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Saturday 20 June, 9am - 5pm DAY OF RENAISSANCE DANCE. Workshops on all manner of dance from 1550-1650, structured to introduce novices to the dances and dance style to be enjoyed at the ball in the evening, at the same time as giving experienced dancers the opportunity to prepare some special dances to display in the evening. Everyone will learn a lot and have a great day!
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Saturday 20 June, 7-11pm: CAROSO (SHAKESPEARE PERIOD, c.1600) BALL: dances from Master Fabritio Caroso and his contemporaries from late 16th and early 17th century Italy, France and England. All Saint’s Church Hall, cnr Booney & Cowper St., Ainslie. Period 'Shakespeare in Love' style dress admired but not required. Dress how you like. Everyone is welcome,  no partners are necessary and all dances are led. Please bring a supper contribution. $25 at door – discounts on line.

Saturday 15 August, 7-11pm: Lost Dances Ball (with lots of guest callers and some dancers in Bordonian National Costume)

Saturday 19 September, 7-11pm: Cinderella Ball (Baroque theme)

Saturday 17 October, 7-11pm: Mad Hatters Hall (late Victorian theme)

Saturday 21 November, 7-11pm: Time Travellers Ball (500 year theme)

Sat. 19 December: Christmas Carol Ball (Dickensian theme)