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Saturday 5 March 2022, 2:30 to 5:30pm, 10 weeks of DANCING THROUGH THE AGES 

Australian National University, Sports Union

with midway live music dance revision party at John&Aylwen's home in Yass

Here is the repertoire introduced and enjoyed (Volume number referring to the Volume of John's Dancing through the Ages book series in which notes on dance can be found) :

Late 15th century (Volume I)

L’Esperance de Bourbon (French)


Early 16th century (Volume I)

Angelosa (Italian- also in German source)


Late 16th century  (Volume II)

Allegrezza d’Amore for 3 (Italy)

Branle de Bretaigne / Triory de Bretaigne (France)

Branles—Cassandre, Pinagay PLUS Branles—Charlotte, de la Guerre, Aridan (France)


Early 17th century  (Volume III)

The Gypsies (I) (England)

Spagnolletta (Italy)


Late 17th century (Volume IV)

Cuckolds all a Row (2) (England)

Bartlett House (England- Thomas Bray 1699)

Old Simon King (England - to a slip jig)

Saint Martin’s Lane (England, 1690s).


Early 18th century (Volume V)

La Jalousie (France- Feuillet 1706)

Cotillon de Surenne (France - Dezais 1725)

Gigue à deux (France- ballet)


Late 18th century (Volume VI)

Les Quatre Berceaux (France)

Polonaise (2) / Neu Figurirte Polonoise (Winterschmid, Altdorf 1761)


First quarter of 19th century (Volume VII)

La Batteuse  

Lauchery’s Ecossaise for 1823


Second quarter of 19th century (Volume VIII)

Galopade Quadrille / Quadrille Galope (France)

Fancy Quadrille Figures - ‘The Basket’ and ‘The Cheat’ (America)

Third quarter of 19th century  (Volume IX)

waltz, schottische, polka, galop and polka mazurka variants.

Universelle (Renausy)


Fourth quarter of the 19th century (Volume X)

Quadrille Giraudet (Eugene Giraudet)


Lost Dances of Earthly Delights (book & CD sets produced by John)

Near Miss Galop (Autumn 8), Baltic Crossing (Village 13), Daring Damsel (Village11) and Dashing Dragoon (Court 15)- all combined into a big medley.

His Magesty’s Maggot (Country 5),

Short Easy Sotiisi (Village 1)

That Broad Road (Autumn 5)

The Tapestry (Town 3)

Dance Delights (2020 publication with inventions by John in historical styles)

The Corona Polka (to Lost Dances Town 16

Sechs Ecossaisen or Perpetual Motion (to Beethoven) 

Wachet auf (Bach)

 CANCELLED: Monaro Folk Society Bushdance featuring Earthly Delights 

SATURDAY 26 February 2022