Here are two videos taken at two differently themed balls that were part of our 3-day 2019 JAFA event at Canberra's Albert Hall. 

1st is a grand mazurka medley from the Saturday Regency ball of that Festival. Normally of course the mazurka is improvised (and normally you would either include everyone or make a display with more group dynamics), but these 8 dancers simply wanted the challenge of doing every variant I knew in a row, so I choreographed about 50 different mazurka variants to the earliest suite of mazurka tunes published in England, and we went for it while my band played and other dancers generously sat for quite a while (I'm so pleased we've developed our audiences to appreciate digressions!). Feel free to flick through the clip - or flick to the end where we survive the washing machine variant! This is just one of dozens and dozens of medleys of interesting dance variants from different eras that I have choreographed and which different generations of my keenest dancers displayed at balls over the last 20 years.  

2nd is a collage of the general dancing at a 'Victorian' era masquerade on the last night of that 2019 JAFA. I was thrilled that for the third night in a row these festival attendees learnt and did 20 dances (so 60 across the weekend) that I had recently reconstructed from period sources and which might have been lost to time had we not brought them back to life that night.... and we do the same every year at that festival, and every ball and show we put on in between as well, always exploring repertoire that few other people look at or even know about... and my musicians kindly following me every time into the new music. Some people come regularly from interstate to our events just to learn new dances. Once again, please feel free to flick through the clip ... I can't edit it down as it's come from someone else who is isolating.

John G-G (on the dance floor looking my age for the mazurka in video 1 and on the stage prompting or playing for the general dancing in video 2).