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NATIONAL MULTICULTURAL FESTIVAL, in Civic, on Saturday 22 February 2010
'EURO VILLAGE SQUARE' performances 
at intersection of Bunda Street and Scotts Crossing  


This is the exact same place and timetable as last year, but this year we will have Sally with us on piano, a bigger sound set up and hopefully even more costumed EDHA dancers ... so do join us!
We'll be showing and leading lots of fun historical dance from Europe and won't be repeating anything - so do come to all sessions (as if its a 3 hour ball from 10am to 1pm) and then in our two breaks come and say hello to us or help us tell members of the public all about our scene and give them flyers for the dance sessions and events that are mentioned further below.

PROGRAM OF 6 HISTORICAL DANCES FROM EUROPE (in chronological order and in John's Dance Delights) AND 3 ORIGINAL DANCES IN HISTORICAL EUROPEAN FORMS (in John's Dance Delights).
Ninfa Leggiadra
Menuet de la cour
Stars of Joy (John's choreography set to European National Anthem)
Branle des Chevaux
Mazurian Anglaise & Mazurian Ecossaise (John's choreography inspired by comments in 1806 manual published in Riga)

Quadrille Russe

Quadrille Français (3) / Orpheus Quadrille

Le Bridge