nights of dance from 1750 to 1820 at our Jane Austen Festival Australia followed by 4 days and nights of dance from 1820 to 1900 at our Yarrangobilly 19th century dance and costume retreat—all to wonderful live music.

Eventbrite - Jane Austen Festival Australia, 10-12 April 2015

JAFA 2015 will be held at the historic Albert Hall in Canberra. There’ll be a dozen dance workshops covering every aspect of the art and three balls at which the Earthly Delights players will be joined by the stand-out entertainer Charlotte Kerr, the top wind trio Aeolus and more exciting new guests. There’ll also be theatre, horse and carriage rides, costumed promenades, sewing workshops, Jane Austen's Men Symposium, a Waterloo Symposium—and the spectacle of hundreds of participants in splendid regency dress. 

The Yarrangobilly retreat is held in a beautifully restored 40 bed heritage c.1900 ‘manor house’ set in idyllic surrounds in a national park in the mountains about 2 hours west of Canberra. There’ll be workshops in an airy function room and balls in the gorgeous tudor ‘Blue room’. There’ll also be cave tours, river walks, thermal pools and visiting nearby historic homesteads—and the fact the we have booked out all 40 beds in this remote residence makes for an absolutely magical Victorian dance school-come-Victorian house party. Although on successive days we make a theme of very early, early, mid and late Victorian era dance, you don’t need 4 different outfits (unless you want!), just day clothes and evening dress from any part of the Victorian period.

At both events there’ll be lots of food, fun and friendship. At both venues every room used for dancing has excellent wooden floors, and instructions and music for every dance enjoyed will be available in the latest edition of John’s Historic Dance books.

We’ve kept ticket prices for both events to the bare minimum need to cover cost and by having these events back-to-back we make them extra worth-the-while for people travelling from interstate and overseas. So even if you can’t taste Earthly Delights’ wonderful historic dance scene at their weekly workshop and monthly balls—please come and feast on the scene at these mid-April festivals! 

A limited release of 50 discount earlybird tickets is now on sale until 21 December 2014.

It’s on again in 2015—the most unbelievably fun little dance and music festival you are ever likely to attend—Earthly Delights’ Victorian era dance school-come-House party at Yarrangobilly in the picturesque northern Kosciusko National Park (just over 2 hours drive west of Canberra). See see Dance Events 2014 for photos and programs from the most recent retreat and download an information pack for 2015.

From lunch time on Monday 13 April to the morning of Friday 17 April (the 4 days and nights that fall directly after Canberra’s 2015 Jane Austen Festival Australia) stay in beautiful heritage accommodation, wear clothes of yesteryear, journey over successive days from the 1820s to the 1890s, and enjoy morning dance workshops in an airy room at one end of the complex and evening balls in a mock-tudor hall at the other—both with excellent wooden floors. 

When not dancing or sharing in scrumptious everyone-helping-out-meals in one of the several cooking and dining areas, lap up wondrous caves, thermal pools, river walks and bush tranquillity. Start planning your day and evening dress (we may be able to help newcomers with hire) and why not this year join those in Victorian bathing costume? In 2015 we will also be adding in an outdoor barbeque with games and a trip to a nearby homestead which used-to hold dances—and for keeping the dance experience alive after the event, instructions and music for all 80 or so dances danced will be available in the latest edition of John’s Historic Dance books.

To keep the cost to the bare minimum necessary to cover accommodation, organisers, dance leaders, musicians and game contributor give their time for free. Only 42 beds are available and over ½ have already been reserved by returnees from last year… so get your expression of interest and payment in quickly for one of the remaining beds! While they last you can choose either:

To take exclusive possession of the buildings we’ve had to pay for all beds in advance, so please do register soon to help us out of debt! Later this year we will keep in good touch with all participants re: detail plans and proposed bed and kitchen groupings.

Payments can be also be made directly to John or Aylwen in a class or by electronic deposit in ‘Earthly Delights’ BSB 112-908 Acc 121 607 765. Prices are in Australian dollars - overseas guests may not be aware that our dollar is very low at the moment so you will be paying much less than what is advertised here.


NSD, 2014:
The Victorian Retreat at Yarrangobilly Caves was one of the major highlights of my year. There was just so much to do and enjoy, that there was no way to fit it all in. The thermal pool was great, even though it was just a tad cold for me. I had so much fun playing "volleyball". The nights were just fantastic, with a ball in the Blue room each night. Everyone was dressed to the nines. The James' organized a VERY fun treasure hunt. We were also treated to some very fine musical interludes. My favourite was D's performance of "Recuerdos de la Alhambra". Made my hair stand on end! The trip to the caves was great too. The way we were all dressed up like intrepid explorers of the late 1800s... it's exactly how it must have been back in those genteel days!

MP, 2014
Back to basics...with corsets! The weekend was amazing, time spent in excellent company dancing and exploring the beautiful countryside. Viewing photos from the turn of the century was an added bonus.

Directions if driving by car from Canberra, via Cooma